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25 dump and go slow cooker recipes

Tender, juicy, and incredibly simple to prepare, Slow Cooker Whole Chicken and Vegetables is a satisfying pot-shaped meal made with whole chicken, potatoes, carrots, garlic, and a hint of flavor from a simple balsamic sauce (optional).

About this recipe Is this

whole chicken slow cooker with vegetables?

It’s a big deal

. It’s basically everything you’re looking for in an oven-roasted or roasted chicken, only much easier because all you need to do is rub a chicken with some dried spices and drop it in a

slow cooker

along with some live meat. tasty vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

boom. It’s that easy. Very well.

I love that potatoes and carrots are cooked along with chicken in the slow cooker, too, making for a full slow cooker meal in a pot!

Attention, if you want an even simpler, no-chopping version of this recipe, check out this slow cooker whole chicken recipe, which doesn’t include veggies.

Tip: This recipe is already an easy one-pot recipe, but if you want to add more vegetables, make a quick little spinach or romaine lettuce salad with an easy salad dressing (I recommend this 3-ingredient easy pesto vinaigrette) and dinner is completely ready.

Aerial shot of a whole chicken in a baking dish surrounded by carrots and cooked potatoes.

Process and tips

I love that chicken and vegetables are cooked together in this simple, fancy pot-pot meal, but if you’d rather make chicken without vegetables, check out this slow cooker whole chicken recipe.

When it comes to placing the chicken in the clay pot, if you want a nicer presentation, place the chicken breast upwards in your slow cooker.

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However, for the

squeezing breast meat, place the chicken breast down


You’ll also end up with plenty of liquid after cooking, so strain what’s left at the bottom of the slow cooker and use it to drizzle over the chicken in addition to the balsamic sauce, as a base for soups or stews, or to make a simple sauce.

For crispy skins, carefully transfer the chicken to a leaf tray and roast over high heat for a few minutes.

Serving and Storing Tips Serve

the chicken whole,

family-style, with the vegetables on the side as a picture, or shred the meat with two forks


Save or freeze leftover shredded chicken for salads later in the week


A 6-quart slow cooker definitely works best for this recipe, allowing enough space for all the vegetables and all the chicken. Slow cooker

Whole chicken and

vegetables: Tips and tricks

This recipe is perfect for the warmer months because you can make a whole chicken dinner

without heating the house


It’s also perfect for the colder months, as nothing is more homely or cozy than a whole chicken and vegetables for


To make this chicken extra special, I added a fast garlic balsamic sauce to flavor during the cooking process and to serve together for sprinkling or dipping.

If you’re short on time, feel free to skip this step, but if you have a few extra minutes, give it a try. It really takes all the food over the top.

Recipe adaptations and ingredient substitutions

If you’re short on time or just want a basic option, skip the balsamic sauce and simply use the dried spice mix

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Carefully transfer the chicken to a pan and roast over high heat for a few minutes if you want the skin to be crispy.

Serve the chicken whole, family style, or crushed with two forks.

Save or freeze leftover shredded chicken for salads later in the week.

You can use chopped russet or sweet potatoes instead of yellow potatoes.

This recipe is . . .


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