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Armenian cooking recipes

Authentic Armenian recipes are a great way to get in touch with your culinary roots if you like to experiment with food and try new international cuisine. Authentic Armenian recipes, will introduce your family to some new flavors.

These authentic Armenian recipes are traditional favorites that have been passed down from generation to generation, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal with these classic dishes.

In essence, if you’re looking to expand your horizons or just have a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal, consider trying these traditional Armenian recipes for yourself!


are many different types of traditional Armenian recipes that vary widely between regions and families. Some dishes are very simple, while others require great skill in preparation by chefs who have perfected their authentic recipes for generations.

Armenian food is as rich and diverse as the country’s history. Armenians have been influenced by many different cultures over the centuries, including Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian. This has resulted in a unique cuisine that features a variety of flavors and ingredients.

5 Most Popular Armenian Foods Armenian

food is a mixture of different cultures. The influence of Ottoman cuisine, as well as Middle Eastern and European cuisines that have been introduced over the years, has added to its diversity. Here are five Armenian foods that are popular around the world.


are potato chip patties served with egg, butter, breadcrumbs and spices such as salt, pepper and garlic powder to make them more delicious. They can be eaten hot or cold depending on your choice, but they go well with everything, such as salads, soups, and other sauces or ingredients.



This is another popular Armenian food that is made from crushed boiled potatoes along with onions, parsley, cilantro, and eggs until it becomes a smooth paste-like consistency called Lavanmeh (the word means glue). It is then stuffed inside grape leaves to serve hot or cold to eat along with bread or rice pilafs or salads.


(or Shorbat Makan)

This is a very popular dish in Armenia. It is also known as “vegetable soup”. It consists of various vegetables and herbs, cooked in water. This dish is usually served with bread and salad or rice. The most common vegetables used in this dish are carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and parsley.

Ashureh (Ashureh Makan)

This is a traditional Armenian food that has been around for centuries. It consists of meatballs made from minced meat and rice. A rich sauce is added to enhance the flavor of the meatballs. The meatballs are fried until golden brown before serving on top of rice with some onions and tomatoes.




a bread that is filled with cheese and spinach. It is commonly served with eggs, but can also be eaten alone as a breakfast item.

5 questions and answers about Armenian

food 1. What is Armenian food

? Armenian food is

a mixture of the cuisines of different cultures of the area, with elements of the Middle East, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. The main staples are rice, legumes (beans) and vegetables. Meat is also eaten, but not as often as in other cuisines.

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2. How is Armenian food different from other cuisines?

One of the main differences between Armenian cuisine and others is that meat is used more often in Armenian cuisine than in most others. In fact, many people don’t eat much meat!

3. What is the national dish of Armenia?

Armenia’s national dish is khachapuri (bread stuffed with cheese). It is a very popular dish in the country, and has been made since the 19th century. The cheese filling has always been a local Armenian cheese called “Zhar” that was used to make various dishes.

4. What is the difference between Armenian and Turkish food?

The main difference between Armenian and Turkish food is the ingredients used in their meals and their main ingredients. In Turkey, for example, wheat flour is widely used to make bread, while in Armenia it is usually barley flour.

5. Is there any Armenian food that is prepared without garlic and onions?

Yes, there are some types of Armenian food that do not include these two ingredients. For example, dolma (stuffed grape leaves) can be eaten without garlic or onion because they are wrapped with lettuce leaves instead of onion leaves.


25 Easy Authentic Armenian Recipes at Home

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10 tasty Armenian recipes for main meals

1. Ghapama

1. Ghapama

A traditional Armenian

recipe that is beloved by the hearts of Armenian families, this traditional pumpkin dish symbolizes “a sweet life” and is commonly cooked in a tonir (similar to tandoor) and served at weddings and New Year’s Eve



. Manti (Sini Manti)

<img src="" alt=

“Manti (Sini Manti)” />

These homemade baked Manti (Sini Manti) are traditional Armenian dumplings. They feature a tasty meat filling and a delicious yogurt and garlic sauce. While some recipes differ, using lamb instead of beef, this is my family’s beloved version. It’s by far the best I’ve ever tasted on two continents!

3. Lahmajoon (Armenian pizza)

Lahmajoon (Armenian pizza) authentic Armenian recipes

With my family’s



, I grew up surrounded by great cooks. Since Armenian food consumes a lot of time and labor, cooking for any holiday started weeks in advance. I learned to cook from my mother, but I have renewed many of her traditional Armenian recipes to make them healthier.

4. Armenian-style


<img src="" alt="Authentic Armenian Armenian Armenian Armenian

Recipes Armenian Style” />

The authentic Armenian recipe for this Middle Eastern meatball or meatloaf style dishes can be found with many variations. This version, of Armenian origin, is covered with potatoes and tomatoes and is a meatball-style casserole. You can substitute the lamb for ground beef if you prefer.

5. Dolma Armenian Meal In a Vegetable <img src="" alt="Dolma Armenian meal


a Vegetable” /> Traditional Armenian recipe for an

Armenian meal Dolma

in a vegetable. Just remember that when it comes to filling, fatter is better. Walk past those long, thin cakes that make salads crispy and lavish your attention on plump and seedy ones. They are much easier to pull out, and have much more dolma goodness.

6. Khashlama (Armenian lamb stew) <img src="" alt="Khashlama (Armenian lamb stew

)” /> Khashlama

is a traditional



for a wonderful vegetable and lamb stew. Made with simple ingredients, this iconic Armenian dish is delicious, satisfying, and surprisingly easy to make.

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Traditional Armenian Gomgush

Traditional Armenian Armenian Gomgush Recipes Gomgush

is a traditional Armenian soupy stew. Fresh ingredients are very important and are cooked in an unwashed tonir (similar to a tandoor) that is kept in the family. After a lot of gomgush is made, it will continue to get better and better!

8. Fried Beef Liver Recipe (Tjvjik) <img src="" alt="Fried Beef Liver Recipe (Tjvjik

) Traditional Armenian Recipes” /> An authentic Armenian recipe

for a dish called



which is a fried beef liver with a good amount of onions, seasoned and seasoned with salt and pepper. This is one of those love-hate dishes, not everyone enjoys the specific smell and taste of cooking beef liver.


Khash Armenian Soup

Traditional Armenian Armenian Khash Soup Recipes

This authentic Armenian recipe for Khash is an Armenian soup prepared with boiled cow or sheep parts such as the head, feet and stomach (corns). It is usually consumed early in the morning during the winter season (usually September to April), served with garlic, radish, dried national bread lavash and homemade vodka.

10. Shish Kebab (Khorovatz)

Shish Kebab (Khorovatz) authentic Armenian food Try this authentic Armenian recipe


Khorovats. Khorovats is an Armenian barbecue. The meat can be marinated before roasting, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be made with lamb, pork, beef, chicken, fish or even beef.

10 tasty Armenian recipes for favorites of 11 main dishes


Mom’s Armenian Semsek Recipe

Mom's Armenian Semsek Recipe

This authentic Armenian recipe for Semsek comes from my Armenian mother’s family. It’s a little-known dish that kids and adults will love: there’s dough, there’s meat, and it’s fried. What’s not to like? (except the smell of frying oil that might stay in your house for a few days after making them…)

12. Bishi or Zing-a-Ling

Bishi or Zing-a-Ling authentic Armenian food

Margie, a reader from Pennsylvania, had a special request for me: to help find an authentic Armenian recipe that her grandmother used to make for her as a

child. The recipe, Bishi, is fried dough, lighter than doughnuts, more like a Crueller sprinkled with sugar.

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Armenian cucumber and tomato salad

Armenian cucumber and tomato S traditional Armenian food

If you are looking for a quick, easy and delicious authentic Armenian recipe that will be prepared in minutes, look no further because this is YOU! My Armenian Cucumber & Tomato Salad is a light, simple and refreshing dish that only takes a few minutes to prepare


Armenian potatoes

<img src="" alt=

“Armenian potatoes traditional Armenian food” />

I found this authentic Armenian recipe in one of our local Church cookbooks that makes potatoes that are a twist, and always an empty bowl! The recipe calls for “old” potatoes – I find that for the most part I never have old potatoes – if I don’t have big potatoes I look at an equivalent.

15. Armenian Sukhuk

Armenian food sujuk armenia

Traditional Armenian recipe Sujuk – a very tasty dry-cured sausage. Do you think it is not realistic to cook it at home? You are wrong, everything is real and simple, the main thing is to know some of the nuances and have patience, since this is not a momentary dish.


. Matsoni Yogurt

Armenian Matsoni yogurt recipes

Matsoni yogurt, also known as Matsun, is a fermented dairy product that originated in the Caucasus region of southern Russia. Matsoni is a Georgian word, while Matsun is a term used in Armenia, but they are essentially one and the same.

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17. Zhingyalov Hats (Armenian Flatbread)

Zhingyalov hats (Armenian flatbread)

So we have reached the final letter of the international flatbread series A-Z and I am concluding my first blogging marathon with these delicious

Zhingyalov hats.

Zhingyalov hats also known as Zhengyalav/Zhangyalov hats are an Armenian flatbread stuffed with finely chopped herbs and green vegetables.


. Topik

Topik Topik/

թոփիկ (or Topig!) is a delicious authentic Armenian recipe for a mezze or appetizer that is usually served during Lent. It is a specialty of Istanbul Armenians (or Bolsahyes) and is completely vegan!

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19. Harissa Homemade


<img src="" alt="Harissa Homemade Recipe"


Harissa is made once a year to commemorate the resistance of Musa Ler Mountain during the Armenian genocide in 1915. Hundreds of people will gather in the Armenian region of Armavir, every third Sunday of September, sing patriotic songs, dance to celebrate the victory of Musa Ler’s resistance, pay tribute to all innocent Armenians killed during the genocide by the Ottoman Turks.


. Arishta

Arishta Arishta

is a traditional

Armenian recipe for a homemade noodle that is much thicker than traditional European noodles and tends to be much darker in color. 5 tasty Armenian recipes for





We have been making this traditional Armenian cookie recipe for years in our family, and I love seeing people try them for the first time. When you offer them the Pryaniki, they don’t seem too enthusiastic about them, and if there are other options, the Pryaniki will be sadly neglected.


Matzoon Cookies

Matzoon Cookies

This authentic Armenian recipe for yogurt cookies or matzoon cookies is a bit reminiscent of muffin tops! They have a pasty, muffin-like interior with slightly sugary and crunchy edges. Peppered with crunchy nuts, these easy cookies are just as good for breakfast with your coffee as they are for dessert.


Nazook Armenian Pastry

Nazook Armenian Pastry

I took this authentic Armenian recipe from Hilda (someone on the net!) and I posted it here because I couldn’t find in Recipezaar a precise recipe for this delicious Armenian cake! Lots of fat and calories in them, but absolutely worth it! (Preparation times include 5 hours to refrigerate the dough).”

24. Armenian nutmeg cake

Armenian nutmeg cake Armenian nutmeg

cake is a simple traditional cake that is

aromatic and rich. With a brown sugar crust, lots of grated fresh nutmeg, and fresh nuts, this cake looks simple but tastes heavenly! An easy dessert perfect for all occasions.

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25. Armenian


Armenian Gata

Some time ago I found these wonderful sweetbreads called Gata in a nearby bakery in the Middle East. A little research led to this traditional Armenian recipe for Gata. It is a sweet and soft bread, almost like a pastry.

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