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Barbecue beef recipe slow cooker

This Easy Crock Pot BBQ meat recipe is perfect for a lucky dinner or a summer BBQ. It tastes great and is quick and easy to make, making it also a perfect weekday meal during a busy week.

Clay Meat BBQ Recipe: BBQ

Beef in a Crock Pot is one of our favorite clay pot recipes. Slowly cooking the roast all day makes the meat so tender and juicy. Adding the BBQ sauce with the other simple ingredients makes this barbecue meat so tasty.

This recipe is perfect for my busy family. I throw everything in the clay pot before I walk out the door and dinner is ready when we get home. We love making this a busy night when everyone eats sometimes.

There are so many great options when serving this meal and I know you’ll love it as much as I do


Crock Pot Recommendation:

If you’ve needed to get a new clay pot, we love the Instant Pot Aura. What’s great about this is that you can brown the meat in the same slow cooker for recipes that call for that.

We use our clay pot all year round. It’s great in winter for all soups and stews, but we still use it in summer. In this way dinner is made when we come from hanging out in the pool.


  • Roast
  • beef broth
  • Salt Worcestershire sauce

  • Black
  • pepper

  • Chopped
  • garlic

  • BBQ
  • sauce How to make Crock Pot BBQ Beef: Add roast to Crock Pot – Place roast in slow cooker. Seasonal roast – Season with salt, pepper, garlic and

  • Worcestershire
  • sauce

  • .
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Add BBQ sauce and broth: Top

  • with half BBQ sauce and meat broth


  • Cook ingredients: Top and simmer for 8-10 hours or over high heat for 4-5 hours


  • When the ingredients are cooked, crumble and stir to combine.

Add more BBQ sauce

  • – Add about 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce to make the sauce thicker.

Serve and enjoy

  • – Serve on your favorite buns or Hawaiian rolls and enjoy


What cut of meat do you use for BBQ meat?

For this BBQ shredded meat recipe, I usually use a chuck roast or rump roast, as these are best crushed after slowly cooking in the clay pot throughout the day.

Also, you can use pork or chicken for this recipe if you prefer these over beef. I would adjust the cooking time if chicken or pork is used instead of roasted because a roast takes longer to cook in the slow cooker.

The sauce is simply amazing; therefore, I know it will taste great in whatever type of meat you decide to use.

What to serve with Crock Pot BBQ Beef?

There are many different options to serve with this recipe.

  • Lazy Day Crock
  • Pot Baked Beans Recipe

  • Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole
  • Pasta Salad

  • or Macaroni Salad
  • French fries

How long to cook roast for

BBQ BeefS andwiches?

You’ll want to cook this slow-cooking BBQ meat in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours depending on the size of the roast. If you have a larger roast, you’ll want to cook it longer.

Most people think that if the roast is hard, it is overcooked, but the opposite is actually true. A hard roast is usually not done yet.

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After your cooking time,

if your roast is not easy to crush, put it back in the clay pot for a few more hours and I am sure it will be crushed in no time


Variation ideas


  • Change meat: You can use different cuts of beef or try using chicken or pork. We usually use what we have.
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce – Make your own barbecue sauce with easy ingredients. It only requires a few ingredients, including apple cider vinegar to make BBQ sauce.
  • Add different ingredients: Top your barbecued beef sandwich with coleslaw, cheese, avocado, or bacon
  • .

  • Use different seasonings: add some onion powder and garlic powder to enhance the taste
  • .

  • Frozen Roast – If you forgot to thaw your roast, don’t worry. You can still cook this recipe as is. I would only add a couple of hours of cooking time to the recipe.
  • Serve over rice

  • – Instead of serving barbecued beef as a sandwich, serve it over rice.

How to store BBQ meat?

Store your BBQ meat in the refrigerator. Shredded barbecue meat will last about 4 days if stored correctly. We think it tastes better the next day, as all the seasonings and BBQ sauce have really marinated the meat.

Can you freeze BBQ beef? Cooking

in the

freezer is one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen! Since I have a large family, I’m always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen and cooking in the freezer is a great way to help me spend less time cooking.

For this great recipe, I would double the recipe and freeze leftovers for a future meal. Frozen leftovers can be easily heated on the stove with some beef broth so my family can have a quick meal in a few weeks.

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Can I make barbecue meat in advance?

Yes, this is the perfect recipe to make in advance. Make the meat and store it in the refrigerator. Go ahead and crush the meat and store it in an airtight container.

Once it is ready to serve, place the remaining beef and ingredients in a hot, clay pot. It will take at least 30 minutes for the meat to reheat.

This is a great meal to use your leftover roast. We love meals that you can cook once and eat twice.

BBQ Beef is a crowd treat:

We love making shredded BBQ meat when we have friends and family. It’s inexpensive and saves me time in the kitchen. Because we crush the meat and serve over sandwiches, it really stretches the meat to feed a lot of people.

You’ll love how everything mixes together to make such a delicious meal. Worcestershire sauce makes roasting incredibly tender when cooking all day. These ingredients are simple and easy to find, but combined together they make a great crumbled meat recipe.

If you prefer a more smoky flavor to

your meat, I recommend adding 1 teaspoon of liquid smoke to the sauce ingredients to add a deeper smoky flavor.

Print this Crock Pot BBQ beef recipe below: More BBQ

  • Recipes: Crock Pot Chipotle BBQ Beef Sandwiches

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