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the gameplay mechanics that makes Black Desert Online stand out from other MMORPG games is the imperial crafting. In simplest terms, imperial craftsmanship is a unique in-game activity that allows you to earn excellent amounts of silver through the arts of life skills combined with trading. It consists of two main skills, which are imperial cooking and imperial alchemy.

Imperial cuisine and imperial alchemy

are a unique subgroup of trade that involves cooking or alchemy to perform these activities. Through imperial craftsmanship, you make trading boxes that you can sell to an NPC for a good profit.



offers a wider range of cooking recipes that will make a lot of money. You can create and package different materials to sell to NPCs “Imperial Crafting Delivery Trader” in exchange for silver.

An options bar will appear when you interact with these NPCs, and a bill of materials will be displayed. The boxes you want to focus on are the ones named Apprentice Cooking Box -> Guru’s Cooking Box (depending on your cooking level). If you hover over the box as you do in the image below, you can see what foods can be used to create the imperial box and how much is needed for each box.

However, there are also other items outside these categories. These items are old or event-based boxes.

The “

Daily Delivery Quantity” is the number of boxes you can sell per day to the imperial craft delivery manager. It is calculated from half of your contribution points.

To create an imperial kitchen box, go to its processing menu(p), select the Imperial Kitchen tab, right-click on the foods from which you want to create boxes, and press start.

Now you can see that I have some boxes that I can sell to the imperial craft delivery manager. For best results, be sure to make all your deliveries every day!

There are six levels of boxes you can create:

  • Skilled Apprentice
  • Master Professional
  • Craftsman
  • Guru Let’s

go over each of these boxes and the best recipes to use when creating them!

Imperial kitchen boxes From apprentice to master

If you ever see a recipe or item you want to make and want to know what ingredients or resources are needed to make them, you can easily search for it. Just press F2, and a display bar will appear, and you can type in the recipe or craft you want to create, and it will show you the ingredients you need.

Note: You should also know that some ingredients are available to you from kitchen vendors, such as cooking wine, mineral water, salt, sugar and some more. These vendors are located in all major cities, such as Heidel or Velia. So, let’s look at the recipes.

Apprentice: Thick cooking boxes

of five large chicken porridge

2x ground poultry (grind chicken in the processing

  • menu
  • )

  • 2x mineral water (can be purchased from a kitchen supplier
  • )

  • 3x wheat (can be obtained from nodes around the game


The main ingredient is ground poultry, which is made purely by processing (grinding) your chicken. The other essential elements are mineral water and wheat. However, the ingredient in wheat is not understood literally. It translates into a product based on flour or starch. Therefore, you can also use corn, which is obtained from the Loggia farm or other options, such as potatoes, barley and wheat. In the end, these products are processed into flour. Since wheat and potatoes are essential ingredients, you shouldn’t have any problem doing so.

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This recipe is fairly easy to make since the ingredients are available to you on farms, and you need to process it to create the recipes.

Grain soup

Wheat 6x (from nodes)Salt 1x (from cooking NPC)Cooking wine 3x (from cooking NPC)

  • Mineral water 1x (from cooking NPC)

If you have a generous supply of potatoes or corn, you can switch to the grain soup recipe. The other items can be purchased from the merchant. However, you need to be careful not to waste your resources because you need to use six wheat-based ingredients to create a single meal.

Most people see the apprentice level as the tutorial to understand the mechanics of the imperial kitchen and that you need to have workers at the nodes to collect cookable resources.


in the

Skilled class are much more difficult to create due to the amount of ingredients needed. From personal experience, it is recommended to continue making apprentice class recipes instead of qualified class recipes. Of all the recipes available, the tortilla and grilled meat recipe are the easiest.

In addition, processing and packaging other recipes requires a lot of resources to do. For example, the imperial box carries 90 grilled poultry, while an omelette only carries 18.

Grilled poultry

2x chicken meat

  • 2x cooking wine
  • 6x
  • frying oil

  • 1x


To create this recipe, you need chicken meat, cooking oil, salt and frying oil. Chicken meat is immediately obtained through the chicken node, so it is not necessary to process it.



  • Eggs 5x
  • Wheat 2x

  • Olive Oil
  • 2x Salt

For this recipe, you need wheat (it can be any starch-based resource), eggs, olive oil and salt. The biggest problem with this recipe is the number of eggs needed, since you need five of them. Although it seems small, it can be quite tedious to collect five eggs, since they are obtained by luck.



  • 3x Cooking Honey
  • 2x

  • Liquor Essence 2x
  • Sugar 6x
  • Mineral Water

The ingredients to cook this recipe are mineral water, honey for cooking, the essence of liquor and sugar. If you placed workers in the honey node on Alexander’s farm, you should have a surplus of honey. The other cooking element you will have to make is the essence of the liquor, which requires 1x flour, 1x leavening agent, 1x fruit.

Wheat flour comes from any starch-based resource, but the apple is another story. You can use the grape node present at Olvia Farm or buy fruit from a fruit vendor in Calpheon (called Milano). Like wheat, you can use any fruit-based product, such as grapes or strawberries. However, the seller in Calpheon sells the strawberries at 650 silver per piece. Therefore, you will waste money if you buy from the supplier. It is best to also place workers at Olvia Farm to create your surplus over time. This is also an excellent recipe to level the power of your kitchen (the essence of liquor).

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Professional: Kitchen boxes

Life becomes more exciting when you reach the professional level in the kitchen. The two best recipes at this level are meatloaf and pickled vegetables. If you remember, certain resources are considered fruits, while others are called vegetables. The reason behind this mechanic is because this is the only recipe that uses vegetables. Recipes unlocked in the Artisan and Master levels do not use vegetables.

Pickled vegetables

8x cabbage

  • 4x vinegar
  • 2x

  • agent leaving 2x
  • sugar To create this recipe, you need

  • cabbage
  • , vinegar

, leavening agent and sugar. For cabbage, you can use olives, pumpkin, paprika or cabbage. Since there are many nodes available at Farms, there will be no problem collecting this ingredient. Vinegar is a necessary cooking ingredient for this recipe, it is made from cooking 1x wheat, 1x leavening agent, 1x fruit and 1x sugar to make (another amazing power leveling recipe).

Remember that pickled vegetables are only present at the Professional level. Therefore, you must mass-produce this recipe to exchange them and produce a lot of silver from one recipe. Some players express that cooking pickled vegetables will become your main way to earn money until you reach the Guru level.


  • 4x Pork
  • 6x Wheat
  • dough 2x Olive oil

  • 2x
  • Sugar




uses pork, olive oil, wheat dough and raw sugar. As mentioned above, wheat dough is made from any wheat-based item, such as corn or potatoes. As far as pork is concerned, you need four pieces, but it can be any form of meat. Meat can be obtained in many different ways.

First, you can go to the Seclusion Forest and kill gray wolves in the area to harvest wolf meat. Secondly, you can become the butcher of goat mountain and travel to a specific area northwest of Calpheon’s Farm. In this area, you can kill and collect sheep and lamb meat. Ideally, you should spend your energy on harvesting meat if you’re focusing primarily on cooking.

It is recommended to have at least three characters dedicated to collecting wolf and sheep meat in these two areas. In addition, many of the dishes from the Professional level onwards use meat in their recipes. If you want to take the more passive approach, we recommend you make the other recipe for now.

Artisan: Kitchen Boxes

Upon reaching the artisanal level, you will start cooking more advanced recipes, such as steaks, grilled sausages, and meat soup. In other words, you’ll use meat in every recipe. However, the meat you are going to use depends on how you decide to use your farms. In Heidel, you must go to the seller of material goods and have “contribution”.

With ten contributions, you can rent him a strong fence and he stays there. Then, you can place it. Therefore, you will be able to grow resources, such as garlic and pepper. You should also have a character who sits next to your farms for production.


This recipe is the best among them, and only requires 8x pork, 2x red sauce, 2 pieces of garlic and 2x


Master: Kitchen boxes

The recipes available at this level are milk tea, honeycomb, biscuits, meat croquettes, chewy cheese au gratin.

Tea with


  • 2x Tea with fine aroma or 1x tea with strong
  • aroma 3x Milk 3x

  • Cooking
  • honey

  • 3x Wheat flour

To create this dish, you need “strong aroma tea”, cook honey, milk and wheat flour. Milk is easily obtained by playing a cow mini-game near Olvia, while honey is obtained from the nodes. Milk is the biggest drawback at the master level, as you can collect a certain amount per day. In addition, “tea with fine aroma” is the ingredient you must make to create this dish. You can also get milk from the cooking byproduct Witch’s Delicacy.

nodes for imperial


Before you can start cooking, you need to get the right ingredients. A good way to do this passively is with your workers’ empire. These are the nodes we recommend for cooking:

In Olvia, the Wale Farm and Costa Farm nodes you can find olives, which are considered vegetables, and grapes, which are fruits


Next to the town of Velia, is the Bartali Farm, where you can pick up the potato and chicken node. You can also collect these ingredients at the Finto farm if you want to have a steady supply of flour and dough.

It is important to have workers at both Bartali and Finto Farm. Egg procs can be obtained through the production of chicken meat in these places, which is also a valuable resource for cooking.

Other nodes of great importance are the Alexander Farm, which is paired with Heidel. You get pumpkin and honey from these farms. Since honey is an ingredient used in many recipes and pumpkin is a vegetable, you must also have many workers harvesting these farms constantly. Also, Alexander Farm is the only node in the game where you can get honey, so it’s crucial to have a supply of content.

You’ll find the Costa Farm south of Heidel, where you can get wheat and pumpkin.

Another important node is the northern wheat plantation, where you can collect paprika, which is considered a vegetable


<img src


alt=”” />

The above mentioned items are the essential ingredients that you must constantly have to create most recipes. Although there are other ingredients you will need to collect, they are surplus. You need them in specific recipes but in low quantities. If you’re not sure how to set up your empire of workers, be sure to check out our workers’ empire guide.

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