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Beans and sausage recipe slow cooker

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Looking for an easy meal during the week? Don’t have time but still want a comforting dinner? This super easy slow cooker sausage casserole is for you! With only 15 minutes of preparation, the slow cooker does all the hard work for you. Sounds good? Read on for the delicious recipe and helpful tips.

Slow cooker

sausage casserole

Slow cooker recipes

are my midweek favorite. There’s something so satisfying about coming home from work knowing dinner is ready for you!

In fact, using slow cooker recipes is top tip in my popular post, how to plan 5 weekday meals in less than 10 minutes. Check it out and pack your meal planning kit FREE today!

And yes, a regular baked sausage casserole is delicious, but that’s more of a weekend meal really.

With slow cook dinners, you can simply turn it on and walk away. I mean, who loves working as a slave on a hot stove all day anyway?

Can you cook raw sausages in a slow-cooked sausage casserole?

absolutely! That’s the beauty of slow cooking. Because it cooks for so long, you can be sure that any of those nasty raw meat bacteria will have been wiped out.

Also, a “dump and go” recipe is much simpler than having to do a lot of preparation first. Am I right?!

Do you need to brown the sausages before cooking them slowly?

You can make this particular recipe by putting sausages in the slow cooker without browning first.

Browning them is mainly for texture. But you can also add a little more flavor (thanks to the maillard reaction).

It all comes down to personal preference. If you prefer the look of golden sausages, fry them first. They will not put more browns in the slow cooker.

Can I put frozen sausages in a slow cooker?

I personally wouldn’t. It’s a hot pot for bacteria reproduction to occur and honestly, it’s just not worth it.

If you want to know more, this post on why it’s not safe to cook frozen meat in the slow cooker is very informative.

Can I slowly cook sausages in the oven?

absolutely! This slow-cooking sausage casserole can be cooked in the oven. Place all ingredients in a large pot with lid and cook at 160ºC / 150ºC fan / 320ºF for about 1 hour.

Can you make the slow cook sausage casserole vegetarian?

Of course you can! There are many slow cooker sausage recipes, but this can be done vegetarian very easily.

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All you need to do is use Worcestershire vegetarian sauce and sausages. Please note that Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce is not vegetarian as it contains anchovies/fish sauce.

Can it be made gluten-free?

This slow cook sausage casserole recipe is naturally gluten-free. However, check labels to make sure, especially with sausages, Worcestershire sauce, and vegetable broth pots.

Ingredients and substitutionsConfused


which ingredients to buy? Not sure about a substitution? Here’s what you need to know…

Star ingredients

  • Sausages – If you use pork sausages, choose those with a high percentage of meat. They are better for you and the taste is always superior. Make a vegetarian version? I have used meatless sausages from Richmond with great success.
  • Onion – A regular brown onion is perfect. However, red would work if that’s all you have.
  • Carrots – Medium carrots are ideal. Just increase or decrease the amount if you can only get small or large.
  • Pepper – Large and nice red peppers work brilliantly in this recipe. Yellow or orange would also work well, but you would avoid using green, as they can be a bit bitter.

Ingredients that increase

the flavor

  • Oil – I like to fry sausages in olive oil as it adds a lovely flavor. Feel free to use FryLight if you’re making a lighter version. Other oils like sunflower and vegetables also work well.
  • Garlic – Big garlic cloves please! None of those sad tiny, we want a real TASTE. If you can only get small garlic, add an extra clove for a good measure.
  • Paprika – I like to use sweet smoked paprika. I found an amazing one at TK Maxx from all places! But you can easily find this in supermarkets. Just watch out for hot ones, as this will add fire to your sausage casserole!
  • Worcestershire Sauce – Lea & Perrins is the original (and the best in my opinion), but if you’re making a vegetarian option, you’ll need to use a different brand. In the United States and can’t find it? You can make your own Worcestershire sauce.
  • Vegetable Stock Pot – I always use Knorr pots as they are full of flavor and dissolve very easily. However, stock cubes would work just as well.
  • Salt and pepper

  • – Use sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. However, table salt and ground pepper would be absolutely fine, as everything will dissolve anyway.
  • Thyme – Fresh thyme is the best as it has a touch of flavor! However, you can exchange this for 1 teaspoon of dried thyme if you need to.
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The ingredients of the sauce

  • Canned tomatoes: You should use a good quality brand that is not filled with liquid. I used the chopped Napolina tomatoes which worked very well.
  • Baked beans – This is preferred. We’re fans of Heinz baked beans in my house, but Branston would also work well. However, the thicker the sauce, the better, or you could end up with a liquid casserole.

Recipe Tips and Troubleshooting

Here are some tips that I think you’ll find helpful when making this slow-cooking sausage and bean casserole


  • You don’t have to brown your sausages, but add some texture and flavor that wouldn’t otherwise be there.
  • Short on time? You can skip browning your sausages and simply pour them directly into the slow cooker.
  • Remember to cut your vegetables thick or they will become very soft and mushy.
  • Do you like your crunchy vegetables? Keep the peppers again and add them in 1 hour before the time runs out.
  • Enjoy a little warmth? Add some chili flakes to your liking, to give your slow-cooker sausage casserole a hot kick.

Time managementDo

you have limited time? Having trouble with recipe schedules? Or juggling other things? Here’s some time managing information to make your life easier.

  • You don’t have to brown your sausages. Just add them to the slow cooker raw and everything will work out. I promise. It will save you about 15 minutes.
  • If the time lasts a little over 8 hours, don’t worry. I have put mine overnight (9 hours) before and it was still delicious!
  • Need this slow cooking sausage casserole in a hurry? Cook over high heat for 4-5 hours instead.

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Step by step Image


(for an easy-to-print version, see recipe card at the end of this post)


Here’s what you’ll need to serve 4.

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 12 x sausages
  • 1 x onion, peeled and

  • thickly sliced
  • 3 x medium carrots, peeled and cut into large pieces 1 x

  • red bell pepper, seeded and cut into large pieces
  • 2 x

  • large garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
  • 2

  • teaspoons smoked sweet paprika
  • 1

  • tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1

  • x pot of vegetable broth*
  • 1/2 teaspoon

  • pepper 1 teaspoon
  • salt
  • 1 x 400g (14oz) can chopped tomatoes 2 x

  • 400g (14oz) cans of baked beans 2 x
  • sprigs of fresh thyme

* or you can crumble into a bucket of broth


  • equipment Large pan
  • 3.3 liters Slow cooker instructions


A large skillet over medium heat and then add the oil (1 tablespoon). Put the sausages (x 12) in the pan and cook until golden brown all over. It will take about 15 minutes.

You can skip this stage and put the sausages in the raw slow cooker if you wish.

Then add the onion (1 x

peeled and thickly sliced), carrots (3 x medium, peeled and cut into large pieces) and red pepper (1 x seedless and cut into large pieces) into the bowl of your slow cooker.

Top with garlic (2 x cloves, peeled and chopped), paprika (2 teaspoons), Worcestershire sauce (1 tablespoon), vegetable broth pot (x 1), pepper (1/2 teaspoon) and salt (1 teaspoon).

Next, pour in the chopped tomatoes (1 x 400 g | 14 oz can) and

baked beans (2 x 400 g | 14 oz cans) and mix well until everything is evenly distributed


Finally, stir the sausages through the mixture and then cover with the thyme sprigs (x 2).

All that’s left to do is open the lid and simmer for 8 hours. You can cook this over high heat for 4-5 hours if you need it faster.

Divide your slow-cooker sausage casserole between four bowls and serve with a tasty side (see some suggestions later in this post).

Can you freeze the slow cooker sausage casserole?

Yes, you can freeze it! Let your sausage casserole cool completely, then divide it between 4 freezer bags or tubs and place it in the freezer.

Use within 3 months and thaw well in the fridge before reheating.

What to serve with slow cooker sausage casserole

  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Easy air fryer chips
  • Couscous
  • Boiled potatoes Crushed potatoes Baked
  • jacket/potatoes (If you have a 2nd slow cooker, you can even make slow cooker jacket potatoes!)

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