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Beef and noodles pressure cooker recipe

This is the fastest and easiest Instant Pot Beef and Noodles recipe you’ve ever tried. Traditional meat and noodles abundant in a fraction of the time and work of most meat and noodle recipes, but still produces the same tender, seasoned bites of meat and tons of creamy noodles in less than an hour!

Beef and noodles are known to be easy comfort food, but they are usually comfort food that take a long time to cook. This method of cooking beef and noodles is the ultimate shortcut method because we will use not one easy shortcut to decrease the preparation and cooking time, but 2!

Most instant beef and noodle recipes call for a chuck roast and that requires quite a bit of prep work. First the roast has to be trimmed and cut into small pieces or completely cooked and then shredded.

For this recipe we will use store-bought diced stewed meat. Most of the packaged braised beef you buy at the grocery store is odd and chuck roast and round ends. There may also be other cuts of meat included. Because store-bought braised meat is already cut into bite-sized pieces, all you’ll have to do is throw it at the bottom of the instant pot!

Here’s a beginner’s guide on using the Instant Pot in case you need one before you get started


Step 1:

Open your package of braised beef and throw it at the bottom of an instant pot that has at least 6 quarts or more. Pour the butter on top of the meat.

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Step 2


Add the seasonings: garlic powder, salt, onion powder, pepper and golden sauce. Now I realize that probably not everyone has golden sauce in their pantry, but I think it’s absolutely critical to this recipe.

What is golden sauce? A highly concentrated blend of vegetable broth, spices and herbs with caramel coloring added. It makes anything fleshy taste a little richer and gives it great color. I always add it to my meat and sauce stews.

Step 3:

Add the frozen noodles,

broth and consommé


Do you have to use frozen noodles?

Yes, indeed. Frozen noodles are the only noodles that can withstand the cooking time it will take for the meat to become tender. Dried noodles or fresh noodles would be porridge at the end of 28 minutes in the Instant Pot. Pour the meat broth and meat broth over the top of the frozen noodles.

And that’s it! Put the lid in the instant pot, seal it and cook in manual for 28 minutes. Make a quick release of steam. Stir everything very well and then serve!

You will notice at the end of the cooking time that the meat will still be in pieces, but it will be tender and easily crushed!

How can you do this quickly and easily without an Instant Pot? I’m sorry, but you can’t. The Instant Pot makes hard cuts of meat cook tender in an instant and I don’t know of anything else that does the same. If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, you need to get one! I use this 6-room model because it’s big enough for my family of 6. You can find them for less than $80 on Amazon.

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