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Beef rendang pressure cooker recipe

Video Beef rendang pressure cooker recipe

Making this delicious Indonesian classic, Beef Rendang, in the instant pot is very easy. The freshly made spice paste-flavored meat chunks are cooked until tender in the pressure cooker and then simmered in coconut milk, resulting in a rich, flavorful caramelized meat dish. Seriously, the best meat curry of all time: Beef Rendang.

About a couple of years ago when I was in the process of making my Rice cookbook. Vermicelli. Yum. (Everyone’s favorite dish in Southeast Asia), I had the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia.

I traveled mainly to research authentic recipes to include in our cookbook and learn how to do it. It was a wonderful and memorable trip.

Not only was my belly filled with so many delicious dishes while I was there, but it was also a joy to meet so many lovely people who went out of their way to help me write the book by selflessly sharing their recipes and teaching me how to make them for all to enjoy. What an amazing experience it was and I pray that I can visit them all again one day.

One of the countries I visited was Indonesia. In particular, I went to Bali. Yes, that Bali.

This was the last leg of my trip to Southeast Asia, so I brought my sweet sister Eunice with me so we could celebrate after all the hard work and have some rest and rest on the beach. If you want to see our album on our trip to Bali, check it out here.

Naturally, I made sure to try as many delicious dishes as I could while visiting Bali. I didn’t limit myself only to rice and noodle dishes even though that’s what I came there for.

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I had

to eat a delicious meat Rendang because I had been longing for this dish even before visiting Indonesia.

Luckily, my cooking teacher recommended a good warung place to visit while we were there. A warung


by the way, is the Indonesian term for a coffee shop or restaurant, usually small and family-friendly. You won’t miss them in Bali, as they are everywhere.

My sister and I were not disappointed as we really enjoyed the food and even the meat rendang was quite good.

The memories of that wonderful trip made me crave meat rendang again. However, I didn’t feel like waiting for hours just to get my hands on a tasty rendang, so I decided to make an instant version of pot so I could enjoy my favorite meat curry dish in a much shorter time and without much fuss.


know I already have a very good basic recipe for meat rendang and it has received so many wonderful reviews on both this blog and Pinterest, so I didn’t have to make as many adjustments except to adapt it for the pressure cooker.


have already made this meat rendang in the instant pot twice and I am really happy with the results.

I’m so thrilled with how it came out that from now on, that’s how I would make rendang beef as it’s so much easier and I just need one pot to make everything.

The secret to this tasty rendang is the secret spice paste that I am sharing with all of you today. Ideally, it would be best if you could get the actual ingredients needed to make the pasta, such as galangal plus lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves so you can sample the authentic and deliciously complex flavors of meat rendong.

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But, if you can’t, because not

everyone has an Asian store nearby, don’t worry because I’ve added what substitute you can use and how to modify it so that you can still achieve a delicious meat dish. Either way, it would be delicious!

Another suggestion I would add is to use a mortar and pestle to make the paste. I know, there will be some elbow fat required with that, but it’s worth it for the flavors that would be achieved by doing so.

To shorten the process, simply cut the ingredients into small pieces beforehand so that it is not too difficult to crush them into a paste.

All the chefs and cooks I learned from during my trip to Southeast Asia told me not to take shortcuts when it comes to making a spice paste (whether for meat rendang or laksa curry or any other dish that requires a fresh spice paste) because it’s the pounding and grinding in the mortar that brings out the flavors of the aromatics and spices because the process of Grinding allows the release of its natural oils which, in turn, means the release of more flavor from the paste. Trust me, this is also true according to my experience.

Definitely enjoy this dish with rice! Let me know if you’ve tried it. Thank you! Again, if you don’t have an instant pot, you can try my stove version here.







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