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Although 2022 is not an ideal time to buy a used car, it is an excellent time to sell one.

That’s because used vehicle prices have hit all-time highs recently. If you are selling your car, using an online platform allows you to take advantage of the reach of the internet when listing your vehicle.

  • autotrader: great for getting eyes on your list
  • cargurus: great for a quick bid
  • facebook marketplace – great for selling to a private party
  • ebay motors – great for promoting your vehicle to a large audience
  • campervan: great for hassle-free selling
  • ask an expert about selling cars online

automatic trader: great to have eyes on your listing

autotrader is a website that specializes in helping people buy and sell new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. The site is a great resource if you’re looking to sell or trade in your car, with lots of tips that can help you navigate the process. AutoTrader is owned by Cox Automotive and is part of a family of brands that includes Kelley Blue Book.

wide audience of potential car buyers

If you want to sell your used car quickly and profitably, it helps to expose your listing to many potential car buyers. autotrader claims to be the most visited third-party auto shopping site on the web, attracting more than 14 million qualified buyers each month.

free vehicle history report

A vehicle history report provides information about a car’s history. If your car has a clean history, this report can be a valuable selling tool. A vehicle history report gives the potential buyer transparency into the vehicle’s past. autotrader offers a free report with every listing, and this benefit can help you improve your listing in a profitable way.

free renewals

You may need to renew a listing if your car doesn’t sell. With autotrader, you won’t have to worry about facing a renewal fee if your car doesn’t sell right away. the site offers free renewals for up to a year if your car doesn’t find a buyer after 30 days.

include up to 30 photos of your vehicle

Photos can be vital marketing tools when selling a used car. autotrader allows you to include up to 30 photos of your used vehicle with each listing, giving you plenty of opportunities to showcase your vehicle to potential buyers.

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cargurus: great for a quick offer

cargurus was launched in 2006 in cambridge, massachusetts. It was founded by Langley Steinert, who was previously a co-founder of TripAdvisor. cargurus uses a proprietary search algorithm to help car shoppers find deals.

helpful price guide

When selling a used car, price can affect the success and speed of your sale. Once you’ve provided details like your car’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, mileage, and condition, Cargurus can provide you with an estimate of the car’s market value. that data can help you make an informed decision when pricing your car.

vehicle pickup if sold to a dealer

If you are selling your car to a dealer and would prefer not to take it to a dealer, cargurus offers a solution. when you use the site to sell your vehicle to a dealer, you can schedule a pickup. You can fill out the necessary sales paperwork online and a driver from the dealership will stop by your home or office to pick up the car.

free dealer offers

cargurus allows you to skip the listing process and get a free offer from dealers. First, a potential seller must enter basic details about the car, such as its mileage and VIN. cargurus will then share this information with its dealer network. the company claims that you can get an offer on your vehicle in less than two minutes.

facebook marketplace: great for selling to a private party

the facebook marketplace is affiliated with facebook. This online seller has advantages that could be very useful if you are interested in selling your car to an individual.

ability to research potential buyers

Getting general information about a potential buyer can be helpful before proceeding with the sales process. when potential buyers respond to your ad, you can visit their facebook profiles to learn more about them.

target specific groups of potential buyers

Facebook users sometimes form groups to discuss topics of common interest. The Facebook Marketplace allows you to post your car to a public listing for everyone on Facebook, but you can also post a private listing to one or more of the site’s groups.

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A private group listing allows you to present your car to a specific audience, which can be valuable if you have a vehicle that is popular with a niche group of potential buyers. For example, if you’re selling a used Mazda Miata sought after by collectors, you can use the Facebook Marketplace to post a listing to a private group made up of Miata enthusiasts.

lists are free

with the facebook marketplace, there is no cost for listings.

ebay motors – great for promoting your vehicle to a large audience

ebay is a site that connects buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world. eBay Motors is an offshoot of this website focused on car listings. This site offers several packages that allow you to include 12 to 24 photos with your listing. price ranges from $19 to $79 and is partially based on the selling price of your vehicle.

sell by auction or fixed price

ebay motors offers you different options to market your vehicle. With the auction-style listing format, buyers can bid on their vehicle and the sale goes to the highest bidder.

The fixed price format allows you to list your car at the chosen price, and the best offer feature allows buyers to submit their best offer in response to the selected starting price. Having these options available gives you flexibility in marketing your used car.

Free vehicle history report with every listing

With eBay Motors, you get a free vehicle history report with every listing. You are eligible for this benefit if you are a seller that lists fewer than seven vehicles per calendar year.

reach millions of potential buyers

according to ebay, ebay motors attracts 7.4 million unique visitors per month. ebay motors claims that the site sells a car or truck every three minutes.

caravan: ideal for selling without complications

carvana is a company that buys and sells used cars. you can use the caravan website to sell or trade your vehicle directly to the company.

caravan promises quick deals

carvana requires you to share details about your used car, such as the license plate number and VIN, to jump-start your sale. Once this information has been entered, the company states that it will make an offer on your vehicle within two minutes.

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free pick-up of the vehicle

If you are selling your car, carvana will schedule the vehicle to be picked up at a time and place of your choosing. each pickup is contactless for your safety. the sale or exchange ends at the time of collection. caravana will give you the funds when you pick up your vehicle if there is any payment involved.

offers are valid for seven days

The caravan sale process gives you breathing room to research and compare other options. Once the company makes an offer on your car, you have seven days to accept it. you can use this time to submit other offers if you wish.

ask an expert about selling a car online

Meet the Expert: Brian Moody, executive editor of autotrader and spokesperson for kelley blue book, has more than 12 years of experience as an automotive journalist.

what should I know before selling a car online?

“The way you write the ad is important. don’t write in all caps and don’t just list the basics. tells the story of how great this car has been. let the potential buyer see himself in his car. use lots and lots of photos. Before you take those photos, remove your stuff. do not take photos with your personal things in the car.”

what is the best place to find out how much my car is worth?

“there are many car appraisal websites, one of them is kelley blue book. you can also search for cars like yours for sale and see what the price range is.”

what is the safest way to sell a car online?

“Be sure to use the sales website’s tools that make a potential buyer contact you through the site’s interface. do not provide your phone number or email address unless you know the person personally. Also, have a safe place to meet for money exchange or test drives if you are selling a car yourself. many police stations will allow you to use their parking lot for this purpose.”

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