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Best pressure cooker recipe

Do you have a pressure cooker and need inspiration for your next meal? These delicious pressure cooker recipes are easy and tasty.

Pressure cookers are the best tool for eating during the week. They provide the full potential of a slow cooker in a fraction of the time, and there is no need to take care of the food while cooking.

With all the possible pressure cooker recipes out there, it can be difficult to choose what has the honor of being your next hearty meals. But that’s where this list comes in.

From simple staples to sumptuous dinners, let’s delve into forty-one recipes that will test your pressure cooker.

pressure cooker recipes

What can be cooked with a pressure cooker? You can cook almost anything you want in

a pressure cooker

. From rice dishes to soups, this incredibly convenient appliance has room for hundreds of recipes to make delicious meals from a single pot.

Does meat become more tender the longer you cook it under pressure?

If we are talking about tender meat, it is essential to understand the difference between a slow cooker and instant cooker pressure cookers.

The first cooks something at

low temperature for a long time, while the second quickly cooks something at high pressure.

With the time difference, you won’t get the same fantastic softening… But you’ll get close when you use the best instant pot recipes.

Cooking it for too long under pressure can produce hard meat, so it’s essential to find a balance to have the best hearty food.

What should you not cook in a pressure cooker?

Delicate foods will dissolve into nothingness if cooked in a pressure cooker. So, avoid putting things like seafood in your Instant Pot. Baked goods like bread or cookies are also a no-go.

It’s also best not to cook anything in the pressure cooker that you want to keep crispy, such as breaded meats. The moisture from the steam will make it soggy.

What cooks well in an instant pot?

Your best bet is to try the soup or a stew-based meal with a pressure cooker or any of the other varieties of other spicy recipes, such as everyone’s favorite popular recipe for short ribs.

They are the best types of recipes for a pressure cooker because they provide plenty of moisture to keep your protein juicy.

So, without further ado, let’s explore which pressure cooker recipes will make it to your weekly rotation!

Chicken recipes

with pressure cooker

Let’s start with a protein perfectly adapted to the instant pot: chicken. Chicken absorbs flavor like a sponge and becomes deliciously tender when cooked under pressure.

Combine these two properties with a pressure cooker, and you have a recipe for some really delicious dishes.

1. Chicken and rice


Hawaiian flavors never stop delivering. This incredibly vibrant recipe is a great place to start our list because it’s quick and easy to make in an electric pressure cooker, and every bite of this tender chicken is better than the last.

If you’re dreaming of that tropical getaway, let this easy recipe get you there. Simple, inexpensive ingredients and a freezer-friendly attitude make it a great addition to your weekly meal list.

Find more frozen meals here!

2. Chicken Fajitas


I’ve never met a chicken fajita that I didn’t like, but this recipe could take the cake. These Instant Pot chicken fajitas are as tender as they are delicious. Each bite is full of juicy Mexican flavor.

Serve a plate of these vibrant fajitas on your next game day and watch your guests descend excitedly. Trust me; They will be clamoring for the recipe in no time.

3. Creamy chicken spaghetti


This next recipe is the perfect winter warmer. With a creamy sauce and a warm, comforting presence, it’s like a hug in a bowl.

On the nutrition side, this is a great dish to cap off a day of healthy eating. It’s a bit rich but not so indulgent that your green lunch salads go to waste.

This is a perfect college dinner!

4. Shredded chicken


I can’t tell you how much I love making

shredded chicken

in an instant pot. It’s one of the best easy dinner recipes I’ve ever made, and the results are to die for.

Use this shredded chicken in a salad, sandwich, or any meal that can use a little extra protein.


. Teriyaki chicken


Teriyaki chicken is a classic favorite. But I bet you didn’t think pressure cooking could be so easy! With this Instant Pot recipe, you can have a deliciously sweet and sticky teriyaki chicken ready in less than an hour in the right pressure cooker setup.

This forms an excellent base for a meal. Add rice and your favorite Asian vegetables or fresh vegetables to complete the dish!

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Get more inspiration with these teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps!

6. Korma Chicken


Enjoy the rich flavors and aromas of this Pakistani-style curry without all the time and hassle you would normally take. This delicious chicken korma recipe is a great way to prepare meals for the coming week.

It’s also freezer-friendly, so you can do it a week in advance and thaw it when you crave a curry.

7. Chicken Pesto Paste


Full of flavor with a minimum of practical time, this chicken pesto pasta recipe will be a quick family favorite! Cherry tomatoes sprinkled all over the mixture are excellent for refreshing the palate.

Adding other vegetables will go a long way if you want to make this meal even healthier – an excellent recipe to clean your vegetable drawer before your next grocery run.

8. Chicken Spaghetti

with Cheese Source: Cheese

and chicken get along like a burning house. When you put pasta into the mix, things can only get better! This deliciously comforting recipe is perfect for weekday family dinners.

This is a super simple recipe with a delicious reward.

9. Chicken Marinade


Next, we have a classic Filipino dish with a lot of soul: the chicken marinade.

This version of Instant Pot promises restaurant-worthy chicken marinade without the promise of hours folded over the stove


It is sour, spicy and full of so many aromatics that you will let yourself be carried away by a cloud of pure happiness


10. White chicken chilli


You’ve heard of traditional chili, so why not try this monochromatic version? This stunning white chicken chili is a great show at your next casual dinner!

With light, creamy flavors in every bite, this is a crowd-friendly dish with plenty of vegetables tucked away among the tasty parts


11. Tuscan Chicken


Tuscan chicken is an iconic Italian dish with bold flavors and a tantalizing aroma. This dish will guide you in a food meal with sun-dried tomatoes and a creamy sauce lighting the way.

I love that this dish is easy to prepare, but the result looks and tastes like it takes hours of painstaking work to produce.

12. Chicken with cashews


Looking for a quick and easy last-minute late-night recipe that’s also healthy? No, it’s not impossible; This Instant Pot cashew chicken will do the trick easily.

This super nutritious dish features a variety of vegetables and healthy fats. It’s great to start getting your kids to join vegetables!

13. Chicken Sauce


This chicken sauce is a general recipe that you can use any way you want. Create delicious salads or prepare a quick and easy taco using just two ingredients and your Instant Pot.

The acidity in the sauce will work on the chicken, so the result is super juicy and tender. Finish with a splash of lime and a plate of tortillas for an unbeatable weekday gift.

14. Moroccan Chicken with Lemon


This Moroccan chicken recipe will give your spice cabinet the training it needs! Every bite of this aromatic chicken will make you walk on cloud nine.

It is ideal for freezing or as leftovers for lunch the next day. Letting it sit for so long in the amazing spice massage could make it even better.

Pressure cooker soup recipes

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy soup on a cold winter night? Each pressure cooker soup recipe celebrates a different collection of delicious ingredients.

With any of these recipes, you can have a quick and easy soup ready in less than an hour.

15. Chicken noodle soup


Create a comforting soup in a matter of moments with this quick and easy


noodle recipe.

This is the best to eat when you are under the weather


It’s full of nutritious ingredients that will make you feel like a new person when you’ve finished the bowl


16. Tortellini Soup


The only thing better than soup is a soup with pasta. So, this chicken tortellini soup is playing all the right notes. It is bold, tasty and super filling. Also, hide a lot of vegetables in the broth!

This is an excellent dish for your children to join with more vegetables. Attract them with the pasta, then seal the deal with all the delicious hidden nutrition.

17. Curry Lentil Soup



lentil soup


or dal, is an Indian staple that is fast, filling, and above all, delicious. Having this recipe up your sleeve will make you pretty impressive for your friends and family.

The best way to serve dal is with a tablespoon of yogurt and a pinch of cilantro.

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18. Chicken and rice soup


Looking for something easy, plentiful and guaranteed to make everyone at the table happy? Then this chicken and rice soup is ideal for you.

Whether you’re preparing your meals for the week, stocking the freezer, or just looking for an easy weekday dinner, go with this recipe.

19. Vegetable



Ramen in a pressure cooker; who knew?! Instead of tending a bubbly pot for hours, you can use this recipe for tasty ramen with just ten minutes of brew time.

Finish the whole thing with a marinated egg. It is the best ramen dressing, offering a dose of rich flavor without much effort.

20. Celery Soup


Looking for a creamy soup that’s good for your waistline? I have an Instant Pot celery soup cream that will blow your mind. You only need a few ingredients and only ten minutes to assemble it.

The soup is very tasty and comforting. If you have a few withered pieces of celery left over from the week, it’s a great way to use them.

21. Plant-Based Meat Soup


At the other end of the spectrum, we have an impressive vegetable beef soup that is as filling as it is delicious. Enjoy hearty, nutritious vegetables and beef in a dark, flavorful broth.

I love this recipe because you can easily grab any vegetable you have on hand. Make it your own!

22. Birria Beef Ramen


Can’t decide between Mexican and Japanese food? Then don’t do it! This Birria Ramen is a super unique and tasty fusion of Mexican Birria and Japanese ramen.

This bold and bombastic dish is perfect for dining out.

23. Potato soup with cheese


Sometimes you just want something a little comforting. That’s where this Instant Pot Cheese Potato Soup comes in. Enjoy all the best things about a baked potato with cheese in the form of soup.

This recipe is for you, whether you’re looking for a warmer winter or just want a quick weekday dinner.

24. Chicken

Omelette Soup


This delicious chicken omelette soup puts a unique spin on a family favorite. It’s packed with tons of flavor and protein, and all the ingredients keep well in the fridge.

As a meal preparation recipe, you can’t ask for anything more. Make a large batch and store it in the freezer for evenings when cooking is not an option.

25. Shredded Pork


This shredded pork is so juicy I have to call it soup. A cut of pork is cooked in a very tasty broth until it falls apart, then crumbled and used the way you want.

Looking for a good sandwich filling? Need a taco protein? This delicious recipe has you covered.

26. Lentil Soup


Here’s another version of lentil soup! This time we are adopting light and citrus flavors, counteracted by earthy garlic and spinach in the broth. This makes him a great dinner starter.

Simply place all your ingredients in your pressure cooker, turn the lid and return to an aromatic dream of a dish.

Get more inspiration with other easy crockpot recipes.

27. Turkey Broth


Everyone needs a batch of good stock on hand, especially if we are approaching the holiday season. This Instant Pot turkey broth produces a rich, deep broth without the need to hover over a stove.

You can use this stock in many ways. Make a thick, rich sauce or use it as a base for a soup. Be creative!


there’s one word every home cook likes to hear when talking about a recipe, it’s “easy.” If you have difficulty finding the time for delicious dishes, choose one of these as an experiment.

Each of these recipes proves that “easy” certainly doesn’t have to mean “bland.” Brimming with flavor (and deliciously convenient), each recipe will feel right at home in your weekly meal rotation.

28. Beef ribs


Get succulent and tender beef ribs with minimal effort, thanks to this recipe. The original recipe is for slow-cooked ribs, but you can get those results in a fraction of the time with a pressure cooker.

Enjoy bold and fragrant frosting full of fleshy goodness. This is a great recipe for any time of year, whether it’s for a fancy dinner or a casual meal with friends.

29. Pork chops


I love how versatile a pressure cooker is. You can cook just about anything perfectly, including a southern favorite: pork chops! These juicy and delicious chops go great with any starchy side.

Place and forget about your chops in a shallow bath of chicken broth and other herbs. You’ll go back to the best pork chop you’ve ever had.

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. Black Beans


This recipe takes dried black beans from zero to hero. Cook them to perfection in a citrus-accented broth, then use them however you want!

Using dried black beans instead of canned ones is a great way to elevate any dish, so take the extra ten minutes. You will be impressed by the results.

Find more pantry recipes here.

31. Apple Butter


For my money, there’s almost nothing better as a gift than a jar of homemade apple butter. Dark, rich and sticky sweet, this is perfect to spread on a warm bun in mid-autumn.

Since apples are usually so cheap and easily accessible, this is a great recipe to make in bulk. You don’t even need to peel them!

32. Egg Bites


Look no further if you’ve ever craved your own version of Starbucks egg bites. This pressure cooker version will make you forget about them.

Each bite of egg is filled with flavors of bacon, kale, mushrooms, and gruyere cheese. All packaged in a fluffy exterior, it doesn’t get any better than this.

33. Mashed



Looking for a way not to step in to make your mashed potatoes? These are so quick and simple that you’ll feel like you’re cheating. With this recipe at hand, you can fix and forget about your puree.

Spend that valuable time cooking by focusing on other aspects of dinner, then lift the lid off perfectly soft potatoes. Just mash with butter and you’re done!

34. Mac and Cheese


From students to stay-at-home parents, there’s a universal unifier when it comes to favorite home-cooked food: macaroni and cheese. This instant pot version uses cheese to further increase the flavor.

Trust me, as soon as you try this, you won’t be able to go back. It’s incredibly easy, but the sticky results feel like they’re coming straight from a soul food restaurant.

35. Risotto


I have seen many home cooks intimidated by the idea of cooking risotto. Well, no more! This recipe eliminates the specter of floating on a stove for hours on end at a time.

Instead, pour all your risotto ingredients here and leave it at that. You will return to a rich, fragrant and perfectly cooked risotto that is sure to impress your guests.

36. Peach shoemaker


If peach season has come to call, there’s nothing better than enjoying them in the form of a shoemaker. Thick, buttery crust over the top of juicy stewed peaches? Sign me up.

This pressure cooker version requires a specific lid to get the golden top on mini cobblers.

If you don’t have it, you can always stew the peaches in your pressure cooker and bake the topping later.

37. Italian sausage and peppers


This upcoming recipe is perfect to impress neighbors at the next neighborhood party. Create exquisite flavors in large quantities with ease. Italian sausage and peppers are killers on a bun.

Whether you need a last-minute addition to a shared meal or a shared lunch contribution for the kids, this is the recipe you want in your corner.

38. Mexican Rice


Complete your next Mexican dinner with this fragrant Mexican rice recipe. It forms the perfect base for a topping of minced meat or beans. You can even use it to increase your burrito stuffing options.

The best part, aside from the taste, is how simple it is to make this rice. Packed with spices and citrus, you wouldn’t think it only takes five minutes of preparation time!

39. Spaghetti


Need a super-quick weekday dinner that the whole family will enjoy? These pressure cooker spaghetti only take eight minutes to cook. It’s deliciously hearty and super filling.

Enjoy great flavors with minimal effort and almost no cleaning. It’s very easy; You could get your kids to do it (now there’s an idea).

40. Scalloped potatoes


Our following recipe is a simple and delicious addition to any table. It’s super versatile! Serve along with a plate of poached lobster or put it on the table on game day.

Regardless of the context, these creamy, perfectly cooked cheese potatoes will disappear in a matter of minutes.

41. Tuna

Noodle Casserole


Our final recipe encompasses two super affordable ingredients: tuna and pasta. Not only that, but it makes them a delicious dish that any home cook would be proud to serve.

This is a great evening meal of the week for the family. You can add any vegetable you like to make it more nutritious, but hardly anyone will notice, thanks to that deliciously creamy sauce!

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