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6 Best Rental Car Rewards Programs of 2022 – ValuePenguin

#1 Best Rental Car Rewards Program – Company

Bounty programs are only useful when the provider has a significant presence in the market. the company has a fleet of 1.85 million vehicles, which exceeds all of its competitors. almost any destination is likely to have a business option given its 9,500 locations worldwide.

The company ranks first in overall customer satisfaction, according to j.d. power’s 2021 north america rental car satisfaction study.

how do enterprise plus points work?

the enterprise plus rewards program is simple: every dollar spent equals 1 point, but please note that this does not include fuel, taxes, surcharges or non-qualified rentals. these points are used to earn free rental days.

You can earn a free rental day for as little as 600 points with no blackout dates. the rental points needed to earn free rental days depend on the dates of travel and the car used. the average weekly cost of a standard size car will be $824. therefore, the value of the program will be apparent after a few weeks of rental. points never expire as long as you are active once every 36 months and there are no blackout dates.

dollars spent on taxes and surcharges, vehicle license fees, airport-related fees, insurance costs, fuel option purchase and refueling do not earn points. “qualifying dollars” are defined as spending on time and mileage (base rate), paid upgrades, and additional add-ons.

elite status benefits

The benefits are combined as the user rents more cars. you will earn silver status when you rent six times a year. this level offers a 10% increase in total points earned. become a gold tier member by renting 12 times a year (or 40 days total) and get a 15% boost on your earned points. finally, the “platinum” level is for those who rent 24 times a year (or 85 days in total). this higher level offers a 20% bonus to points earned.

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#2 Best Rental Car Rewards Program: Dollar

how does dollar express work?

dollar has a smaller presence but still has more than 840 locations in the united states and canada.

Their loyalty program, dollar express rewards, is simple and has one level for all its members. It’s free to join and you’ll earn $1 express point for every $1 you spend on cars from compact to full size. taxes and fees are exempt from these calculations. then you can redeem your rewards points when making a reservation, and a free rental starts with just 500 points on weekends and 625 points on weekdays. Please note that there are some blackout dates you should be aware of when redeeming your free rental.

Points never expire as long as you keep your account active for two years, but can only be redeemed within the us. uu. and Canada.

#3 Best Car Rental Rewards Program: National

how does the national emerald club work?

Given the complexity of many loyalty programs, National’s offering is surprisingly simple. Called the Emerald Club, Nacional is an attractive option for those who rarely travel.

there are no points. instead, it issues domestic “credits.” seven credits give a user a free day, for up to a midsize car.

#4 best rental car rewards program: hertz

Hertz is the world’s largest airport car rental company, with more than 1,600 US airport locations. uu. Plus, you’ll find more than 1,300 additional international airport locations. the hertz gold plus rewards program is a tiered system with three levels. joining the program is free and you will start as a gold member.

how does hertz gold plus rewards work?

every dollar spent equals 1 point. The main benefit of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program is that you will earn points even on taxes, fees and other surcharges, while other programs only allow you to earn points on the base cost of the rental. Like the company, these points generate for free rental days. a free rental day starts at 750 points. however, the definition of “qualified dollar” is broader. therefore, you can earn points on expenses including fuel purchases, upgrades, and insurance coverage options. Finally, the points expire after 18 months of no activity.

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is hertz gold plus rewards worth it?

The average standard-size hertz rental is $387 per week, which means most will earn their first day’s rental free after about two weeks of rentals.

#5 Best Rental Car Rewards Program: Avis

With 5,500 locations worldwide, Avis is the third largest player in the car rental business.

how does avis preferred work?

Like the others on the list, the Avis Preferred Program has three levels and is free. avis preferred members earn one point for every dollar spent and two points for every dollar spent on accessories. With Avis Preferent Plus, members earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent and 2.5 points for every dollar spent on an accessory. After 25 rentals or spending $7,000, Avis Preferred Plus members earn 1.5 points per dollar spent and three points on accessories.

#6 best rental car rewards program: zipcar

This online industry disruptor is the newest competitor to enter the field. Zipcar’s business model is different from the more traditional car rental agencies mentioned above. To provide an equal comparison to Hertz, consider this analysis from ConsumerReports: “Zipcar did well in our cost comparison, based on our price of a sample Toyota Corolla for 1.5 hours. Taxes included, cost came in at $19 per Zipcar , compared to $36 , the daily rate, in hertz.” The authors then continue, “For one week, zipcar rentals went up to a deal-breaking $636, compared to hertz’s more reasonable $182.”

how does zipcar work?

zipcar can be an easy, flexible and affordable option for running quick errands on a weekend getaway. do some research first; Zipcar has far fewer locations across the country compared to traditional car rental agencies. zipcar is located in more than 500 cities and towns and on more than 600 college campuses. besides usa In the US, ZipCar services are also available in six countries, including Canada, Taiwan and the UK.

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To get started, there is a one-time application fee of $25 for an individual membership and $75 for a business account. other fees may apply based on driver’s age and city. zipcar offers a monthly and annual membership that offers:

how much does the zipcar cost?

Monthly membership is $7 per month, while annual membership is $70 per year. If you’re looking for long-term savings, you’ll save about $14 per year by opting for the annual plan.

zipcar offers “extra value plans” (evps) for members who rent frequently and want lower rates. evp 50 and evp 125 provide credits of $50 and $125, respectively, each month and include a 10% discount on hourly or daily rates. evp 50 credits expire after one month, while evp 125 members have three months to use their credits.

The rewards program is just as unconventional as the business model, as there is no point system. Instead, Zipcar users are offered various savings at different businesses that are both national chains and smaller local venues. Zipcar members can get up to 25% off economy, economy, and avis truck rentals for longer-term needs.

Before choosing a rental car, consider how often you travel. Knowing your list of destinations ahead of time can help you make a much more informed decision. For those who don’t know where they’ll be traveling, consider the company, which includes Alamo, as a good option. At least until he can afford his own car.

*note: rental prices are not available on the zipcar site until you pay to join their program.

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