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Best slow cooked prime rib recipe

Video Best slow cooked prime rib recipe

The tender, juicy slow-roasted rib is the best main course for a special occasion dinner! Read on to find out how to cook the best premium rib roast!

Slow ROasted prime rib sliced showing pink interior.

Prime Rib, sometimes called standing rib roast, is our family tradition for Christmas dinner. It’s such a special main course, and we look forward to it every year. Today I show you how to cook premium ribs in the oven. This method will give you tender roast beef, juiced and cooked evenly, ensuring your Christmas dinner is perfect!

Why slow roasting is the best way to cook premium ribs?

Many recipes start the rib first in a hot oven and then reduce the heat. The problem with that method is that it encourages uneven cooking. The outside of the roast cooks faster than the inside, leading to a thick “gray ring” of overcooked meat in the outer layers of the rib roast. The slow roast will cook the rib in a more uniform way at first, giving it tender, juicy and end-to-end pink meat.

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Is the first rib always

premium meat?

Although a standing rib roast is called a “prime rib,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s USDA Prime. The USDA rates beef starting with “Prime” as the best, “Choice” is next best, followed by “Select.” Premium beef is the best for marbling and savoring, and also the most expensive. Luckily, you can still find delicious top-notch ribs that are classified as “Choice.”

How to buy a standing rib roast

When buying a premium rib roast

, there are two distinct types of cuts. The first is called the end of the loin, also sometimes called the “first cut” or the “small end”, and is located from the 10-12 ribs. This is the most preferable cut because it has the largest rib eye muscle and is less fatty, but sensitive.

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The “second cut” is located closer to the end of the mandrel and has more muscles, and is fattier. This cut is located from ribs 6-9. Although this is still an excellent roast, it is considered the least desirable cut of the prime rib.

When buying a standing rib roast, I like to ask the butcher to remove the bones from the roast and then put them back together. This allows you to season the meat under the bones and makes cutting the roast after cooking much easier. However, you will still be able to roast the rib first into the bones, which will insulate the roast while cooking to help prevent overcooking. It could also be said to add more flavor to the meat, and there are always people who enjoy eating the ribs!

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Slow Roasted Prime Rib after cooking with golden exterior.” />How much prime rib do I need per person? For a bone-in

rib roast, plan 1 pound per person or one rib for two people


At what temperature should I cook the rib first?

For this Slow Roasted Prime Rib we cook the roast at 225 degrees F. If you have a convection oven, use 200 degrees F.

Slow Roasted prime Rib sliced showing pink interior, on a plate with baby potatoes and fresh herbs.

do I know when to make a prime rib?

There’s only ONE way to know your roast has reached the right temperature, and that’s with an instant-read thermometer. Prime Rib is an expensive cut of meat. Protect your investment by purchasing an affordable meat thermometer. Once you start using one, you’ll use it all the time!

I love our Thermapen and we use this Thermoworks BBQ alarm to let us know exactly when the meat has reached the right temperature. However, if you want to start with a less expensive option, this thermometer is very well rated on Amazon, has tons of great reviews, and costs less than $20. And THIS highly rated wireless digital thermometer is a lower-cost option that allows you to keep the probe in the meat while it’s cooking, so you know exactly when it’s ready.

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What should be the internal temperature for the prime rib?

You should remove the roast from the oven 5-10 degrees BEFORE it reaches the desired temperature. The roast will continue to cook after removing it from the oven due to heat entrainment.

Main rib temperature chart: when to take the roast

out of the oven Rare – take out of the oven at 115 degrees Medium Rare – remove from the oven at 120 degrees Medium – Remove from the oven at

  • 125
  • degrees Medium Good – Remove from oven at

  • 130 degrees Well done – Remove from oven
  • at

  • 140 degrees
  • (Please do not do this. I don’t recommend cooking the roast over medium heat!) How to

Make the Best Slow Toast First Rib

Buy a roasted

bone from First rib and separate the roast bone. You can ask your butcher to do this when you buy it.

Season the roast with kosher salt, then place it in the fridge on a rack, uncovered for 24 hours, up to three days.

Always use an instant-read thermometer when cooking a premium rib to make sure it’s cooked to the correct temperature.

Seal outside the roast in a pan with oil over medium-high heat. When all sides are singed, place them on top of the bones and tie them up.

Roast at 225 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 110 degrees. Turn off the oven and let the internal temperature reach 115 for rare, 120 for medium rare.

After removing from the oven, place the tent loose with aluminum foil and let stand for 30 minutes before carving.

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What to serve as a side dish for Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Looking for premium rib trimmings? Try my crispy crushed potatoes or my mashed potatoes with roasted garlic. Most people will also want to serve a side of vegetables with a premium rib. Try my roasted carrots with honey, roasted asparagus or my roasted Brussels sprouts.

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