25 Easy Thanksgiving Crockpot Recipes – Insanely Good

Best slow cooker thanksgiving recipes

Given the number of people you’re no doubt cooking for, trust me when I say these Thanksgiving Crockpot recipes will be a lifesaver!

Between the potatoes and cakes and the sides and desserts of Thanksgiving, who has enough space in the oven? It can be a little full and, let’s face it, a little stressful.

Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing

That’s why I love using my Crockpot to simplify things. Set it up – or ‘them’ if you have several – and let it do all the work while you focus on that bird!

With the Crockpot, you can make any number of simple sides to accompany your turkey. He is so hands-free that he may even find that he has extra time on his hands.

And you can even make dessert, too! Throw everything into the pot, and it will be hot and ready to eat once the table is clear.

If you’re looking for some great recipes that require little to no time, these 25 great Thanksgiving Crockpot recipes are for you!

1. The Best

Crockpot Cranberry

Sauce Recipe

If you’ve ever made cranberry sauce, you’ll know that it needs to be shaken from time to time to prevent it from getting snagged and burning at the bottom


It’s not a big deal, but what if you forget it?

With this slow cooker version, you can go ahead and get it out of your mind. Just don’t forget to crush the blueberries before serving.


. Crockpot Filling

Don’t you hate spending time on a delicious filling just to get it out of the dry, hard oven?

This recipe guarantees a wet and tasty filling at all times


Soak everything as you would bread pudding, leaving it overnight if you can, and let the moisture from the Crockpot keep it perfect


3. Slow cook sweet potato casserole

Unfortunately, most

dishes need different temperatures to cook


Vegetables need a high temperature to roast and caramelize, while these sweet potatoes would probably burn in the same oven


Instead, simply throw everything into the slow cooker and let it cook for a few hours. They will be sweet and tender and totally irresistible in a short time.

You can even melt the marshmallows directly into the pot. Use a chef’s torch if you want them to be toasted.

4. Do not boil mashed potatoes with slow cooker

What is a turkey dinner without mashed potatoes? Do you like rustic with texture or soft as silk?

Either way, the Crockpot has you covered. This recipe calls for broth instead of water, so you know they’ll be loaded with flavor.

If you like puree more, use a dip blender right in the pot with some milk or cream.

5. Slow Cooker Green Bean Recipe

I have some slow cookers of all different sizes. My favorites are the mini ones because I can take them out and make a bunch of sides at once without losing precious oven space!

This recipe is perfect for smaller pots, allowing you to make a delicious side dish without overdoing it.

Between onion,

garlic and broth, there are many flavors, but I like to add a touch of butter for richness towards the end.

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6. Brussels sprouts

slow cook balsamic


make Brussels sprouts at least once a week, and I like to roast them with garlic and bacon. But when I’m cooking for a crowd, this is my recipe of choice.

In addition to doing a quick reduction, all you have to do is throw away the sprouts and let them cook.

They will be sweet and spicy with a fantastic texture of pine nuts.

7. Slow cook glazed carrots Glazed carrots

with brown sugar

are so good; You’ll find your guests fighting for the last bite!

Between the caramel notes of brown sugar and the rich, smooth, silky texture you get from butter, they’re pretty close to perfect


To really push them to the limit, they also get a little warmth from a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg


8. Crockpot Pumpkin Soup (5 Ingredients!)

Soup is one of the best ways to start a meal: it’s light, full of vegetables, and warms you up on a cold Thanksgiving.

For this recipe, you’ll need just five ingredients: pumpkin, reddish potatoes, onion, vegetable broth, and cream.

When tender, mix the mixture with an immersion blender and add the cream for a smooth, creamy finish.

To make it vegan, leave the cream completely or add dairy-free plain yogurt instead.

9. Slow Cook Creamy Corn

I love corn in all its forms, but there’s no better side dish when I’m indulging in the holiday than decadent creamy corn


Between cream cheese, milk, butter and sugar, this is not one for those who watch their waistline!

10. Slow cooker

dinner rolls

Using your Crockpot for dinner rolls is kind of a genius when you think about it


For one, you can make it ‘hot’ to speed up the testing time. Then simply change it to high and they will cook without you having to move them.

Just don’t forget to line the pot and spray the paper to prevent the rolls from sticking.

<img src="×1024.png" alt="Cheesy

and Mac and Cheese” />

11. Trisha Yearwood Crockpot Mac and Cheese Recipe

I think macaroni and cheese are usually the first to enter my house. It’s a family favorite, so you know everyone wants a big spoonful!

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the space (or time!) to make a batch from scratch.


instead of resorting to the package, why not try it on the Crockpot?

The pasta will cook directly in evaporated milk, milk, butter, salt, pepper and cheese, making it rich and creamy. Plus, there’s more cheese to melt on top!

For the BEST absolute taste, make sure you get a good quality cheese. I like to wear mature cheddar and Gruyere. And always praise it yourself!

12. Slow cooker meat

sauce If you’re making

carne asada, I really hope you’re making your sauce with drips

. It’s the best

way to use all the flavor and ensure every bite is sensational.

The best part about this is that it will cook in about 30 minutes, giving the meat plenty of time to rest before serving! You’ll need

to make a roux, but the gentle heat of the Crockpot will prevent your mixture from becoming lumpy


13. Slow-cooking green bean casserole

If you have vegetarians coming to dinner, it’s a good idea to make some special side dishes to help them fill their plates

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And this casserole is a surefire way to fill anyone who doesn’t eat meat


You’ll need just six ingredients and maybe 10 minutes of preparation for this to work. After a

few hours, you will have a hearty and tasty casserole loaded with beans, mushroom flavor and crispy onions


14. Slow cooking apple cider

This recipe is beneficial for everyone. Not only will you get a batch of hot, spicy, and lycious apple cider, but your home will smell amazing!

I often find that store-bought apple cider can be a little too sweet. Making your own allows you to control the amount of sugar and spices that go in.

Also, you can make it only for adults if you want by adding some whiskey


15. Red

cabbage and apples

Red cabbage and apples are the perfect side dish for your next pork roast. Not everyone is a fan of turkey, so I often have a smaller roast on the table as well.

Fresh and spicy flavors will make fleshy pork stand out and the red color will light up the table.

Feel free to adjust the bittersweet notes here. We like it quite spicy in my house, but you can easily add a little more sugar.

16. Mom’s Broccoli


This smart little casserole combines a few things I love: broccoli, buttery cookies,

and easy cleaning.

You will have to mix the vegetables with creamy soup (I used chicken) and lots of cheese


Top it with crushed cookies, which will soften as everything cooks, giving it a buttery touch


Make cleaning a breeze by lining the Crockpot with aluminum foil!

17. Slow cooker Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin

I like to use pumpkin

for much of my cooking.

It has the same great color and flavor as pumpkin or sweet potatoes, but I find it keeps its shape a little better (and is more available in some cases).

In this recipe, you will cook your pumpkin with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt. Oh, and lots of butter!

18. Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes Full disclosure

: I try not to do this too often. They are incredibly good, full of flavor, creamy, rich and super decadent.

I will eat the whole pot only if you let me!

This recipe uses a mixture of regular and sweet potatoes along with a cheese sauce flavored with thyme and parmesan


Not to mention, the layer of cheese on top will melt and bubble in the pot.

To make this even more delicious, try infusing your milk with garlic, onion, and rosemary.

Just bring it to a simmer and let it sit for a while. Strain the pieces and mix them directly into the sauce.

19. Slow Cook Apple Pie

Yes, I love the cake. Yes, I will make more than one cake. But I also like variety, especially when it comes to desserts!

In fact, my dessert plate on Thanksgiving is more like a tasting plate for a food-serviced event!

This cake is dense, moist and absolutely full of apples! When you do, you might think there’s not enough dough, but trust the process!

Serve with ice cream or a splash of salted caramel.

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20. Slow cooker pecan


I didn’t think this would work and I even made a backup cake, expecting a delicious disaster in my slow cooker


Boy, I was wrong!

It may not be the prettiest one, there’s no way to set those edges together, but the crust of the cake is tender and cooked to perfection.

The slow cooking of the filling keeps it lovely and moist, And when you cover the pot with parchment, you can easily lift it all up (carefully, please!).

21. Pumpkin Pudding Cake

and Slow Pot Nut If you like your

chocolate cake served hot and slightly dense, then you will fall in love with this fudgy pumpkin pudding cake


You’ll need to make the dough and add it to the cooking pot before gently pouring over a simple brown sugar syrup.

It will be baked as a self-taught dessert, let the brown sugar infuse into the cake and create a sweet sauce right at the bottom of the pot.

If you want something extra indulgent, try making caramel and pouring it instead


22. Slow Cooker Crustless Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie

For those looking to enjoy their pumpkin pie but want it lower carb, this one is for you!

By having no crust, you’ll get all the fantastic filling flavor without the unnecessary calories


You can use your favorite pumpkin pie filling recipe and simply pour it into a lined slow cooker. Serve with vanilla ice cream or caramel spiced with cinnamon.

If you think you’ll miss the crust, try baking some flat dough on a leaf tray before breaking it into fragments.

Stop them in the filling for a restaurant-quality dessert.

23. Apple Crisp Easy Slow Cooking with Oatmeal

A fall favorite like apple crisp will always be a safe bet for Thanksgiving. It is warm, plentiful and has a great texture that I sometimes find apple pies missing.

To prevent the top from turning into porridge, be sure to line the lid with paper towels to catch any condensation.

If you like extra crunchy, roast for a few minutes once baked.

24. Crockpot Poached Pears Poached

pears look much more impressive than they really are. In fact, they are very easy!

With poached pears, you can keep them whole and serve them on a plate with a little sauce and ice cream, and you’ll get plenty of Instagram mentions!

Just don’t tell anyone that they’re as easy as throwing into the Crockpot with a little sugar and spices!

Tip: Keep the juices and reuse them for a second round. I like to cut my pears in half and make a big batch.

Use them in cakes or pies, or just as a sweet and healthy snack


25. Slow cooker Cranberry and apple butter


don’t know about you, but I like to send my guests with small gifts during the holidays. And this apple butter is a fantastic homemade option.

What could be better than a beautiful jar full of slow-cooked apples and blueberries?

Let your fruit simmer in the slow cooker with some sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, salt and vanilla. Once tender, use an immersion blender to puree.

This is great toast, or even as a filling for some fall cakes.

Thanksgiving Crockpot Recipes

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