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Bone broth recipe beef slow cooker

Video Bone broth recipe beef slow cooker

This beef bone broth is loaded with flavor and nutrients and is easily prepared in a slow cooker. This bone broth recipe is ideal for drinking or as a base for soups, stews, sauces and for use as a cooking liquid.

Two jars filled with beef bone broth on a wooden surface.

In many parts of the world, bone broth is regarded as a “golden healing liquid,” a “cure for all ailments.” In Peru, where I grew up, a good bone broth is often called “raise the dead” or “revive dead broth.”

If you are a believer in this magical elixir or sit on the fence about it (I married an engineer and scientist – before claiming anything I need to have scientific proof of it. That means I have to have done thorough research, experimentation, and some kind of lab test is a must!) ~ One thing I can say for sure is that homemade bone broth is tastier than any broth Produced commercially and as a cooking liquid surpasses pure water any day.

Slow-cooking beef bone broth

  • It all starts with humble bone, in this particular recipe we’re using beef bones. I recommend that you use grass-fed animal bones, when possible. Some vegetables, aromatic and an acid, in this case apple cider vinegar.
  • The acid helps release calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, glutamine, proline, and glycine into the liquid along with a host of other amino acids (protein building blocks) in the broth.
  • To get all the goodness of the bones, we cook it low and slow for a long time, up to 24 hours. Don’t worry, no childcare needed (I love clay pots). Put all the ingredients in the slow cooker and forget about it (the great aroma will be the only reminder that you are cooking something).
  • Once the cooking is finished, all you need to do is strain it and let it cool. As you can see in the photo below, all the fat will rise to the top. When it is cold, simply remove the fat. I know some people use this fat to sauté. In my case, I always rule it out. You can refrigerate your slow-cooker beef bone broth or freeze it for up to 6 months.
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Imagine here three jars filled with slow-cooking beef bone broth. At the top, you can see a layer of fat that can be removed after the broth is cold. Benefits of bone broth

  • boosts the immune system.
  • Good for the gut: Gelatin in bones is beneficial for restoring the strength of the intestinal lining and fighting food sensitivities (such as dairy or wheat), helping with the growth of probiotics (good bacteria) in the gut, and supporting healthy levels of inflammation in the digestive tract.
  • Protects joints: Bone broth is one of the best sources of natural collagen, the protein found in animal vertebrae, in their bones, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone marrow.
  • Ideal for the skin, again, any collagen???
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients and minerals.

This slow-cooked beef bone broth is loaded with flavor and nutrients. Ideal for drinking or as a base for soups, stews, sauces and to use as a cooking liquid.

Kathy’s notes

  • Getting bones from humanely raised, grazed or grass-fed animals from your local farmers is always The best.
  • Use organic vegetables, if possible.
  • Although you can add your raw bones in the slow cooker to make broth, I like to roast my bones for 1 hour before adding them to the slow cooker. These steps ensure a richer flavor and deeper color.
  • Cook grains like quinoa and vegetables in bone broth instead of water for maximum added flavor and nutrients.
  • Check out my basic chicken broth recipe Use bone broth
  • to make this

  • potato corn soup or this ginger turmeric and carrot soup WANT TO





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