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Buffalo chicken wings recipe slow cooker

Get ready for game day with these Crockpot buffalo chicken wings. They are everyone’s favorite bar food, cooked with ease in a slow cooker.

If you’re like me, the best part of Sunday football is the food. From delicious snacks to sweets, I like snacks.

And how can you have a game day without

chicken wings?

Homemade buffalo chicken wings with Worcestershire sauce and beer

This is my favorite wing recipe. They have all the flavor of traditional wings, but are prepared in the blink of an eye on the Crockpot.

Cheer your team to a victory over a plate of these irresistible buffalo wings. Grab some rancho and blue cheese as they are definitely spicy!

Crockpot buffalo chicken wings Buffalo

chicken wings


known for their delicious and juicy meat that is fried until crispy and then topped with hot sauce


You can’t argue that they’re delicious, but they can take a while to make, especially if you’re hoping to cook them for a crowd.

This recipe maintains the buffalo flavor you know and love, but simplifies the cooking process. This way, you’ll get your favorite food and still have time to socialize.

With garlic powder, onion salt, and a high-quality hot sauce, these wings taste out of this world!

Enjoy restaurant-quality wings in the comfort of your home.


Hot pepper sauce: The backbone of the flavor of this entire recipe is in the red pepper sauce. Make sure you choose a strong brand like Frank’s Hot Sauce. The whole dish depends on it!

Butter: Every good recipe requires at least one stick of butter, and this sauce complies with regulations. Cover your wings with buttery goodness with this recipe!

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Worcestershire Sauce: A little goes a long way with this ingredient! It may not be much, but it has a huge impact on the taste of your wings.

Oregano: Add some sophistication to your sauce with a touch of oregano. The spice adds depth to a traditional buffalo sauce.

Onion powder: These salty wings swim in salty flavors. Get the taste of the onion without the pieces of the vegetable. Onion powder is the perfect way to season mild sauces.

Garlic powder

: On the same note, garlic powder is the perfect way to add flavor to a sauce without interrupting its smooth texture. Enjoy the flavors of garlic, without the texture of garlic cloves or chopped garlic swimming around your wings.

Chicken wing sections

: This one may be a bit obvious, but you can’t have wingless slow-pot buffalo wings. You can use fresh or frozen chicken wings in this recipe.

Tips for the best wings

This recipe can be

a bit salty, so be sure to use the unsalted version of many of the ingredients, especially butter!

You can also opt for low-sodium options of Worcestershire sauce to further reduce salt


While you can use fresh or frozen wings in this recipe, Fresh is always better. You’ll get a better taste from a fresh wing than a frozen one.

If you can only find whole chicken wings, cut them into pieces with a sharp knife to separate the wing parts in the joint.

You’ll also want to remove the tip of the wing.

While cooking wings, you’ll want to make sure the chicken wing reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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When checking the temperature of the wings, make sure you are measuring from the center of the thickest past.

These areas will cook more slowly than the thinner parts of the wings.

Homemade buffalo chicken wings

What to serve with slow cooker wings Combinations are unnecessary when it comes to

serving these slow cooker wings

. I always recommend some fresh slices of carrot and celery.

Vegetables help cool your mouth while you eat spicy wings. You can also try some homemade coleslaw!

You can’t forget the dip! These wings are delicious dipped in ranchero dressing or blue cheese. You can also make your own sauce by adding seasonings to mayonnaise.

If you fancy frying, homemade fries would be the perfect pairing for a plate of slow cooker wings.

These wings could also benefit from being combined with a serving of good comfort food. Make this a meal with a tablespoon of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

You can also pair these wings with any type of potato. We mentioned fried and mashed, but baked is another good option!

The subtle starch of the potato takes on whatever flavor you combine it with.

Variations for Crockpot Buffalo chicken wings

The possible variations are endless! Just like every wing restaurant has a variety of choices, so does the home cook!

Change the

homemade buffalo sauce for a delicious barbecue sauce. Or, grab a jar of chili sauce for a sweet Thai version of this recipe.

If you’re cooking for kids, you can choose a much milder hot sauce for their delicate popsicles. That way it won’t be too spicy.

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For a more adventurous recipe, you can try covering the wings with honey and garlic butter for a sweet and savory combination.

These chicken wings are so good, you could even enjoy them simple! Crispy skin and juicy flesh are satisfying on their own.

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Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Wings

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