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Buttermilk coleslaw cooks illustrated recipe

Learn how to make an easy classic whey salad that’s perfectly creamy, but nothing soggy or watery.—A perfect side dish for any barbecue! Feel free to throw your favorite mixes into this adaptable coleslaw!

Classic whey coleslaw |

I like a hot dog with my salad. I’m a total salad guy. LOVE things and I can’t get enough.

Good classics like whey salad are timeless and never fade. Ain’t nothin’ says summer is better than a hot dog or burger generously topped with a large portion of creamy salad.

Preferably homemade salad that is sour, creamy and just feel-good summer food.

The classics are really the best, aren’t they? 🙂

Classic whey coleslaw |

I’m not too much of a fan of those colesaws that are super soaked and watery. Blechh… I prefer to eat spinach for breakfast.

Don’t you hate it when you’re at an outdoor meal and you’re going to put coleslaw on the side next to your burger and it’s so watery that it wets and soaks your bun? It’s one of my biggest annoyances, so I set out to change that.

This coleslaw is moist and creamy, but not at all soggy and watery. How do we achieve this? There’s a little nerdy scientific trick behind it, so read on.

Classic whey coleslaw |

Most of the coleslaw recipes I found called for simply throwing away shredded cabbage with grated carrots and a basic mayonnaise dressing. Well, I tried this method and came out with soaked, wet, wet coleslaw that practically went straight to the trash.

then… I was rereading some of my old Cooks Illustrated magazines and came across a perfect recipe for NOT soaked whey coleslaw.

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pretty much quit what I was doing right there and went out to buy a cabbage to try this new method of coleslaw.

Aaaaay… Success! Good ‘ol Cooks Illustrated to the rescue.

Classic whey coleslaw |

So here’s the secret: salting

. Once your cabbage is

grated, you will put it in a strainer over a bowl, mix it with 1 teaspoon of salt, and then let it sit at room temperature for at least 1 hour, or until the cabbage is slightly wilted. (I let mine settle for 2 hours just to be sure) Then, you will rinse the cabbage well and gently dry it with paper towels.

So why are we doing this? Simply because, salting the cabbage and letting it drain, will encourage the extra moisture in the cabbage to drain, resulting in a crispy, creamy coleslaw that is not wet or soaked.

The dressing for this coleslaw is quite simple: a little mayonnaise, sour cream, buttermilk, mustard and some spices are stirred to perfection soft and creamy….

Classic whey coleslaw |

It’s time to dress it up folks. Mix that beautiful soaked cabbage without soaking with some grated carrots, green onions, chopped parsley and then pour your buttermilk dressing over it all.

Then faceplant in the bowl.

Classic Whey Cabbage Salad |

Or at least TRY to be semi-civilized and just stack a bunch on top of your hot dog. 😉

Feel free to throw your favorite add-ons to this coleslaw! My favorite mixes include chopped apples, diced pineapple, roasted nuts, dried fruits, etc. Whatever you fancy, really!

It is more than appropriate for ANY outdoor meal or summer picnic. This coleslaw just screams NOSTALGIA!

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Classic Whey Cabbage Salad |

Creamy, sweet and spicy, and simply comforting, this coleslaw is just one of those recipes you’ll always come back to. 😉

You’ll love my other summer favorites!

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