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Campfire pie cooker recipes

Video Campfire pie cooker recipes

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is a great way to

spend time with family or friends, and camping cake boards are an easy way to cook delicious camping meals. And while a camping trip may not seem complete without some S’mores or hot dogs cooked over an open fire, these easy recipes for ironing camping cake are a great way to simplify your campfire kitchen. Here are 30 incredibly easy iron cake recipes for camping!

We’ve shared many ways to facilitate your camping meals,

with uncooked camp meal ideas, aluminum pack recipes, camping food, and Dutch oven recipes, but if you’re looking to mix your camp recipes further, a cake griddle is essential to camp cooking that you’ll love!

Camping kitchen with a cake griddle

What is a cake griddle


A cake griddle, or camp kitchen, is a simple cookware designed to cook directly over a campfire.

It has two hollowed-out molten metal cooktops attached together, with long metal rods attached and a wooden handle so you can hold it securely without burning your hands as warm flames lick them from below.

Camping kitchens are remarkably durable and sturdy, making them perfect for camping! And they’re not just for baking cakes either!

If you’ve never heard of a cake flat board before, you may have heard it referred to as a jaffle machine or Pudgie cake machine, a camping kitchen, a mountain cake maker, or a toasted griddle.

What is the best camping plank?

The best camping planks depend on what you’re looking for. Some campers may prefer a nonstick iron that makes cleaning easier, while others will want to find the cheapest cake iron possible.

There are many different types available in the market, and each claims to have something special that they do better than the others

. Campfire cake irons,

which are usually made of cast iron or aluminum, come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on preference.

Aluminum cake plates can warp if they’re too close to embers, but they’re lightweight and easy to hold over campfires, just don’t hold them too close! A cast iron iron is much stronger, although it is heavier.

A square iron design for cakes is great for sandwiches and tends to be popular due to its large cooking area, while round designs can seal more flavor by crimping bread around its edges.

A double cake griddle is a great option if you have a larger group and want to cook faster, or by having 2 or more cake griddles that you can use at the same time.

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Regardless of your budget or cooking preferences, there is a perfect griddle for you! Here are some options for choosing the best cake griddle:

How to cook with

a camping cake griddle

Using a cake griddle while camping couldn’t be easier! It is a great tool to have in your camp essentials for cooking. Although it may take a couple of practices before you make it perfect!

By saying that, there are no two

cooking times over the campfire or the fire pit will be the same, since no two campfires are the same


The best thing about a cake iron is that you can take a look by opening the camping iron and checking the progress.

Easy Camping Pie Iron Recipes

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“iron cake recipes for camping” />

These easy mountain camping cake recipes are the perfect meals to add to your camping meal plan, with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and quick desserts to prepare and cook that the whole family can enjoy.

One of the

best things about cooking with iron for cakes is that you can put almost anything between two slices of bread, with the limit being just your imagination (and taste buds).

This makes cake boards also an excellent option for reusing leftovers.

Last night’s hearty beef stew

makes for today’s delicious beef stew jaffle or canned baked beans can be made into simple snack food in the form of camp tramp cake


Taco meat, spaghetti, casserole: anything goes with a camp kitchen!

But if you need even more inspiration, Here are some delicious classic iron cake recipes and plenty of modern touches to add to your camp’s food menu


Pie Iron

Breakfast Ideas

These iron cake breakfast ideas are perfect for camping with the family, with simple single-serving breakfasts to start the day before you start your adventures:

<img src="" alt=

“French toast iron cake” />French toast – The delicious French iron toast recipe for

cakes is a great fun way to make French toast for the family over the campfire, and with a double cake griddle makes cooking this breakfast a favorite twice as fast.

Hashbrowns – Who doesn’t love hashbrowns for breakfast? These hashbrowns filled with avocado, tomato and cheese are a hearty breakfast to start the day full of energy.

Pie Iron Breakfast Wrap – This breakfast wrap provides you with an easy-to-prepare and delicious portable snack that will delight your taste buds while taking care of your morning hunger! All you need are tortillas and your favorite fillings. Bacon, eggs, you name it. You can also do the same with bread to make your own breakfast sandwiches.

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For more breakfast ideas, check out these easy breakfast recipes

for camping. Pie Iron Dinner and


Recipe Ideas

Try some of these main iron cake camping meals, with quick and easy dinners and lunches over the campfire:

iron pizza pockets for cakesIron pizza pockets for

cakes – A personal pizza in a handy little pocket, these iron campfire pizza pockets represent everything there is to love about camp cooking. They’re quick, easy and a lot of fun to do! Crispy crusts with melted mozzarella cheese and any ingredient you want are cooked in your easy-to-use camp kitchen.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Garlic – Add a touch of garlic bread to your grilled cheese sandwich. Save time by making garlic butter ahead of time for a quick dinner idea full of delicious flavor.

Chicken Pot Pies – Everyone loves pot pie. It’s so cosy and warm, a perfect dish for a cold day on site! This great recipe is easy to make too much

Sloppy Joes – what could be better than sloppy joes? The answer is careless iron cake joes. They’re a perfect hearty meal for camping because not only are they easy, but they’re also inexpensive to put together and most of the ingredients can be prepared before your trip, so it’s just the simple task of gathering them at camp before cooking them.

Pepperoni Grilled Cheese Toastie – This pepperoni grilled cheese recipe allows you to enjoy that campfire flavor and take care of your pizza craving without the fuss. Avoid soggy dinner by serving the pizza sauce on the side as dipping sauce


Pie Iron Baked Bean & Cheese Toasties – Baked beans are a camp staple, but mix those canned beans into a baked bean and cheese toast that’s great for a winter lunch or campfire dinners. It even works for breakfast!

Garlic bread – Who doesn’t love garlic bread? This separate garlic bread is made with flaky rolls and homemade garlic butter.

Campfire Pie Maker Fajitas: This easy-pocket recipe for tortillas with the tasty flavors of steak, peppers, and melted cheese is perfect for cooking campfires.

For more pie dinner ideas, try adding your favorite fillings with a slice of bread on each side, such as salty fillings from a can, cake filling, salted minced meat or leftover taco meat, pepperoni or salami slices with cheese or leftover cooked meat pieces. So many options!

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Recipes for iron desserts for cakes Don’t

forget dessert! These easy iron pie recipes are perfect for tasty camping desserts when camping, so you can enjoy sweets while breathing in the fresh air outdoors during your next camping trip:

pastel iron muffinscampfire muffins

– The cake griddle is a great way to cook muffins without the need for refrigerated ingredients. It’s also an easy and fun activity for families to bake a fun gift to enjoy during the day, although they need to be done individually, so it might be a good idea to have 2 cake plates to speed up the process.

Cherry Pie – Iron cherry cake is a simple yet delicious dish to make while camping. It has easy steps and tips for the perfect crust so you can enjoy this sweet at any time of the year! If you live outside the United States, you can recreate a similar dough with this recipe.

Camp Cooker Cinamon Rolls – These iron cake cinnamon rolls are sure to be a camping hit with the whole family. Using a camp kitchen to make these buns is great because it’s so simple that kids can help you make it.


Iron Apple Pie – No winter camp trip is complete without a campfire apple pie for dessert! This simple iron alternative for cakes couldn’t be easier, with apples and spices between two pieces of bread.

Camp Cooker Cookies – Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies while camping? Yes, please! Make two large cookies at once using your open griddle over the coals. In about 12 minutes you will have hot cookies with melted chocolate chips to enjoy while baking the next batch.

Mutter Butters – This iron cake dessert brings your favorite flavors of S’mores with pockets of peanut roasted peanut butter and banana slices for a sweet everyone will love


Cake boards are a great camping tool because they are easy to use and allow you to cook with the campfire. They allow you to carry some of your favorite recipes on the go without worrying about carrying heavy equipment to cook over the coals. Plus, there’s nothing like enjoying a quick and easy meal while sitting by the fire!

These easy grilled camping cake recipes are the perfect way to start cooking delicious meals and snacks, from breakfast to dinner to dessert!

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