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Chicken fajita pressure cooker recipe

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love making meals from a pot. The less you have to clean, the better. And these Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas do not disappoint in that aspect.

Creating recipes that can be cooked in a pot, or even better, in my trusty Instant Pot is totally my jam.

This Instant Pot

Fajita chicken recipe is one to add to your Dump and Start Instant Pot collection. It’s so simple to do. Just cut everything, dump it into the Instant Pot, press start and you’re done. Yes, peeps, they’re that easy!

If you’re looking for a frugal meal that can easily double or triple, these Fajitas Instant Pot are the only one.

Instant Pot chicken fajitas are the kind of quick, easy food that’s perfect for feeding a crowd.

Plus, it’s a great excuse for you to make some Instant Pot Steak Fajitas, Instant Pot Chicken Breast or this super easy Instant Instant Mexican Rice and Chicken Tortilla Soup.


Just what to do for a family or company picnic, a birthday party, a Cinco de Mayo party or a QuinceaƱera celebration


Instant Pot image Quick Start Guide

Tools Needed

  • An awesome Instant Pot
  • .

  • The best Instant Pot accessories
  • .

  • A sharp knife.
  • cutting board.
  • Practical measuring cups and spoons.
  • A slow cooker if you want to cook it slowly.
  • The best sea salt flakes.
  • Meal preparation containers to store leftovers.

So, are you ready to learn how easy it is to make instant chicken fajitas? Gather your ingredients and I’ll show you how simple it is to create this frugal dump and start the meal…

How to Make Chicken Fajitas Instant Pot

Add the chicken

  1. breasts and 1 cup of chicken broth to the instant pot and sprinkle with taco seasoning and garlic. Add
  2. the

  3. sliced peppers and onions on top of the chicken, try to distribute them in an even layer
  4. .

  5. Attach the cap, lock and turn the valve to the sealed position
  6. .

  7. Set to Manual / High pressure for 7 minutes.
  8. When the cooking time is complete, allow a natural pressure release of 5 minutes. Then perform a quick pressure release to allow the remaining steam to escape.
  9. Open the lid and remove the peppers and onions. Place on a shallow plate.
  10. Remove the chicken, place it on a cutting board and crumble.
  11. Squeeze some lime into your pressure cooker chicken fajitas and garnish with parsley.
  12. Serve with tortillas and your choice of ingredients. Enjoy! Image collage showing the steps to make instant pot chicken fajitasMake fajitas
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chicken Crockpot

No Instant Pot? No problem! You can make these chicken fajitas using your slow cooker instead. Here’s how:

  1. Add all the ingredients to your slow cooker, plus 1 cup diced tomatoes
  2. .

  3. Place the lid and cook for 3-4 hours (I recommend 3 1/2 hours) over high heat, or 6-7 hours over low heat
  4. .

  5. Remove the chicken from the slow cooker and crumble. Serve the shredded chicken with peppers, onions and tortillas. Image collage showing the steps to make slow cooker chicken fajitas

Recipe tips

  • The cooking time does not include the time needed for the instant cooker to reach pressure or for the pressure to be released.
  • If you’re looking to make shredded chicken fajitas in Instant Pot, you may want to add a few extra minutes of cooking time to make them a little more tender and easy to crush. Keep in mind that this can cook your vegetables longer and make them soft and crumble.

In addition to even more tips……

  • If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers from this Chicken Fajita Instant Pot recipe, you can use it as a base for meal preparation. Add to sandwiches and rice or pasta dishes throughout the week.
  • Thinly sliced chicken breasts work better for this Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas recipe than thicker cuts.

Chef’s tip: It’s important that you DO NOT skip chicken broth if you’re afraid your chicken and veggies will become too brothy. You need to have some liquid (broth or water) in the Instant Pot so that it can reach the pressure. To prevent your chicken from soaking, place a trivet in the Instant Pot insert and then place your chicken and veggies on top of that.

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Prepare in advance

, freezer preparation and storage

Freezer preparation for raw mix: just cut everything, making sure to cut your vegetables into thicker strips. Then place the ingredients in glass meal preparation containers or freezer-safe plastic storage bags and store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

To cook your frozen Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas, simply pour the mixture into the Instant Pot and cook following the instructions above. Remember that when cooking frozen, be sure to add an extra 5 minutes to the total cooking time.

  • Storage – Store cooked fajita mixture in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days
  • .

  • Froze: Let the cooked chicken fajitas mixture cool, then freeze it in meal preparation containers or flat ziploc bags with all air removed and freeze for up to 3 months.

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Can frozen chicken be used in instant pot chicken fajitas?

If you are preparing meals and just want to use frozen chicken for your Pressure Chicken Fajitas, you absolutely can. All you have to do is add the frozen chicken and vegetables to your Instant Pot and cook for an extra 5 minutes.

If you have fresh chicken that you want to freeze and use for this Chicken Fajitas Instant Pot recipe later, I recommend cutting it into strips first and then freezing it for use.

Would you rather make chicken fajitas in strips?

You absolutely can. What you would have to do is cut your chicken into thin strips and cut your peppers and onion into larger strips. The reason why you cut vegetables into large strips is so that they do not become soft and soft when cooked.

Then you would cook your fajitas for 4-5 minutes in the pressure cooker. I suggest cooking them for 4 minutes the first time and see how you like them. And add another minute if you prefer.

Can you eat these if you don’t have gluten?

absolutely. This recipe is gluten-free, as long as you make sure to use gluten-free tortillas. Check your grocery store or local market, as there are plenty of options available.

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Ingredients of Fajitas Instant Pot

Since this Chicken Fajitas Instant Pot recipe is so easy to prepare, you’ll have plenty of time to get your ingredients out and set the table while Instant Pot does the work for you.

Here are some totally tasty topping suggestions for you to


  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • avocado slices

  • sour
  • cream diced Freshly made

  • lime
  • Pico de gallo
  • Mexican Rice
  • Quinoa

Corn Fajita Seasoning

While you can use store-bought fajitas seasoning, feel free to prepare a batch of this homemade seasoning


To make seasoned fajitas yourself, you’ll need a selection of ingredients from the store cupboard, such as paprika, ground cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, dried oregano, and salt. Head over to my easy fajitas seasoning recipe for all the tips on how to make your own.


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Weight Watchers Points

If served without tortillas, one serving contains only 1 Blue Plan SmartPoint

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pot chicken fajitas


. And please come visit me again as I continue to cut, dice and dream up affordable Air Freiner recipes, instant pot recipes, southern recipes and more. Thank you for supporting Recipes from a Pantry, food blog.

Originally published September 2019. Updated January 2021.

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