Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings {Super Easy!}

Chicken n dumplings recipe slow cooker

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings – An easy take on the classic homemade food that simmers all day in the cooking pot. You’ll love this simple and delicious recipe!

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bowl of chicken and meatballs.” />

Chicken and meatballs have to be the epitome of comfort food


And when you want a bowl full of homemade goodness, but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen preparing it, Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings is the way to go.

a spoonful with chicken and dumplings from a bowl.

As much as I love picking up delicious spoonfuls now, Chicken and Dumplings was never really a meal we ate growing up


My mother is a good cook, but there are only a few select meals I can remember she prepared. I think part of that comes from her trying to keep things as simple as possible while raising four kids!

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chicken and meatballs.” />

The first place I discovered my love for chicken and meatballs was actually in Cracker Barrel. The delicious dumplings and sauce… SWOON!

A bowl of chicken and dumplings.

Now, I love making this easy version of Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings at home. The dumplings are actually made from prepared cookie dough, and let me tell you: they’re SO good! It’s hard to stop at a single bowl!

Ingredients for slow cooker Chicken and meatballs


  • breasts (or thighs)unsalted butter
  • onion
  • dried parsley
  • salt salt

  • garlic powder
  • poultry

  • seasoning
  • chicken

  • broth
  • canned chicken soup cream
  • , regular-sized
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whey crackers ingredients in bowls and chicken on a cutting board.

How to Make Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings –

Step by Step

Step 1: Add ingredients to crockpot To

get started, simply add some chicken,

A chopped onion, spices, some butter, chicken broth and some chicken soup cream in the bowl of your slow cooker. Simmer it all for 6-8 hours, or high for 4-5 hours.

onions, soup and chicken in a cooking pot.


2: Crush

the chicken

After letting everything cook for at least 4 hours at high heat or 6 hours at low temperature, remove the lid and use a fork to break the chicken, stirring everything well.

Step 3: Add the cookies

Chop some refrigerated cookies into quarter-sized pieces and add to the slow cooker. Push them down so they absorb the sauce as they cook.

Step 4: Cook for 1 more hour

I also like to pick up some of the sauce from the cooking pot and pour it over it. Put the lid back on and cook your slow-cooker chicken and dumplings for 1 more hour over high heat.

a spoon holding chicken and dumplings from a bowl.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings – Tips & Notes

Chicken Soup Cream

  • : I LOVE using the chicken cream soup made by Pacific Foods. It’s organic, tastes good, and every ingredient is recognizable, which makes me feel much better when using it. It comes in a box instead of a can and can be found in the soup aisle.
  • Cook cookies for at least an hour. All slow cookers cook differently, so your cookies may require more time. Mine are made after an hour high, but yours may need to cook a little more.
  • Avoid using flaky cookies or Grands style. I recommend using REGULAR size whey cookies. Other types of cookies are not always cooked correctly. Most store brands will carry a regular-sized canned cookie. If you can only find cookies the size of Grands, cut them into smaller pieces and use around 4-5 cookies in total.
  • Add some vegetables. A small bag of frozen vegetables can be added to the slow cooker when you crush the chicken, just before adding the cookie dough on top.
  • Storage of leftovers: Any slow-cooking chicken and leftover dumplings can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.
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A bowl of chicken and meatballs.


A bowl of chicken and meatballs.

If you try this recipe, leave a comment and rating below. I love hearing from you and I always appreciate your feedback!

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