Low-Carb and Keto Instant Pot Dinners with Chicken

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Here are 20 amazing low-carb dinners and Keto Instant Pot with chicken for every Instant Pot fan who is taking care of their carbs.

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know many of the people who follow this site are watching their carbs, and isn’t chicken what families eat for more than anything else? So today I’m updating this collection of amazing Low carb dinners and Keto Instant Pot with chicken! Be sure to scroll down past the photos for ten more low-carb chicken dinner ideas, for a total of 20 amazing chicken dinners. And enjoy your low-carb chicken dinners!

What kind of chicken recipes will you find here?

Here are chicken dinners that the whole family will enjoy, including recipes with interesting international flavors. You’ll find bowl meals, Asian chicken, Mexican-flavored chicken, Greek chicken, lemon chicken and many more. Sometimes you’ll want to use cauliflower rice or eat the meal with low-carb tortillas (or lettuce wraps) to make a low-carb dinner!

How do you get the full recipe?

Just click on any recipe title to see the full recipe on the original blog. All photos are copyrighted by the site that posted the recipe.


low-carb dinners at the Instant Pot:

For more options for low-carb dinners in the Instant Pot, check out Low-carb Instant Dinners with Ground Beef, Low-Carb Instant Dinners with Pork, or 50 Amazing Low-Carb

Instant Dinner Recipes <img src="" alt="Instant Pot Cauliflower Rice

Kalyn’s Greek Chicken Bowls” />

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These Kalyn’s Kitchen Instant Cauliflower Rice Greek Chicken Bowls are loaded with Greek flavors; use less tomato in Greek sauce if you want even fewer carbs!

This instant cashew chicken from Life Made Sweeter is made with a homemade sauce with instructions for making this low carb. You’ll love this being tastier and healthier than takeaway!

Kalyn's Instant Pot Chicken SauceInstant Pot Chicken Sauce


Kalyn’s Kitchen is a super popular slow cooker recipe that now has instructions for the instant cooker. What could be better than the tasty chicken with sauce and cheese!

BEST Low Carb Instant Pot Dinners with Slow Cooker Chicken or Pressure Cooker

Taste Belize Tonight with This Belizean Chicken Stew instant of I Breathe I’m Hungry. This staple of Belizean cuisine is infused with unique flavors and cooked quickly in the Instant Pot, the result is a juicy and tender chicken.

The BEST Low Carb Instant Cooker Dinners with Slow Cooker Chicken or Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot

Noshtastic’s Greek chicken tastes best if you can marinate the chicken for at least 4 hours before it enters the Instant Pot, so plan with Anticipation this!

<img src="" alt=

“Kalyn’s Green Chile Chicken Burrito Bowl” />

Made with cauliflower rice, this Green Chile Chicken Burrito Bowl from Kalyn’s Kitchen is perfect for keeping carbs in check and filling your craving with a burrito bowl. For green chili fans, this is a winner that everyone will love. The avocado sauce tops off this delicious dish perfectly!

The BEST low-carb instant cooker dinners with slow cooker chicken or pressure cooker in

Shredded Red Curry Chicken with Slaw (Instant Pot or Slow Cooker) from Perry’s Plate is a homemade flavor of Thai. It’s done in 30 minutes and looks so delicious!

<img src="" alt=

“Kalyn’s Instant Pot Greek Chicken Tacos” />

These instant pot Greek chicken tacos from Kalyn’s Kitchen are amazing and great for a weekday dinner. Greek flavors take a new spin when served as a taco, trust me your whole family will love this dish! And if you prefer, use low-carb tortillas for low-carb eaters and corn or flour tortillas for kids

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The BEST low-carb instant dinners with slow-cooker chicken or pressure cooker in

Instant Pot Lemon Chicken with Garlic from Life Made Sweeter looks amazing and sounds easy! And this cooks super fast!

The BEST low-carb instant dinners with slow cooker chicken or pressure cooker in

Crack Chicken-Instant Pot or Slow Cooker from Low-Carb with Jennifer is made with their spice blend, not the ranch dressing blend, and to me that’s a win! This simply delicious Crack Chicken is so easy to make whether you choose the Instant Pot or the slow cooker. Doesn’t it look delicious for tonight’s dinner?

More low-carb instant pot chicken dinners:

Green Chili Chicken Tacos from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Whole Chicken with Sauce Mom

Sugar-Free Mom Instant Chicken Marinade from Savory

Tooth Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowls from

Kalyn’s Kitchen Chicken

Fajitas Low-Carb Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Instant Pot

Chicken Thighs with Jennifer

Keto Chicken & Mushrooms from All Day I Dream About Food

Tender and juicy Diethood Instant


Breasts Spicy Shredded Chicken Tacos and Spicy Lettuce Wrap from Kalyn’s Kitchen

Creamy Garlic Chicken from Two Sleevers

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