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Chicken rice soup recipe slow cooker

overhead photo of a bowl of wild chicken rice soup with clay pot

I recently stopped by on a TikTok sharing a man’s point of view of coming home from work to see his wife with dinner ready and waiting in the clay pot. He quickly dropped to the ground and tried to crawl through the door.

I almost fell off my chair (many of the commenters didn’t, which I understand!) However, as a recipe maker, I really liked it because clay pot recipes CAN be a bit boring, boring, and soft with no texture or color.

Luckily, Crock Pot chicken and wild rice soup isn’t one of those recipes!

This nutritious, brothy and slow soup recipe tastes like something you’d get at a local deli or coffee shop. It’s full of colorful and healthy vegetables, bold herbs and seasonings, tender chicken, and chubby wild rice. This dish is as easy as it is worthy of 3 bowls!

clay pot chicken bowl and wild rice soup with a spon

See how!

Simple and cozy and comforting food

Not only is this chicken soup with wild rice one of my favorite cold weather recipes, but it’s also one of my favorite takeaway recipes for someone in need of a comfort meal . Whether they’re sick, just having a new baby, or any other reason in between, it’s true what they say: chicken soup feeds the soul!

That said, I usually ask the recipient if they want the soup to already cook slowly and deliver hot, OR as a meal kit so they can throw it into their own clay pot, OR as a freezer package so they can make the soup when it suits them. This recipe is super versatile and one of the favorites of the public. The taste and experience of eating is so welcoming!

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I love to always have the ingredients for the Crock Pot chicken and wild rice soup on hand. Here’s what you’ll


  • Chicken breasts: Trust me when I tell you that chicken breasts only need to be cooked slowly for 4 hours over low heat to make them juicy and tender. More time and you’ll end up with hard, dry chicken.
  • Vegetables: Onions or shallots, carrots and celery provide a nutrition boost.
  • Garlic: I can’t have chicken soup without it!
  • Dried herbs and seasonings: salt, pepper, dried thyme, dried ground sage, dried rosemary and bay leaves give this soup a cozy flavor.
  • Butter: This soup is low in fat, so a couple of pats of butter add flavor and a little richness.
  • Chicken broth or broth: You can use chicken broth or chicken broth

  • interchangeably in this recipe. Homemade instant pot chicken broth would be great!!
  • Wild Rice and Brown Rice Mix

  • : This recipe uses a blend of wild rice versus pure brown rice or pure wild rice. I’ll share the brand I recommend using below.

Can you freeze clay pot chicken and wild rice soup?

Crock Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is one of my favorite recipes for freezing before cooking. Add all the ingredients, except the broth, in a Ziplock freezer bag and then freeze it flat. 24 hours before cooking slowly, thaw the bag in the refrigerator, and then pour it into the clay pot. Add broth and press “on”, easy!

FYI: The USDA advises against cooking frozen chicken in slow cookers, so I thaw the freezer package before adding it to the clay pot.

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Another tip: I’ve had readers freeze the chicken bullion food kit, so all they have to do is add water when they pour the ingredients into the slow cooker, which I think is so brilliant!

woman holding a bowl of clay pot chicken wild rice soup

How to make this recipe

Step 1: Add the ingredients to the clay pot. I told you this was easy! 😉 Add all ingredients in a 6-quart clay pot, then stir, cover, and simmer for 4 hours.

Ingredients for clay pot chicken and wild rice soup in a clay pot

Step 2: Shred the chicken. Remove the cooked chicken from the clay pot with tongs, then crumble and stir again in the soup.

As I mentioned, I think a common misconception is that chicken breasts should be cooked slowly over many hours, but that’s not the case. It should be crushed with a fork faucet after only 4 hours in the slow cooker!

2 forks of chicken breasts shredded on a cutting board

My favorite rice to use

The brown rice and wild rice mix I recommend for the perfect bowl of Crock Pot Chicken & Wild Rice Soup is Lundberg Wild Blend rice. It cooks slowly in the same amount of time as chicken so that everything is perfectly cooked and done at the same time.

That said, if you use a different brand of rice, it might take longer to cook. If that’s the case, store the shredded chicken in the refrigerator until the rice is ready and then stir it just before serving.

bag of wild rice in front of a clay pot

How to store chicken soup and wild rice

This soup is fabulously reheated. Let it cool until the soup is almost room temperature, then place it in airtight containers and store it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Reheat in the microwave or in a pot on the stove. You may need to add an extra touch of chicken broth or broth when reheating.

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I find that cooked rice >

frozen > thawed > reheated does not hold up well, so I do not recommend freezing this soup recipe once it has been cooked.

<img src="" alt="Overhead photo of a bowl of clay pot chicken wild rice soup" />

Crock Pot Chicken & Wild Rice Soup is truly one of our family’s favorite foods. My kids and husband find it plentiful and comforting, and I love that it’s so, so easy to put together and cook (slowly). I usually serve with a salad or garlic butter bread and we go to the races. I hope you and yours like this easy clay pot soup recipe as much as we do, enjoy!

woman placing a bowl of clay pot chicken and wild rice soup on a counter


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