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Chicken soup in pressure cooker recipe

Video Chicken soup in pressure cooker recipe

This Italian chicken soup made with a whole chicken has an incredible depth of flavor, is filling and healthy and will soon become a family favorite. An excellent recipe for those new to pressure cooking!

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If you’re reading this pressure cooker

Italian chicken soup recipe, chances are you’ll fall into one of the three camps. You’re

  1. a pressure cooker enthusiast and can’t figure out why everyone else isn’t!
  2. You just bought a pressure cooker. You’re a little intimidated by him and you’re not sure what to do with him.
  3. You’re here trying to figure out what all this fuss is about.

I fall into the second camp. I gave myself a pressure cooker just before Christmas and then left it, in its box, on my kitchen floor, slightly terrified to open the box and have to use it.

If you, like me, are a total novice to pressure cooking, here are a few things to get out of the way first. Pressure cooking has been around for decades.

My mother had a stove version that she used to make soups mainly. It was very loud and a little scary and I remember being told to stay away from it!

Make this Italian chicken soup Instant Pot and freeze it, in portions, to see you during the week

Modern electric pressure cookers are miles away from the old versions. They are multiple pots, capable of sautéing, slow cooking, pressure cooking, making rice and even yogurt. That’s right, they’re practically magical!

Pressure cooking cooks food at a

lower temperature but at a higher pressure, allowing food to cook very quickly

. You can make a

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risotto in 6 minutes, plus a little time sautéing, without having to stand and stir for years


You can cook dried legumes and make shredded pork and amazing bone broth easily.

For this Italian chicken soup, a whole chicken is cooked with some chopped vegetables for 25 minutes.

When you’re done cooking, you’ll have a drop of bone-in chicken and an intensely delicious chicken broth.

A bowl of comforting and healthy Italian chicken soup made in an instant pot

Then the chicken is shredded, the broth is strained and everything is returned to the pressure cooker to cook for a couple more minutes with many herbs, some chopped fresh tomatoes and pasta

Orzo (or risoni). Cooking pasta in a pressure cooker is very quick, however, it is likely to overcook and absorb too much water.

To avoid that, you can stir the cooked pasta on the stove once the soup is ready. Or you can cook it in the pressure cooker and then manually release the pressure to prevent overcooking.

How to make Italian chicken soup in a pressure cooker (instant cooker)

Pressure cooking: manual VS

natural release Manual release

(or quick release) and natural release is the only element of pressure cooking that is important to master.

At first I was too shy to release the pressure manually and left the pressure cooker to release the steam naturally, this can take between 10 and 30 minutes.

All that “

manual release” means is that you turn the steam valve to its “vent” position by hand (note that it should always be set to seal or lock when cooking, otherwise the pressure cannot increase).

You need to be careful to keep your hand out of the way of the steam, turning the valve from the side or using a wooden spoon to turn it.

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In total, it’s not scary at all, and it doesn’t make the intense hiss that my mother’s pressure cooker used to emit!

Pay attention to whether a specific recipe for manual or natural release can make a difference!

In the case of this soup, you can let the machine loosen naturally if you have not added the paste: check that the pressure valve has lowered to see if it is ready.

Or you can let it release naturally for 20 minutes, set a timer once the machine beeps, and then release it manually. Since there is a lot of liquid, there will also be a lot of steam.

Italian chicken soup finished in the Instant Pot: hearty and healthy and completely delicious

This recipe makes enough Italian chicken soup to serve six generously: I portioned mine and froze it, which was the best of them all.

Now I’m planning to make a big batch of this soup most weekends to see myself during the week. Try it, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

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Instant Pot Italian Chicken Soup + 23 Comfort Soup Recipes

This pressure cooker Italian chicken soup has an incredible depth of flavor, is plentiful and healthy and will soon be It will become one of the favorites of the family. An excellent recipe for those new to pressure cooking!

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