Keto Slow Cooker Chicken With Creamy Tomato & Spinach Sauce

Chicken spinach slow cooker recipe

This slow-cooked keto chicken with creamy tomato and spinach sauce is full of flavor and is an easy weekday dinner. The rich, creamy sauce is perfect with fresh spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and 1 serving of this recipe has only 3.3g of net carbs.

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Well, it’s time to

go back to school and I keep imagining that old commercial where mom and dad are pushing a cart buying school supplies and singing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” That always made me laugh, although I really enjoyed having my son home this summer.

Anyway, today we are celebrating back-to-school dinners at Sunday dinner and I have been longing for this slow cooker keto chicken with creamy tomato spinach dish. It is rich and creamy and full of spinach.

You can eat it over pasta, zucchini noodles or as is. Make sure you do a lot because it’s going fast!

Aerial view of a large bowl and a small white plate with a creamy chicken dish with spinach

Recipe ingredients


The ingredients I used in this keto slow cooker recipe were boneless chicken breasts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, broth, garlic, Italian seasonings, cream cheese, and asiago cheese.


wanted to have that spinach and cheese texture, so I added the spinach at the end so it wouldn’t shrink too much. Sun-dried tomatoes and cheese really added flavor to the creamy sauce.

Let’s make some Keto Slow Cooker chicken!

First add the

  1. broth, garlic, tomatoes and Italian seasoning to the slow cooker and bata to combine
  2. . Place the chicken

  3. breasts on top and cook over high heat for 3 1/2 hours
  4. .

  5. Take out the chicken and add the cream cheese and grated Asiago cheese. Put on the lid and let cook for 5 minutes and then beat to combine and make the creamy sauce.
  6. Next, add the

  7. spinach, mix, cover and cook for 10
  8. minutes.

  9. Now you can add the chicken back to the pot and heat for a few minutes. Or you can simply place in a dish and pour the creamy spinach and sauce on top.
  10. Serve over zucchini noodles for a low-carb dinner or pasta if it’s not low carb.
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collage of steps to make the creamy chicken recipe

As you can see below, I ate mine about zucchini noodles. Using this handy dandy cooking tool, I quickly made zucchini noodles. This is the perfect dish for vegetarian noodles, as there is a lot of flavor in the sauce.

close-up of a white plate with zucchini and creamy chicken noodles and spinach on top

Of course, my husband and son ate this with pasta. By the way, it also tastes great on its own without a side dish.

Recipe Notes and Tips

  • I made this recipe using the high setting on my slow cooker. It took less than 4 hours from start to finish.
  • Try to beat the cream cheese and asiago cheese as best you can when you add it towards the end. If you want to keep it in slow cooker for longer to melt the cheese, that’s fine.
  • I

  • added the spinach towards the end because I wanted them to be bulkier. If you want you can add it at the beginning. It may shrink quite a bit, but it should be fine.

I hope you like this rich and creamy slow cooking keto chicken dish. My family really enjoyed it.

The nutrition information for 1 serving without any noodles is: 353 cals / 18.9g fat / 4.7g carbohydrates / 1.4g fiber / 41.4g protein / 3.3g net carbs


aerial view of a large bowl and a white plate with a creamy chicken plate with spinach with text

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