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Slow Cooked Chicken Italian is a fabulously delicious recipe that’s perfect for days when you don’t have time to cook. Just throw away the ingredients and go!

Today I am sharing my updated and improved slow cooked chicken Italian that I first shared in July 2014. Having done this so often since I posted it, I thought I’d take some better pictures and add the olives I had mentioned before, but which weren’t officially part of the recipe!

Not only is this recipe so easy, just throw and go, but it’s also low in fat, making it ideal for those following a Weight Watchers or Slimming World diet. So let’s go back to the original post and keep in mind that where I say my daughter’s vision of chicken thighs is a work in progress, well, she’s vegetarian now (the writing was really on the wall)!

<img src="" alt="All Italian chicken ingredients simmered

in a slow cooker.” />

The longer you own a computer, the better your understanding of it will grow and that’s very true in my slow cooker.

For a long time I took as gospel that I had to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about only putting liquids and hot foods in my slow cooker and then when I started reading other blogs on the internet, I realized that this was not a fact written in stone.

In fact, all the preparation I was doing warming everything up beforehand was really taking away the idea that it was a labor-saving device.

Italian chicken simmered in a clay pot.

So last week I threw out my slow cooker instruction manual and decided to go all at once, good cold chicken to be precise! I had to seriously stop browning my chicken thighs and the idea of extra clothing was enough to stop me in my tracks.

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“It will be fine,” I said to myself, “everyone else is doing this, you’re a little slow to notice” and with that thought I laughed happily, I mean carefully placed all my ingredients in the slow cooker and turned it on.

Italian simmered chicken in a clay pot.

Six hours later my family asked me what the lovely smell was, to which I replied “Italian simmered chicken”! I would say that if you don’t have any of the particular vegetables I used, just improvise with a suitable alternative, for example, zucchini, eggplant, green olives, etc., you could even add another colored pepper.


have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed this garbage food and food (with the exception of my daughter who doesn’t make chicken thighs, a work in progress) and I think it’s one you can play with to make the changes sound (thinking chili peppers now)!

Everyone reading

this is probably laughing that I’ve been so strict with my instruction manual, but I realize that the manufacturers probably didn’t want to be responsible for poisoning anyone in food, so they played it ultra safe, so sure I was taking the fun out of slow cooking if you ask me


Dump and Go recipes are the way to go!

Italian slow-cooked chicken in a clay pot.

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know you’ll love this recipe so leave a comment and rating below and if you’re on social media, tag @FabFood4All. I love seeing what you do with my recipes!

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