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Boiled carrots can taste amazing! Here’s how long to boil carrots and how to season them perfectly.

Boiled carrotsBoiled

vegetables do not have the reputation of being the tastiest of all garnishes. But guess what: here’s how to make the perfect boiled carrots! They have a sweet tender and salty taste: and if you boil them just the right amount of time, they are not soft at all. These buttery carrots are seasoned to perfection simply with butter and chives. Here we will show you how long to boil carrots and how to add the right seasoning to make a healthy and easy accompaniment!

How long to boil carrots? How

long to boil carrots?

The exact timing depends on the thickness of the carrots. Carrots cut into 1-4 inch slices take 4 to 5 minutes to cook until tender. You can cook them a little more if you prefer carrots that are even more tender. Just make sure you don’t boil them too long! Boil them for 10 minutes and the carrots will turn into porridge.

Here’s what you need to do to make these boiled carrots:

  • cut the carrots diagonally. We like this because it makes lovely oval shapes.
  • Add to boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes, then drain. Try often, because the exact moment depends on the thickness of your carrots.
  • season! See below for the best way to season boiled carrots.

More boiled vegetables? Try boiled Brussels sprouts, boiled red potatoes or boiled cabbage.

How long to boil carrots

Ingredients you need for boiled carrots You only need a handful of ingredients to make the perfect

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boiled carrots

! Here’s what you’ll need to season them perfectly


  • Carrots: The best carrots to use are large carrots: you can use the ones you find in large bags in the store. Long, thin bunches of carrots also work here: they can boil faster because they are even thinner. Rainbow carrots also look beautiful. What carrots to avoid? Baby carrots are not our favorites: their taste is too sweet.
  • Butter or olive oil: Either works! Use olive oil for vegan or dairy-free. But of course, butter adds a richer, tastier flavor to vegetables.
  • Salt and black pepper:

  • The right amount of salt and black pepper makes a big difference
  • . Chives

  • or other herbs: Chives are a natural pair with the sweet taste of carrots. You can use many other fresh herbs – see below for a list!
  • Maple syrup (optional): Do you like a little sweet in your carrots? Add a splash of maple syrup to bring out the natural sweetness.
<img src="" alt=

“boiled carrots” />More ways to season boiled carrots! Chives and butter are just an idea

of how to season boiled carrots!

There are many other seasoning mixtures you can use. Here are some fun options

: Greek seasoning

  • : This homemade Greek seasoning features oregano, dill, garlic powder, and onion powder — all flavors that fit well with
  • carrots.

  • Cumin and lime: Cumin is a member of the same plant family as carrots! Add a touch of ground cumin and a few splashes of lemon juice.
  • Ranch seasoning: Carrots and ranch are a natural pairing: so why not capitalize on it with boiled carrots? Add some homemade Ranch Seasoning smoothies or the simplified seasoning of these carrot fries.
  • Different fresh herbs:

  • Use another fresh herb mix – read on for our favorites!
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Fresh herbs

that pair with carrots

Fresh herbs are our best advice for dressing any recipe: including boiled carrots! If it’s summer, growing your own herbs makes them easy to access (see How to grow fresh herbs). Or go for some at the store: most fresh herbs are available at the supermarket year-round. Here are some ideas for more herbs that pair with carrots, outside of fresh chives


  • Thyme: Thyme pairs well with carrots (it’s one thing!), so this is our top pick for herbs
  • .

  • Basil: Basil works and adds a fresh, spicy tone
  • . Oregano:

  • Oregano is similar to thyme, and it also blends well with carrots.
  • Dill: Dill has a more distinctive flavor, but is often combined with carrots (since they are part of the same plant family).
How long to boil carrots

Are carrots healthy?

Drum roll… Yes! Bright orange carrots are packed with nutrients and are one of the best vegetables you can eat! Here are some of the main nutritional benefits of this root vegetable (source):

Low in calories

  • , high in fiber: One cup of chopped carrots has only 52 calories and 3.6 grams of fiber. (source)
  • Packed with vitamin A (beta-carotene): This root vegetable has 428% of its daily vitamin A in 1 cup! It is present as beta-carotene, an antioxidant that could help in the prevention of cancer. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.
  • High in vitamins C, K and potassium: They are also rich in these vitamins.
  • Potential benefits include lowering blood cholesterol, weight loss, and eye health. Read more here.

More carrot

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Full disclosure: Boiled carrots aren’t our favorite way to eat carrots, but boiling is a healthy choice that allows you to have more control over how many calories you add in seasoning. Here are some of our other favorite ways to eat carrots:

  • Make a batch of these tasty sautéed
  • carrots perfect Try glazed carrots with

  • sweet, silky honey
  • Mix a pot of carrot and

  • ginger
  • soup or a simple carrot soup

  • Roast them with thyme to make roasted carrots or roasted carrots and onions
  • Use your steam basket to cook
  • easy

  • steamed carrots Cut them into crispy and delicious
  • carrot

  • fries Mix with a spicy vinaigrette to make Simple Carrot Salad
Boiled carrotsThis boiled carrot

recipe is…

Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.


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