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Cooked chicken enchilada recipe

Ever need a quick and easy recipe with leftover chicken that everyone will love? This recipe for the easiest leftover chicken enchiladas is a real favorite in our house, ready in just 30 minutes with homemade or store-bought enchilada sauce and lots of melted Mexican cheese!

Whether it’s a Tuesday night of Mexican food or a fun Friday night meal… or a game day to gather friends and family, or if you just need a quick weekday dinner recipe… These chicken enchiladas are always a good choice.

Sometimes you just need easy and fast. And sometimes you need a recipe to use leftover chicken, beef or pork.

Yes, that’s right,

you can use any leftover protein that can be crushed in this recipe (perfect for when you’re trying to get over leftovers from your Thanksgiving turkey, or even a roast chicken on the weekend!)

This is one of my favorite recipes. And the family loves it (well, mine, so I think yours will too!) And I love it… Because my fingers don’t even get dirty the way they seem… Every Tuesday of tacos!

Do I need to make my own enchilada sauce?

If you have a favorite store-bought enchilada sauce, use it! But have you tried my homemade enchiladas sauce yet? It’s so easy to make, ready in just 10 minutes! You can even do it a day or two before to get ready if you know you’re going to have some chicken left over from another meal in the next week.

Can I make these enchiladas in advance?

Of course! If I know I’m going to be busy at dinner time, I put them together when I have time to roll tortillas. Simply assemble the dish as usual with the enchilada sauce and grated cheese before covering and transferring to the fridge. You should try to bake them within 24 hours.

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Can I leave out corn or cherry tomatoes?

You can happily skip corn if you don’t have any on hand, although canned and drained corn will also work instead of frozen. However, I think tomatoes are one of the things that really make this recipe, so I urge you to include them!

What if I don’t have enough chicken left over?

If you

don’t have 2 cups but still want to make this recipe, you can increase the mixture with canned and drained black beans.

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