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When I want something quick, cheap, and super tasty, I know I can’t go wrong with one of these delicious Mexican chicken recipes.

I have a deep love for carnitas and carne asada, along with almost any South of the Border recipe.

Mexican Burrito Chicken Bowl with Corn and Black Beans

But let’s be honest, we don’t always have time to cook a massive piece of meat for

hours on end, do we?

So when you can make delicious tacos, taquitos and enchiladas in less than an hour with a simple piece of chicken, why would you waste your time on anything else?

Each of these Mexican chicken recipes is simple, satisfying, and incredibly delicious!

1. Mexican Chicken Crockpot

This recipe is much more than shredded chicken


Thanks to chipotle peppers in adobo, it’s smoky, sweet and wonderfully spicy. Not to mention ridiculously juicy and tender.

Arabic numeral. Mexican chicken and rice

This is best done in a Dutch oven or in a thick-bottomed saucepan


The reason is that you’ll want to cook everything in the same pot so you can use all the juices for maximum flavor


In addition, you will also cook the rice in the pot, which means that you need heat evenly distributed


That said, you can always make the rice and chicken separately if that’s easier

. 3. Mexican Chicken


Many Mexican or Tex-Mex meals are full of tomatoes, which makes them fresh and sour


This recipe, on the other hand, is crazy-creamy and brimming with chicken flavor


You’ll use cream chicken soup and lots of cheese to make this, along with tomatoes and beans


4. Thin Mexican Chicken Pan

This is the perfect recipe if you want to enjoy Mexican flavors without overdoing it with cheese


Loaded with lean chicken breast, corn, and beans, it’s packed with color, excellent texture, and tons of flavor


5. Mexican Chicken and Beans

This recipe only calls for six ingredients (one of which is water), and I bet you have the rest ready to


Even if you don’t have any Mexicanrn, you can use regular quite easily. But of course, if you want it spicy, you’ll also need to add extra chili peppers.

6. Chicken


Since I was a kid, I haven’t been able to resist chicken enchiladas. To this day, I order them every time we go out to eat Mexican food.

Believe it or not, they are easy to recreate at home with this recipe.

Full of tender chicken, peppers and beans, the best part about this amazing dish is the tomato sauce and cheese on top.


Grilled Chicken

Street Tacos Street

tacos are essentially regular tacos; Only they are usually smaller

and therefore easier to grip and carry.

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Also, these are usually only filled with meat, fresh sauce, and onions, which makes them much lighter


Unlike other tacos, they’re not overloaded with guacamole, cheese, and sour cream


8. Chicken burritos

Remember that Mexican chicken you already made at the Crockpot? This is the ideal recipe to use!

Of course, you can also cook the chicken on the stove with lots of taco seasoning if you’re in a hurry.

9. Chimichangas Chicken

Chimichangas aren’t as prevalent as burritos, which is a real shame because I love their crunchy texture


In my opinion, when stuffing a burrito or chimichanga, you should use shredded chicken or chop it relatively small


That makes eating easier and ensures you’ll get a little bit of everything in every bite


10. Mexican Chicken Soup

If you have a cold or don’t feel well, you’ll need to try this fresh and spicy Mexican chicken soup


Bell peppers will help clear your airways, and I bet they’ll cheer you up in no time



. Mexican Mole Sauce Recipe

Mole is a traditional Mexican salsa that is a bit difficult to describe. It is wonderfully rich and smoky with hints of sweet and warm spices.

Some recipes contain chocolate, but not all. Either way, it cooks low and slow, so the ingredients have time to get married.

12. Chicken quesadillas

The perfect quesadilla should be full of filling (but not overflowing with), and it should be nice and crispy on the outside


This is a great little dish to make with your Taco Tuesday leftovers!

13. Chicken tamales with salsa verde

are one of the most authentic and traditional Mexican dinner recipes you’ll ever make


It’s the kind of food the whole family can help with, making the final dish even more special

. You’ll have to use dough flour

to make the dough, although cornmeal would work in a pinch. You could even use regular flour, but the taste won’t be the same.

14. Chicken Fajitas

I think fajitas are among the most famous and recognizable Mexican foods


Between colorful peppers and crispy onions, they are always a treat for the crowd


Instead of cooking chicken in strips, this recipe has you cook the breasts whole. That should help keep them juicy.

15. Mexican Chicken Empanadas

These little pastry pockets are fantastic for snacking and even as a light meal


Again, you can use Crockpot chicken or leftovers if you have them. If not, it’s just a matter of frying chicken with seasonings for tacos, beans and peppers.

16. Pan Chicken with Cheese Recipe

Although chicken and cheese may sound simple, this recipe is a bit more complicated


This is because the ‘cheese’ in the title actually refers to a type of hot cheese sauce

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That’s just incredibly delicious, but when you mix it into this rice dish, it’s out of this world!

17. Slow cooker Chicken Dip Cheese

Speaking of cheese sauce, you have to make this amazing recipe for your next party or gathering


Unlike regular cheese, this one is thick and loaded with chicken, beans, peppers, and tomatoes, making it even more filling and harder to resist


18. Chipotle Copycat Recipe Burrito

bowls are an amazing low-carb version of your favorite tortilla-wrapped food. You’ll get the same flavors without the added calories.

Rice and chicken will need to be cooked and served hot, but you can add the cold beans and corn if desired


19. Mexico-inspired grilled chicken


This salad is what I think every salad should aspire to be. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s full of bright and tasty ingredients.

You can barely see lettuce, but you’ll still know it’s healthy with tomatoes, corn, chicken, and beans


20. Crockpot Mexican Chicken Stew

The main difference between soup and stew is the thickness. Stews tend to be thicker, which often makes them more satisfying.

No matter what you call it, this recipe is everything you could want on a cold day.

Chicken thighs will make this tastier, but you can use chicken breast if that’s all you’ve got.

If you want to use chicken scraps, simply cut it and add it towards the end.

21. Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili Recipe Chicken

chili is as

decadent and dreamy as regular chili, but it’s a bit thinner and has a different texture


Instead of using ground beef, this recipe calls for shredded chicken, which I think works very well, if not better than beef.

The best part is that you will cook the chicken directly in the pot, so it will absorb all that lovely flavor and stay perfectly tender.

22. Chicken Taco Salad Recipe

The only time I order salad at a restaurant is when we go out for Tex-Mex. That’s because I know it will be big and beautiful.

Like the previous recipe, this salad is overloaded with delicious extras, including corn, cotija, and a simple sauce and sour cream dressing


But it’s also served with tortilla chips for a fabulous crunch


23. Pollo Asado (Mexican Roast Chicken)

You won’t be surprised to hear that to make this chicken sing, you’ll need to make a special marinade and let it soak for a few hours


Trust me when I say it’s worth it. Not only does it help tenderize meat, but it makes it incredibly juicy and tasty.

Seasoning is a crucial ingredient, which you should be able to find in most stores

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24. Fiesta Chicken Pasta Bake

You often won’t see pasta used in Mexican recipes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it


This dish is cheesy, spicy and would work well as a meal prepared for busy nights of the week


Modify it to your liking with added peppers or hot sauce


25. Mexican Stuffed Peppers

Since we eat with our eyes, these Mexican stuffed peppers should be the most appetizing on the


After all, it does not become more colorful than a batch of green, red and yellow peppers


I love this version of classic food because you’ll cut the peppers in half from top to bottom.

That gives you more room to add the filler, and it also makes it easier to nest them in cooking together.

26. Margarita Pollo

When you see ‘margarita’ next to a food, do you think of a cheese and tomato pizza or a fresh, fruity drink?

I certainly prefer the latter, and thankfully this recipe calls for citrus and tequila


That mixture gives you hints of the alcoholic beverage, but is balanced by the extra spices.

And don’t worry, alcohol is cooked in the oven, making it ideal for families.


. Chicken Taco Pizza

Chicken taco pizza is the kind of thing to make on a Friday night after a long week


It’s mischievous, indulgent, and definitely not something you want to share. So make sure you do a lot!

I enjoy the taste and texture of refried beans, but if you want to simplify this, just use prepared enchilada sauce as you would pizza sauce.

28. California Chicken Breakfast Burrito

Loaded with soft scrambled eggs, sticky melted cheese, and cute chicken chunks, this is my favorite way to start your day


I like to crush the avocado in the tortilla, so you get a little in every bite, and it’s even tastier with lots of hot sauce or jalapeƱos


29. Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

The corn soup is creamy, slightly sweet, and full of crunchy hints of sweet corn. It often has potatoes in the mix, and it’s dangerously delicious.

This Mexican touch also includes jalapeƱos, cumin and diced green chiles


Serve with Mexican cornbread, and your family will beg for a second serving


30. Grilled Chicken Chile Rellenos

If you like

stuffed peppers, I recommend you try this recipe

. Chile rellenos

is the traditional Mexican version of the stuffed peppers that most commonly calls poblanos


Poblanos are only slightly seasoned, but they give a little more flavor than regular peppers.

That said, you’ll also be using chipotle chili powder and serrano peppers for the filling, which will raise the heat a few solid notches.

Mexican chicken recipes

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