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Cooked mango salsa recipe

Fresh mango sauce in 20 minutes!

This mango sauce is a juicy, sweet and refreshing summer in a bowl! It’s made with ripe mangoes, crispy peppers, spicy red onion, spicy cilantro, hot jalapeños and hot lime for the perfect balance of sweet heat, in minutes! This mango sauce is super simple to make: if you can chop fruits and vegetables, you can make this sauce! It’s delicious as a salad, with fries as an appetizer, or as a topping for tacos, salads, grilled chicken, pork, or fish. No matter how you serve this easy mango sauce recipe, I guarantee it will disappear in minutes!

Mango sauce recipe

If you’ve been following me anytime, you know that mangoes are one of my favorite foods of all time. So, in anticipation of my Chipotle Salmon coming this week, I’m bringing you their spectacular side dish, Mango Sauce! Its juicy sweetness cuts the spicy salmon to create a combination made in heaven. And you’ll be in heaven every time you eat this sauce.

More reasons to love this mango sauce recipe:

  • delicious! This beautiful mango sauce is sweet, spicy, spicy (customizable) and couldn’t be more refreshing. It’s a favorite dish for meals, pool parties, picnics, barbecues, and just for snacking at home.
  • healthy. This mango sauce tastes like indulgence because it’s incredibly delicious but it’s deceptively healthy. Mangoes + fresh vegetables = vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! See below the health benefits of mangoes.
  • easy. This sauce is quick and easy to make. You only need 20 minutes and know how to cut!
  • Customizable: You can customize your mango sauce with any of your favorite add-ons, such as black beans, corn, pineapple, tomatoes, or quinoa.
  • Do it in advance: You can make this mango sauce ahead of time and then pull it out when it’s time to serve for entertainment, lunches or dinners without stress.

Ingredients for

Mango Sauce

You can keep your mango sauce as simple as the recipe, or even simpler! You can remove ether from cucumber or red pepper, but I recommend one or the other to crunch. Here’s what you’ll need


  • Mangoes: Make sure you use ripe mangoes for a juicy, sweet freshness. I’ve included tips on how to choose mangoes below.
  • Red pepper: I use red pepper because it’s sweeter than other colors, but feel free to substitute it for whatever color of bell pepper you have on hand. Chop the small pepper to create a sauce texture.
  • English cucumber: I like

  • English cucumbers so you don’t have to peel them, but you can certainly substitute them with a peeled cucumber
  • .

  • Red onion: I like fresh red onion pop, but you can also use green onions. If you’re not a fan of raw red onions, you can cook them for 30 seconds or so in the microwave to soften the bite or use less.
  • Jalapeño: Remove the seeds and white veins from your jalapeños because they contain the hottest heat.
  • Fresh Cilantro: adds a bright and fresh citrus touch. You can use more or less to taste.
  • Lemon juice: You can use fresh or bottled lemon juice and use it more or less to taste depending on how sweet your mangoes are and how spicy you would like your mango sauce.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • : I like to use cider vinegar in relation to lemon juice as I feel it increases the flavor profile without adding too much acidity. If you don’t have cider vinegar, you can add extra lemon juice.
  • Garlic: I prefer garlic powder because I feel it is distributed more evenly, but feel free to substitute it with fresh garlic.
  • Salt: Awaken all flavors! Use more or less to taste.
  • Chili Powder: Mangoes and chili powder are a combination made in heaven.
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Mango sauce variations

: You can

mix your mango sauce with any of the following add-ons, or anything else you can dream of!

  • Avocado: chop and add just before serving. Use avocados that are ripe but on the firmer side so they don’t become soft in the sauce. If you add avocados, keep in mind that leftovers won’t keep for as long or as well because avocados will brown and become soft. You can even combine mango sauce with guacamole.
  • Tomatoes: I like to use Roma tomatoes and remove the fleshy part so that the mango sauce or any sauce does not get soaked
  • .

  • Corn: Add corn from 1-2 ears of sweet corn or from a 15-ounce can rinsed and drained. Try roasting the corn or charring in a pan for extra flavor.
  • Berries: strawberries, blueberries, etc. add extra juicy sweetness
  • .

  • Pineapple: Add 2 cups of chopped pineapple for an extra tropical flavor
  • .

  • Coconut: Along with pineapple, tropical vibe, try adding toasted coconut as I do in my piña colada fruit salad.
  • Black beans: Rinse and drain a 15 oz can of black beans. Black beans will drastically change the flavor profile of your mango sauce into a hearty and flavorful sauce.
  • Quinoa: Make a quinoa salad with quinoa and a little olive oil
  • .

  • Kale: Make it a kale salad
  • .

  • Protein makes it a meal by adding chopped cooked chicken, roast chicken, minced pork, salmon, etc.

Useful tips

for making mango sauce, here is useful information including how to select, store and cut mangoes



  • To check the maturity of the mango, focus on FEELING not on the color because each variety is a different color when ripe. For example, red does not necessarily mean ripe.
  • Squeeze gently to judge maturity. A ripe mango will give lightly, indicating soft meat inside.
  • Use your expertise with products like peaches or avocados, which also become softer as they ripen.
  • Ripe mangoes sometimes have a fruity aroma at their stem ends.


Green mangoes

  • should be kept on the counter and not refrigerated, otherwise they will not ripen
  • .

  • To speed up the ripening process, place the mangoes in a paper bag with a couple of apples in a warm place. These climacteric fruits (meaning they ripen after being harvested) will release ethylene. Ethylene will be trapped in the pouch, causing it to accumulate and accelerate the maturation process.
  • Once ripe, the mangoes should be moved to the refrigerator, which will slow down the ripening process.
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If you’re not sure how to cut a mango, don’t be shy, it’s much easier than you think! Check out my detailed tutorial on how to cut a mango.

How to Make

Mango Sauce

Are you ready to see how easy it is to make mango sauce?

  1. Chop mangoes and vegetables: The size of chopped ingredients is reduced to whether you like a thicker sauce or a finer sauce. I personally like my chopped mangoes around 1/2″, 1/4″ peppers and 1/8″ jalapeños.
  2. Add ingredients to a

  3. large bowl: Choose a bowl that gives you a little wiggle room to pull, so everything can be evenly combined.
  4. Add lemon juice and

  5. seasonings: mix with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, chili powder and salt.
  6. Test

  7. and adjust: Try your sauce with a chip if you’re serving with potato chips (because potato chips add salinity) or with a fork if it doesn’t serve with potato chips. Add extra lemon juice for the tangier, salt for more flavor, jalapeno for more flavor (and more flavor).
  8. Cool and/or serve: I recommend cooling mango sauce for at least 30 minutes, but if you don’t have time, you can serve it right away.

Tips for making mango sauce:

  • Ripe mangoes. Make sure our mangoes are ripe so they are sweet, tasty and juicy. Mangoes that are not quite ripe will be fibrous and bland.
  • Job maturation. If your mangoes are ripe before you’re ready to make your Mango Sauce, refrigerate to stop the ripening process.
  • Uniform piece. Chop each of your ingredients less than half an inch from each other for even distribution.
  • Jalapeño to taste. I find a very mild jalapeno and it doesn’t taste much. I recommend 2-3 jalapeños, otherwise it tastes like your mango sauce is missing something. You can start with less, but add more to taste if your mango sauce doesn’t have enough kick.
  • Puree sauce. If you have leftover sauce that won’t be eaten before the texture of the mangoes softens, try pureeing! Mango puree sauce is a fabulous sauce for fish. You can even gently heat it and mix it with chopped chicken, similar to my Mango Verde chicken recipe.

Can I make MANGO SALSA ahead of time?

Mango sauce is best served on the day it is made. I recommend making your mango sauce 30-60 minutes in advance and cooling in the fridge to give flavors time to build and merge.


in advance

You can all ingredients in advance and wait to assemble an hour

before using.

  • Handles: Chop and store in a single layer on a plate / tray lined with a paper towel covered tightly with a plastic wrap in the refrigerator up to 24 hours ahead of time. This storage method helps prevent the handles from becoming too soft.
  • Chop the remaining ingredients: Cucumber, bell pepper, red onions, jalapeños, cilantro and garlic can be chopped and stored in airtight containers in the refrigerator up to 24 hours ahead of time.
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You can store mango sauce for up to two days in an airtight container in your refrigerator, but keep in mind that mangoes will become softer and softer and change the texture of the sauce. Softer mangoes don’t mean they’ve gone bad, they’re just not that appetizing.

Ways to Use Mango Sauce

This colorful mango sauce goes with everything, not just chips! I love pairing it with Mexican food, like Mexican salads, tacos, or burrito bowls. It also goes fabulous with spicy Cajun chicken or salmon. Another favorite pairing is anything from coriander lime. It also pairs well with grilled steak, pork, poultry and shrimp and fish.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to serve with mango sauce:

  • Cajun Salmon
  • Cilantro Lima Shrimp Tacos

  • Chile Chicken Tacos with Lime and Lemon Shrimp Bowls
  • Burrito Bowls
  • Cilantro Lima Chicken
  • Chipotle Chicken
  • Grilled steak Fajitas
  • Carne Asada


If you have leftover mango sauce that won’t be eaten before the texture softens, try pureeing! Sauce puree is a fabulous sauce for chicken, fish or pork.

Mango Nutrition

Mango sauce is not only delicious, but also healthy! All the vegetables in Mango Salsa boast important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and the mangoes themselves are a natural superfruit. Mangoes contain 20 different vitamins and minerals, are fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free.

Mangoes are a great source of vitamins A and C, B6, and also contain iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin E. These are just some of the benefits of mangoes:

  • Vitamin C and A are important in the formation of collagen that protects the body’s connective tissue and is important for wound healing and skin elasticity, therefore, mangoes are sometimes called anti-aging. Vitamin C is also important for overall immune health.
  • Vitamin A is important for

  • skin and hair health, eyesight, and for preventing night blindness and dry eyes
  • .

  • Beta-carotene is a carotenoid that is converted to vitamin A in the body
  • .

  • Vitamin B6 is important for strong brain function.
  • The Iron in mangoes can increase iron levels which can help eliminate anemia by increasing the red blood cell count in the body.
  • Glutamine acid improves memory and concentration
  • . The

  • antioxidants in mangoes help protect against diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia
  • .

  • Vitamin C, fiber, and pectin help control cholesterol
  • .

  • The tartaric and malic acid found in mangoes helps maintain our body’s alkaline reserve.
  • The fiber and other nutrients in mangoes help you feel full and increase overall digestive support. This, in turn, helps to lose extra weight.

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