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Cooking dash party fowl recipes

Video Cooking dash party fowl recipes

Your Cooking Dash meets Hell’s Kitchen! The new fast-paced time management game becomes more challenging, because this time Flo will show off his dining skills on live TV.

You’ll help her prepare dishes and serve some of the most delicious menu items to impatient customers. And if you’re bored helping Flo, why not lend a hand to Gordon Ramsay?

Okay, back to the game. There will be challenges ahead, but proper time management, the right updates, and some tactics can help you achieve celebrity chef status at Cooking Dash 2016. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you earn more coins, cook and serve menu items faster:

1. Don’t lose


The faster you serve food to your customers, the more coins you’ll earn. Many times, clients give bonus seconds, which increases the timer. However, losing customers can earn you a penalty. Serve impatient and angry customers first, that is, those customers whose wait meter is lower than others.

The green meter

next to each customer is their waiting meter. A customer will leave the Flo program if the meter falls below the hazard level (red). Once the meter goes down and turns orange, it signals danger and the customer will show signs of restlessness and anger.

Some angry customers give bonus coins, so you are not lost if you are a little late to serve them. Just make sure the standby meter doesn’t turn red.

2. Customers who order a dish with coffee can be

served later

You can ignore such customers for a few seconds to focus on those who order a main course with accompaniment, because in the latter case, you will need to prepare both the main course and the side and only then you will be able to serve them to a customer. For main course

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with coffee order, You can keep a customer happy for a few seconds by pouring them coffee first. You can come back later and serve them the remaining dish.

Here’s a

trick you can follow:

If there are three customers and the first customer has ordered a plate of coffee, focus on preparing dishes for the other two and serve them


When the coffee customer’s waiting meter goes down, serve coffee first. This will increase this standby meter. You can refocus on new customers.

Finally serve him the dish they had ordered. You can follow this trick for dishes that can be served separately to a customer.

3. Save those precious seconds with this tip

All levels are timer-based, so Flo must be quick in serving impatient customers. The good news is that you can use both hands to hold dishes/ingredients. Take advantage of your multitasking ability to cook and serve dishes faster and save time.

You can use this tip for main courses + side orders or those orders that require both dishes served at once. Be sure to upgrade appliances like the grill and fryer to increase their capacity. This way, you can roast/fry more than one menu item at a time.

4. You

need a star to move to the next level

Remember that you only need one star to complete the current level and move to the next level. Before preparing dishes, take a look at the number of customers you will serve. The number can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen. You don’t have to serve every customer, but you need to earn coins from them to collect a star. Improve foods and ingredients to earn extra coins.

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5. Collect coins to make way for new


The more customers you serve, the more coins you earn. A customer will tip once they eat food. Be sure to touch the coins soon after they leave to make way for new customers. A new customer won’t show up at the table if you don’t collect coins.

You only have a few minutes to serve customers and you need to earn coins in those minutes. Take those coins immediately to allow a new customer to enter your program and take their order immediately.

6. Improve food to

earn more coins

You need to upgrade food first if you want customers to tip a lot. Updating food improves the quality of the menu item. Serving quality dishes will definitely attract generous tips. The more coins you earn, the faster you will reach a star. A dish prepared with improved foods also increases the bonus tip.

7. Upgrade appliances to cook food faster

In Cooking Dash 2016, upgrading kitchen appliances like Grill and Fryer will increase their capacity and burning time. A grill or fryer with additional grooves will allow Flo to fry or roast more than one food. This in turn will cook food faster; You’ll serve customers faster than usual and earn bonus coins. Increased burning time will ensure that food is not burned quickly.

You should also consider upgrading the heating station to increase its capacity. This appliance can be useful for main dishes with side dishes. You can keep one or two dishes in the heating station for future use or when combining them with another dish directly from a grill or fryer.

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Upgrading the cutting block and batting station will increase speed. Cutting and mistreating takes time and should be quick to serve customers. An improvement in speed will make hitting and cutting faster.

8. Replay

previous levels to earn extra coins

You can replay levels from previous seasons at any time to earn additional coins. Look for previous levels where you’ve earned only 3-4 stars and try to earn five stars on your second attempt. You earn a 5-star bonus and more coins/XP points if you get all 5 stars in a level.

Start with those levels where you were just one star away from getting a 5-star bonus. Then replay those levels where you received only 3 stars. This is a surefire way to earn coins + bonus rewards.

Too tired helping Flo in this fast-paced cooking simulation game? Take a break and check out our World Chef guide, a slow-paced cooking simulation game. It allows you to build your own restaurant empire, but there’s no rush to serve customers. There are many fun-loving chefs to unlock and a unique player marketplace where you can buy and sell dishes and ingredients.

Additional tips and

tricks Look for trophy notifications in the upper left corner of the screen. You win a trophy and some rewards after completing the required tasks. The task could be anything from overcoming episodes to serving customers. There are many trophies and rewards to earn, so keep playing levels.

You make profits from the previous season every day. You will have to complete a season before you can earn coins daily.

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