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use a meat thermometer when cooking this, as it helps judge when the turkey is ready. However, cook it to an internal temperature of 75C-80C instead of the 90C suggested on the thermometer meter. When calculating when to put the turkey in the oven, allow at least 30 minutes of rest time. If you have chosen to cook a turkey of a different size than the next, please refer to the turkey schedules below (it is not necessary to include the weight of the filling).



Preheat oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7

. Loosen the skin over

  1. the turkey breast by sliding your fingers between the breast and the skin at the end of the neck, leaving the skin attached at the end of the cavity. Holding the skin up, spread softened butter over the top of the breast under the skin. Slide the lemon slices and thyme sprigs under the skin. The latter is a nice addition, but if the time is short, you can skip it.
  2. Stuff the end of the turkey’s neck to the breast with the filling. Secure loose skin with thin skewers, or simply tuck the skin underneath. Fill the body cavity with any lemon ornaments, herbs and onions. Tie your legs with a rope to give it a neat shape. Lightly smear the skin of the bird.
  3. Place two sheets of aluminum foil in a large roasting can: they should be large enough to generously climb and pass over the turkey breast. Place the turkey on top and, if you use a meat thermometer, insert it into the thickest part of the thigh. (When cooked it will register 75C-80C). Fold the sheets of aluminum foil loosely over the turkey, leaving a large air gap between the turkey and the aluminum foil.
  4. Cook the turkey in the preheated oven for 40 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 160C/140C/gas 3. Continue roasting for 3 and a half hours, sprinkling occasionally. Increase oven temperature to 220C/200C/gas 7 fan again.
  5. Take the turkey out of the oven, turn the foil again, and drain any leftover juices from the can into a pitcher or bowl. Suffice the bird and return it to the hot oven for about 30 minutes so that the skin browns and becomes crispy. Meanwhile, let the fat rise to the top of the jar or bowl in a cool place. When the liquid is cold, remove the fat with a spoon and save the juices for the sauce.
  6. Take the turkey out of the oven and check if it is cooked. If you do not use a thermometer, pierce the thickest part of the thigh with a small, sharp knife. If the juices are clear, then the turkey is ready; If they are still dyed pink, then roast for a little longer. However, if the turkey is already brown enough, cover again with the foil. Once cooked, cover the turkey and let stand for 30 minutes before cutting.
  7. Cut the turkey and serve with the ornaments of your choice.
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REMINDER – Do not put a meat filler in the cavity of a bird, as this is not safe. In the cavity, use only flavoring vegetables and herbs.

ADVANCE PREPARATION – Prepare until the end of stage 3 up to 12 hours in advance. Cover and cool until ready to cook. Filling, of course, can be done up to a month in advance and frozen.

TURKEY ROAST TIMES – If you cook a turkey that weighs more or less than the master recipe, follow the times listed here. The following table shows the times for gas and electric furnaces. Ovens vary considerably, so if you know yours is on the hot side or the cold side, adjust the times accordingly. Aga cooking times are shown below.

GAS & ELECTRIC Oven ready turkey 3.5kg-5kg (8lb-11lb)Starting temperature (aluminum foil on), 220C/fan 200C, gas 7:30minsRoasting temperature (sheet on), 160C/fan 140C, gas 3:21/2-3hrsBrowning temperature (sheet off), 220C/200C fan, 7 gas:

about 30 minutes5.4kg-6.3kg (12lb-14lb) Starting temperature (blade on), 220C/fan 200C, gas 7:40minsRoasting temperature (foil on), 160C/fan 140C, gas 3: 3-31/2 hoursBrowning temperature (sheet off), 220C/fan 200C, gas 7: about 30 minutes 6.75kg-9kg (15lb-20lb)Start-up temperature (foil on), 220C/fan 200C, gas 7:45minsRoasting temperature (foil on), 160C/fan140C, gas 3:

31/2-41/2 hrsBrowning temperature (foil off), 220C/fan 200C, gas 7: about 30 minutes

ON THE AGA – Note that a 3.5kg-5kg (8lb-11lb) turkey is best roasted quickly, see below. AGA SLOW ROASTING – After stage 3 of the master recipe, place the roasting can on the oven floor over low heat. For a turkey of 5.4kg-6.3kg (12lb-14lb) allow 10-13 hours (overnight). For a turkey of 6.75kg-9kg (15lb-20lb) allow 12-14 hours (overnight). To brown, when the bird is ready, uncover the aluminum foil and transfer to the roasting oven for about 15 minutes until golden brown. If the turkey weighs more than 8.1 kg (18 pounds), or if the simmer oven is cold, start in the open roasting oven for 30 minutes, then cover with aluminum foil and transfer to the simmer oven as above.

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AGA FAST ROASTING – After stage 3 of the master recipe, cook in the lightly covered broiler can on the rack rack floor of the roasting oven for the following times. Suffice the bird from time to time and remove the aluminum foil 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time to crunch the skin. For a turkey of 3.5kg-5kg (8lb-11lb) allow 13/4-21/4 hours in total. For a turkey of 5.4kg-6.3kg (12lb-14lb) allow approximately 21/2 hours. For a 6.75kg-9kg (15lb-20lb) turkey wait approximately 3 hours.

This recipe is taken from: Christmas Collection (Headline)

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