30 Easy Chorizo Recipes – Insanely Good

Cooking with chorizo sausage recipes

If you like salty and spicy foods as much as I do, you will go crazy with these delicious chorizo recipes.

In case you’re not familiar, chorizo is a type of pork sausage that comes in two different forms, Mexican and Spanish.

Homemade Chorizo Tacos with Pico y Cilantro

Mexican chorizo

contains spices and vinegar, while Spanish chorizo is cured and has smoked paprika


Both can invigorate even the most mundane dish


So if you’re looking for something lively and full of flavor, try these chorizo recipes.

30 Best Chorizo Recipe Ideas

1. Homemade Mexican


Can’t find quality chorizo on the market? Don’t worry because you can make chorizo at home.

This recipe only takes 15 minutes, and you can store it for a few months in the freezer so it’s ready for you when you need it.

2. Chorizo Hash and Eggs

In my house, Sunday is the day

we like to try new breakfast recipes that we have been drooling all


This weekend, it’s all about this

pan-skilled chorizo hash.

This farmer’s pan is filling, tasty and spicy, to say the least


The combination of smoked chorizo, fried eggs and grated potatoes not only tastes fresh, but will feed you for the day

. 3. Chorizo Breakfast


In the morning or for dinner, chorizo breakfast tacos are good at any time of the day. This recipe is similar to the previous chorizo hashish, but with a Mexican twist.

The cotija is soft and refreshing which balances the spicy chorizo. If you want a cheese with more bite, feta is a good substitution.

4. Chorizo Potato Breakfast Pan Prepare a breakfast pan

with this satiating recipe


In addition to the combination of chorizo, potatoes and eggs, this breakfast pan receives a pinch of scallions and cheddar cheese


Oh, and here’s some pro tip for potatoes. Add some vinegar to the water when boiling to help prevent the potatoes from becoming soft.

5. Spicy chorizo pizza with caramelized onion, goat cheese and arugula

This pizza combination has been my latest obsession. Play all the best flavors, including spicy, creamy and sweet.

However, no good pizza is complete with a quality crust and sauce to match. That’s why it’s worth the effort to make both from scratch.

6. Chorizo White



and Vegetables Everything in this soup screams warmer in winter


Chorizo, poblano and paprika fill it with spices. It also has a ton of vegetables swimming in a rich tomato broth.

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Unlike breakfast recipes, you’ll want to use Spanish chorizo for this soup


7. Meat

lasagna with chorizo

Smoked and spicy chorizo is an excellent addition to lasagna. You will mix it with beef in a rich tomato sauce, then suffocate the lasagna leaves with it.

I love how this pairs with creamy ricotta and mozzarella. I also like to add some fresh basil leaves to mine.

8. Easy chorizo pasta If you want chorizo pasta

but lasagna sounds like too much work, try this one


It takes about 30 minutes to assemble, and you can prepare the sauce while the pasta boils


Speaking of salsa, you’ll want to brown the chorizo until it develops a crispy layer, which won’t take long


9. Chorizo Egg Breakfast Burrito

Sometimes, you just need a big breakfast burrito to start the day, and this is one I constantly crave


I covet the vinegar and spices of Mexican chorizo, which makes it very special. Accompany it with some potatoes, eggs and salsa for a fantastic burrito!

10. Creamy

chorizo cheese sauce Why

bother settling for regular cheese when you can have this dip?

Spicy chorizo, poblanos and pickled jalapeños add a fiery touch. Meanwhile, a lot of milk and cheese helps to subdue the heat.

This may sound blasphemous, but I think chorizo tastes better in this sauce than bacon.

11. Chorizo

salad with sweet potato

Now, this is what I call a salad for meat and potato lovers


A bed of spinach is accompanied by Spanish chorizo along with roasted sweet potatoes and onions


Eliminate all vegetarian fixings with frills and stylish dressings, keeping it all about meat and potatoes


12. Spanish chorizo from a pan and shrimp

What I love about this recipe is that I can enjoy the flavors of Spanish cuisine and it only takes 30 minutes. To top it off, you can make this dish in a single pan.

As for the ingredients, this is a fabulous surf and turf recipe that combines juicy shrimp with spicy slices of Spanish chorizo in a robust tomato sauce.

13. White fish stew

and chorizo

A hearty stew like this may sound like it takes hours to make, but you can easily have it hot and ready in 30 minutes, at most


With chorizo, fish and beans, this stew is full of protein. It is also rich in tomato sauce.

For fish, choose something firm like cod or haddock. The delicate white fish will crumble.

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14. Chicken Chorizo

Add a

little dynamism to your tacos by turning the chicken into a tasty chorizo

. Traditionally,

chorizo consists of pork, but there is no strict rule stating that chicken cannot be made to taste like it


The key is to use ground chicken and the right spice mixture. You’ll also need some quality vinegar.


. Creamy corn soup with chorizo Creamy corn soup

is a dream soup that I love in the summer


Chorizo topping adds a spicy bite that blends harmoniously with the creamy base. As for corn, both fresh and canned work well with this soup.

16. Chorizo

and Camote Enchiladas If you

think sweet potato and chorizo salad is good, wait until you try it in

enchiladas! While the

inside of the enchiladas is packed with sweet potatoes and chorizo, the outside oozes cheese


17. Creamy tomato salmon

with chorizo from a pan

This elegant dish is a divine choice for a special occasion


Salmon fillets swim in a rustic creamy tomato sauce with sun-dried tomatoes


If that’s not good enough, a handful of perfectly crispy chorizo completes it


18. The chile de carne y chorizo


one of those dishes that I am constantly fine-tuning to get it right. However, I think this recipe nails it.

Between the juicy meat and chorizo, this chili is a tasty feast. Combine it with the four types of beans, and you have a hearty dish.

19. Jambalaya Chicken Chorizo Jambalaya

usually features a mixture of meats, which includes Andoouille sausage. However, this gives it a new version with Mexican chorizo.

When cooking chorizo, be sure to take it out of the gut. Also, be sure to use a large pot because this is a single-pot dish.

20. Keto

Chorizo Omelette

Good news Keto dieticians, chorizo makes the cut. And you know that means it’s breakfast time!

While chorizo is

great with potatoes, this one ditches potatoes for a ketogenic omelet


The interior is filled with a delicious mix of chorizo, spinach and cheese. For extra fluffy eggs, you’ll want to mix some cream.

21. Veal chorizo sliders

If a juicy burger is calling your name, pull out these sliders. Ideal for meetings or game days, meat chorizo sliders are the culmination of delicious flavors.

You’ll need ground beef and beef chorizo for the burgers. As for the ingredients, avocado, feta cheese and a spicy Sriracha mayonnaise are the perfect snack.

22. Mexican Beef Bread with


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Meatloaf may not be everyone’s favorite, but this one is surprisingly appealing


A tasty mix of beef and chorizo wraps slices of fresh avocado. It is then wrapped in strips of bacon.

You’ll seriously have to try this one!

23. Mexican Chorizo Tacos

You could eat these tacos every day. They are served street taco style with a delicious chorizo filling sautéed with chipotle chili and poblano.

For a more authentic twist, top this with some white onion, cilantro, and salsa verde


24. Chorizo tortilla casserole

I love the amount of flavor this casserole manages to pack into a single dish. It is full of satiating spices and melted cheese.

However, the chorizo certainly makes this dish. You’ll want to cook it until golden brown, then drain the fat.

25. Chorizo meatballs

Chorizo meatballs have been the latest fury among my friends. These juicy bites are like succulent flavor bombs filled with Spanish chorizo, beef and cheese.

Like all meatballs, you’ll need something to bind. I stick with the classics and use a single egg and breadcrumbs.

26. Pumpkin and Chorizo Chili

Fall became much tastier with this comforting chili. Like all good chili peppers, it is a complex blend of ingredients to touch a range of well-balanced flavors.

Molasses and cocoa powder make it a little sweet, while coffee and marinade sauce add a punch


You’ll want to use pumpkin puree and not pumpkin stuffing for this soup. Otherwise, the flavors will be off.

27. Monster Chorizo Nachos

Make movie night a blast with these monstrous nachos


You will take a leaf tray and line up a layer of chips. Then top them with fresh and tasty Mexican ingredients like black beans, chorizo, cilantro, and corn.

28. Chicken and chorizo paella

Paella is one of my favorite Spanish dishes


It highlights how chorizo can do wonders to elevate the flavors of a dish

. Try to do it without chorizo as

I accidentally did once, and it will certainly fall short


29. Pasta Chorizo Carbonara with 5 ingredients

Even classics like pasta carbonara taste better with chorizo


This five-ingredient recipe can be ready in 15 minutes, making it ideal for hectic nights of the week when you’re completely hungry

. 30.


quesadillas with Chesi I

have a reputation for stuffing myself with quesadillas, both because I love them and because they are easy


However, when I need a little extra push to go with my cheese, I love making these. Between chorizo and guacamole, play all the delicious notes.

Chorizo recipes

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