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Here’s how to make a landslide! This landslide recipe makes that classic drink starring vodka, Kahlua and Irish cream.

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“Mudslide” />

The word “Mudslide” might make you think of smoothie-style spirited cocktails at restaurant chains. But have you ever had a classic landslide? It couldn’t be more sophisticated… and delicious! You can make this Mudslide recipe both ways: first as a drink was the first intention: stirred with coffee liquor and Irish cream and served in a cocktail glass. It’s more than a glorified smoothie – it’s elegant and full of intrigue! Of course, you can also freeze it: mix it with vanilla ice cream. Here’s how to do a landslide… Both ways!

What is a landslide?

The Mudslide cocktail is a

dessert cocktail made with Kahlua and Irish cream that is a variation of white Russian. It was invented in the mid-1970s on Grand Cayman Island in a bar called Wreck Bar. The story goes that a customer ordered a white Russian, but the bar had no heavy cream. It turned out that they were full of Irish cream, so they used it instead and the Mudslide was born! This drink later evolved to be mixed with ice cream and became popular in restaurant chains, where it is more like an alcohol smoothie. This style of the cocktail is known as a “frozen landslide.”

What are the ingredients of the classic drink Mudslide? How to make the frozen variation? Here’s what you’ll need


  • Vodka
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Irish
  • cream Heavy cream (

  • classic) or vanilla ice cream (frozen)
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How to make a mudslide: 2 ways!

Of course, as connoisseurs of homemade cocktails we are partial to the classic Mudslide! But if you want to do a frozen landslide (aka alcohol smoothie), we probably can’t stop you. Here’s what you’ll need to do for each variation

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  • Classic mud glide: Place vodka, coffee liqueur, Irish cream and heavy cream in a shaker. Shake until cold, then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with shaved chocolate.
  • Frozen landslide: Place vodka, coffee liquor, Irish cream, vanilla ice cream and ice in a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a glass. Go 1990s style and decorate the inside of your glass with chocolate syrup.

Use any coffee liquor

, such as Kahlua

You can use any type of coffee liquor for a landslide. The most popular type is Kahlua. But what is it really? Here’s what you should know about this coffee liquor and other types you can use


  • Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that’s made in Mexico: it’s made with rum, sugar, and coffee (dairy-free!). It has some caffeine, but only about 25% as much as the same volume of coffee.
  • How much does Kahlua cost? It costs about $15 to $20 for a large 750ml bottle.
  • What to use instead of Kahlua? Try other types of coffee liquor, such as Tia Maria or Sheridan’s.
  • What other cocktails do Kahlua use? Use it to make other Kahlua drinks such as a white Russian, a black Russian, B-52, a mental eraser, a Colorado bulldog, or an espresso martini.

Use any Irish


The other element required in a landslide? Irish cream! Irish cream is a liqueur made with whiskey and Irish cream. The most popular Irish cream is Baileys Irish Cream, but there are other brands of Irish cream. The most popular cocktail made with Irish cream is this one. You can also use it to make Irish cream cocktails like Chocolate Martini, Coffee Martini, Baileys White Russian, B52, and more.

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And that’s it: how to make a Mudslide! Let us know if you do the classic or frozen version in the comments below.


vodka cocktails

There are many more tasty vodka cocktails to try! Here are a few more ideas for using a bottle of vodka… Like you need one!

Opt for classics such as Vodka

  • Gimlet, Moscow Mule or Cosmo
  • Opt for a refreshing Vodka Tonic
  • , Cranberry Vodka or Spritzer Vodka

  • Make an elegant brunch with a Classic Bloody Mary
  • Try martinis like the Lemon Drop Martini, Pomegranate Martini, Cranberry Martini or French Martini
How to make a mudslide

When to serve a Mudslide

The Mudslide is a dessert cocktail that’s great for Valentine’s Day or a romantic dinner… or just anytime you need a sweet in cocktail form! Try it as:

Happy hour drink

    Dessert cocktail

  • Valentine’s Day cocktail
  • Girls’ or boys’ night
  • drink

  • Cocktail
  • hour drink


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