Favorite Recipes From HBO Max’s “Selena + Chef”!

Cooking with selena gomez recipes

“Selena + Chef” on HBO Max is a guaranteed good time with Selena Gomez’s adorable confusion around her own cooking, Raquelle’s (Selena’s roommate at the time) unconditional love for food, legendary chefs in their natural habitats, and of course, delicious food! Oh, and we can’t forget the iconic Pope! (Selena’s grandfather) constantly and hilariously judging Selena’s knife skills!

Selena’s elegant presence in her beautiful kitchen will make you want to start cooking at that moment while watching this cozy cooking show


Here are some of our favorite recipes from the first 2 seasons of “Selena + Chef” that you should try this summer!


Daniel’s Chicken Meatballs + Gnocchi (Season 1, Episode 9)

If I could choose the perfect recipe to make while drinking a glass of wine, this would be it. Daniel Holzman’s chicken meatballs with buttery gnocchi and lemon are beyond delicious. Selena made the gnocchis and dumplings from scratch, but to make the cooking process a little faster, you can always use fresh store-bought gnocchis too! The best part is, while using the dry white wine for the meatballs, you can pour yourself a glass and have the best time cooking this delicious meal!

Recipe for meatballs

2. Nana’s Cheesy Chicken Omelette Chip Casserole (Special Recipe)

Not all chefs have 5-star restaurants, because Nana de Selena is a genius chef for inventing the best home-cooked food of all time! For a special recipe from her childhood, Selena changed things, and instead of learning a recipe from a chef, she taught a recipe with Nana! Nana’s’ Cheesy Chicken Omelette Chip Casserole immediately hits the nail on the head. It’s easy, fun to make, delicious, moist, crunchy and spicy all at once – the perfect meal for a movie night with your friends! Trust me and try this recipe right now!!!

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Recipe for the

chicken tortilla with cheese


Intermediate brief to appreciate Selena’s amazing cuisine:

3. Ludo’s French Omelette (Season 1, Episode 1)

Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s secret to a perfect French omelette will change your breakfast game forever. The first episode of “Selena + Chef” began with Ludo teaching Selena how to make the French omelette that Ludo serves in his own restaurant. He even told her that some customers CRY after trying this omelet, so imagine how good it will be! Selena totally killed this recipe and impressed us all with her skills from the first episode. Next time you feel eggs for breakfast, be sure to have some Boursin cheese + chives in your kitchen, the special ingredients of the recipe, and make yourself an elegant French omelette, Ludo style!

French omelette


4. Curtis’s Salt & Vinegar Chips (Season 2, Episode 1)

If you knew how to make your own salt and vinegar chips and could say, “Oh, I don’t buy my chips, I make them,” you’d be officially a chef. Chef Curtis Stone was one of the best teachers of this program with his constant positive energy and amazing cooking tricks, and now, thanks to him, we know how to make our own fries at home! This recipe only takes 10 minutes to make, and 30 minutes to cook in the oven!

A little tip (from the episode): Don’t cut your potatoes as thin as Selena did, because they could end up being too crispy and golden! (Or get yourself a best friend like Raquelle, who will eat them anyway!)

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and vinegar chip recipe

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