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Cooking with sour milk recipes

What can I do with sour milk?

You can a variety of dishes with it to avoid throwing it away before it becomes completely stale. Paneer, cottage cheese and with whey can be used in pancakes, chapatis, bread and buns. You can use sour milk instead of whey.

First of all, what is sour milk?

It is the milk where acidification has occurred. This can occur naturally after a period of time, especially if left out of the fridge. It can also be designed by adding an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar.

What is the difference between sour milk and whey?

Spoiled milk is made by adding an acid. Whey is the result of beating the double cream until it separates into butter and a liquid.

What can affect the amount of cheese made?

The brand/variety and batch of milk have different levels of fat content


Seasons: In summer, cows tend to produce less fat in milk when it’s hot. (I know this from my old coffee days in Costa when we used to have trouble frothing milk on very hot days!)

Did you know that

buffalo milk has twice the fat content of cow’s milk? This produces more cheese.

How do I make my own cheese with sour milk?

Add the milk to a pan and bring to a slowly boil and leave over medium heat


Once you have started to boil add the lemon juice or vinegar (this will produce a firmer set)

Make sure it is starting to curdle before turning off the heat

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Let lumps form in the serum. Place


strainer on top of a bowl and place a muslin/cotton cloth/handkerchief

inside the sieve


Pour the curd and whey into the sieve


Rinse the cheese to remove the lemon/vinegar taste and smell


Drain all the water and squeeze the excess through the cloth. This loose cheese is cottage cheese.

If you want to make paneer, keep the cheese on the cloth in the sieve and place a heavy object on top to remove the remaining liquid. Leave it on for about an hour, keep it whole or cut it into cubes and refrigerate.

To use: Add to a curry near the end of cooking so that it heats up but does not turn rubbery.

DON’T BOIL! It will crumble and disintegrate.

DO NOT OVERCOOK It will go hard and rubbery.

How is Paneer stored?

In the fridge. You can place a damp cloth around it so it doesn’t dry out or you can soak it in water in a container with a lid to keep the paneer soft. The paneer should be fine for at least two or three days.

What can I do with sour milk? Paneer


750 ml milk (you can even use powdered milk! 1 tablespoon powdered milk to 100 ml water) 1 tablespoon


Lemon yield: about 60g of cheese (this is not much, but it is better than wasting milk that is gone). You can also use the remaining liquid in your baking.

N.B. The amount will be different each time depending on the milk used.

I did an experiment using 250ml of milk and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and was amazed by the results!

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Semi skimmed (Leche y Más organic) produced 20g of cheese.

Semi-skimmed milk powder (Morrisons) produced 10.8 g of cheese.

Whole milk (Co-op) produced 4.3 g of cheese.

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