Stout Chocolate Brownies Plus 20 More Great Stout Recipes

Cooking with stout beer recipes

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Stout Brownies |

As you will find out when you invite me to dinner sometime, which I hope you certainly consider because on a good evening I can be a pretty entertaining guest for dinner and could clean the dishes on the table if I feel generous, Ask me to bring something sweet to our shared dinner, say, for example, an Irish celebration taking place this coming weekend, my favorite dessert usually deviates from the frilly and delicate sweet variety to something a little more resilient and appetizing. Macarons? No. a lot. It will be a long, long time before you try to make a macaron. I’m afraid I don’t have the patience or skill to achieve them.

Basically, macarons scare me.

No, I’m definitely more of a hearty type of dessert, baking something a little more indulgent and a little freer. Chocolate Stout Brownies in all their fudgey glory are right in my dessert alley.

So, are you looking at your computer right now thinking, “What, whhhhaaat? Why would anyone waste a perfectly good beer to ruin brownies, or any other recipe by pouring it into a recipe?”

My dear. Hold your horses and let the heads of your beers settle. I have a selection of 20 great recipe reasons to add beer to your favorite recipes. But first we have to get to the bottom of these brownies.

Stout Brownies |

Every time I make chocolate brownies I find myself adding that little extra something to deepen the flavor and improve the flavor of the brownies. Most of my brownie getaways involve adding instant espresso powder and kosher salt to add chocolate. This time it’s the stout that does the trick. You won’t taste the taste of beer at all, it’s simply a richness that enhances my love for chocolate.

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I prefer my dark brownies and some candy-like flavored sand. I don’t really mind with icing or too much cake, like, you know, the ones you see at the grocery store with a thick layer of lard frosting and decorated to fit the theme of the month in small plastic containers. If I wanted icing and cake, I would eat cake. Am I right or am I right?

I also like my brownies with a focus on chocolate instead of sugar. I crave an afternoon bite, or maybe even a breakfast bite, with a more dedicated taste of deep chocolate, one that perfectly balances a great latte, so I like to use bittersweet chocolate in my brownie recipes, but I’ll certainly entertain a semi-sweet as well.

For this recipe I kept the sugar in one cup, but if you make these and feel like they don’t give you the dose of sugar you were looking for, feel free to try again with another half cup of sugar added to the mix.

Stout Brownies |

Some tips for making brownies:

1. While I didn’t use flavored Chocolate Stout in this recipe, if you’re so inclined to add another delicious layer to your brownie, by all means, DO IT! A chocolate frosting (no, not iced) on the crispy top wouldn’t be bad either. Give it a spin, let me know what you think.

2. I took a baking

tip from my Wisconsin cheese tour last year, where I learned from a local chef an excellent secret to baking wet and delicious brownies. “Go low and slow,” he said. 250 degrees. That’s all you need. And that’s all I do now. And they come out perfectly crackled on top and wet on the inside.

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3. Patience. Brownies require patience. Not for cooking or preparing. No, patience to prevent you from eating straight from the pan or cuts and devouring too soon. Brownies are best eaten the second day after they’ve had some time to settle in and prepare for the trip, so plan ahead and bake them, let them cool down, and then save your salivary glands until the next day or you’ll end up with a sticky mess. These babies need time to stand.

4. If you are afraid of beer, you can omit it from the recipe.

Now that we’ve tasted the creamy nectar of the beer gods, here are some more robust and robust pourings located in delicious recipes from food bloggers. Enjoy, my Irish friends for a day.


src=”” alt=”chocsorbet_05″ />

Hannah Stout chocolate sorbet at Nothing but Delicious

Drunken Buffalo Sandwiches with Fried Sage from Bobbi of Fresh and Foodie

guinness-floats-5-576 Guinness

Floats by Ali by Gimme Some Oven

Chocolate Stout

Waffle Sundae with Chocolate Stout Fudge Sauce by Jackie of The Beeroness

zeppoles2 Zeppoles

(Italian doughnuts) with a Stout, chocolate and chili sauce by Zach and Justine by Cooking &

Beer Beer-Canit Bacon by Laura of Tide and Thyme

scallops-smoked-sweet-corn-mash-and-stout-balsamic-reduction Smoked sweet corn puree scallops with robust balsamic glaze

from Jackie at Domestic Fits

Chocolate pudding cake Stout de Giselle at Kitchn


src=”” alt=” TheresaCravingChronicles” /> Chocolate Stout Cookies

with Salted Caramel Frosting and Pretzels from Theresa of Craving Chronicles

Beef and Stout

Wool Pie by Never Enough Thyme


French toast Milk Stout by Steph of The Girl and Her Beer Stout-Braised

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Short Ribs by Angie en Sea Salt with Food


Stout French Dip by Jackie by The Beeroness

Fried Spicy Sweet Pickles and Shiner Bock, with a Chipotle mayonnaise sauce by Kelly of the Meaning of Pie

<img src="" alt="cheeseburgersoup-1-111211

” />

Cheeseburger Beer Soup by Karen at Soup Addict

Gingerbread Cake-2 Gingerbread Cake

by Krissy

at Krissy’s Creations

Chocolate crepes Stout and Irish Cream Whip by Megan de Wanna Be A Country Cleaver


Mushroom and Stout Pot Cakes with Sweet Potato Rinds by Laura from The First Mess

Vegan “Meat” Stew with Katherine de Gouda Monster’s

Dark Truth Stout cupcake

Chocolate-covered Pretzels Stout Cupcakes from Jamie from My Baking Addiction

Crispy Beer Battered Fish Sandwich from Kevin at Closet Cooking

If these recipes find you tilting the top of the kitchen with beer iceberg, definitely head out to see what Ali at Gimme Some Oven is cooking during Guinness Week and Jackie has a plethora of beer-induced recipes at The Beeroness.

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