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Cooks air fryer recipes

Video Cooks air fryer recipes

Easy air fryer recipes for beginners are here! If you like quick and easy dinners, we have tons to choose from with chicken, pork, beef and veggies for you!

Air fryer

recipes for beginners

  • The benefits of the air fryer are so many that I can’t list them all. You, too, will soon see what all the anger is all about.

Whether you have a Cosori, AirWave or Ninja foodi air fryer and a pressure cooker on your countertop, it doesn’t matter. They all work basically the same, the biggest difference is the size of the basket and the amount of food it can fit. Larger families should choose a larger one, obviously, but it’s also ideal for serving two people.

Each and every one of them will cook all things. From breakfast to lunch, dessert and everything in between, you’ll fall in love quickly. Even frozen foods in the air fryer turn out much better than in the oven and much faster too.


Foodi you see here has a round shape, others are square. I prefer the latter if you ask me since most foods are not round, right? I mean…… By far the easiest thing you could start with would be toasting in the air fryer.

ninja foodi air fryer basket

Air Fryer Simple recipes

From macaroni and cheese to air fryer (yes you can) to vegetables, main courses and more, the possibilities are endless, I tell you. If you live in the desert it’s great because you don’t have to heat your entire kitchen to cook dinner. Live where it snows like us? You can still get crispy grilled foods without cooking outside where it’s wet.

If you don’t have one, this is the best air fryer on the market. We shared many recipes for Cosori air fryers here as well.

Just looking for Ninja Foodi air fryer recipes? No problem, all this will work with that pot too. We are not biased towards branding. I myself have some of them and break between them often.

What are the best foods to cook in an air fryer?

Well, that would depend on who you actually asked. In our opinion fry everything!! Seriously, you can even make things like air fryer sauce in it. I know, game changer, right? Do you have leftovers? This is the best way to reheat the chicken to keep it moist.

I will say that there is nothing I have tasted in it that has not turned out delicious. So I do it all. I even cook frozen foods in an air fryer all the time too. For dinner or a side dish like frozen cauliflower from the air fryer, it’s a real game changer.

  • When I find out the exact time and temperature that is best, I share it here with you. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can come back often.

To make frozen foods like a crispy batch of tater tots, they come out soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It’s an easy way to make a side dish, the same goes for these silent air fryer puppies and frozen hashbrowns in air fryer.

Simple Air Fryer Recipes

Airfryer Recipes That’s

right, we even cook frozen foods in an air fryer because they come out MUCH better than in the oven. Truly, if you want your fries to taste and crunch like in the restaurant, this is the way to do it at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s breaded or not, everything gets a little crispy at the edges or everywhere.

If you want to try it, I’d start with a few things you’d normally bake, but not anymore! You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that with LESS time you will get a better result than if you waited 10 minutes for your oven to preheat and double or three times the cooking time.

You can even cook hard rock meat straight from the freezer too! From pork to beef, and how to cook frozen chicken. My kids like the frozen chicken feet in the air fryer with BBQ sauce on top! We also share mega tips here, like reheating chicken deals on Air Fryer and how much better it is than the microwave.

air fryer recipe

Easy air fryer recipes

Be prepared for crunchy, restaurant-quality foods like home. All the time! Simpler things like crunching your own taco shells in the air fryer can now only take minutes. Air fryer burritos are much better than store-bought ones because you can stuff all sorts of things for breakfast or dinner.

There are many styles of machines out there. Choose which one is right for you, but I’ll show you the main difference I’ve found.

  1. I would suggest getting one that has a square air fryer basket. It can fit MUCH more in it since most foods are not circular. 😉
  2. This is the machine I have and I like it a lot. With the preset buttons, it’s also quick and easy to clean.

I have a Ninja Foodi machine which is a pressure cooker and an air fryer which is also great. They all work basically the same way. The hot air rotates around the food, the fat drips away from the food and everything comes out great. The biggest difference is the size of the basket and the color of the machine on the outside.

What frozen foods can be cooked in an air fryer?

  1. If you don’t want to make homemade fries, we have instructions for frozen fries in the air fryer. These are a game changer. You will never bake them again after this.
    1. The frozen chicken deals in the air fryer
    2. are

    3. wonderful Use Rhodes rolls to cook this air fryer garlic bread too!

In addition to cooking air fryer corn dogs

and frozen mozzarella sticks in an air fryer in the best way in your kitchen. We share all the things you need to know to succeed here.

I also offer a bunch on my Ninja Foodi cookbook if you want to print it.

Easy Air



We’ll show you how easy frozen fries are in the air fryer below. They pair very well with our chicken leg quarters of the air fryer. We also love a duo of carrot fries with chicken.

Want to do something your kids will love? Try a homemade hot pocket with the ingredients you like. Our cordon bleu chicken air fryer is one of our favorite air fryer snacks served with air fryer style turnip fries. For a high-protein option, you can give our edamame air fryer a twist.

I highly recommend making canned meat from the air fryer all year round, not just in the month of February. I make this marinated meat all year round because it’s so good. If we have leftovers, I love it even more. The next day I can make a batch of canned beef hash for breakfast!

What can you cook in an

air fryer

? The frozen pizza in the air fryer and the chicken nuggets are great in just a few minutes. Your kids will love both for sure.

  1. Want to know how long to cook frozen burger in an air fryer? We have that too.
  2. Even frozen chicken wings in the air fryer

  3. and frozen chicken breasts in the air fryer are possible.
    1. Try to cook frozen fish in the air fryer to perfection.

Do you have fresh meat? Buy half a cow as we do at the beginning of each year. Here is a summary of air fryer meat recipes to check out.

Now let’s talk about fish recipes for air fryers! You can start with something easy as ready-made, packaged and cooked at home. Something like frozen popcorn shrimp in the air fryer is the easiest. MUCH better than baked in the oven, they become super crispy in just a few minutes.

Our buttery air fryer scallops and air fryer fish tacos are to die for everyone. If you want more snacks, try these air-fryer-filled mushrooms.

The frozen shrimp from the air fryer come out great with a light layer of parmesan on top and roasted potatoes from the air fryer. Light without any actual breading, the seafood in the air fryer really turns out amazing. Then try our bang bang shrimp air fryer.

What can I do with my air fryer?

You can do the “regular” things like wings and frozen items. Well, the question I come back to is, what can’t you do in it? I haven’t really found anything, really. Even our tofu air fryer recipe is amazing.

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We used to make stuffed peppers in the oven, but not anymore! After making peppers stuffed with air fryer there is no other way.

Easy things to do at Air Fryer

Me has given me the ability to cook much healthier and home-cooked meals on a more regular basis. Now I could make a meal in some batches like: I often make

our air fryer chicken thighs with a

  • killer dry rubbing recipe + a few slices of air fryer bread with butter or air fryer zoodles
  • .

  • For a light breading option, our air fryer chicken katsu
  • is killer.

  • Frozen burritos in the air fryer are great for fast, but if you want healthy, give a twist to the acorn pumpkin from the air fryer or the pumpkin from the air fryer.

And my kids’ new favorite snacks are the cauliflower wings from the air fryer and this eggplant air fryer recipe! We have made homemade air fryer style mozzarella sticks too that were delicious with marinara.

Best Foods for

Air Fryer

eggplant air fryer

Healthy Air Fryer Meals

From breakfast, to lunch, dinner, snacks, and even sweets, you can do it all. From something simple like air fryer with soft hard-boiled eggs to more complex baking of uniform cakes, this is a game changer.

  • Air fryer pigs on a blanket are a quick meal. For a healthier option, give the jicama fries from the air fryer a twist.
    • And a Monte Cristo air fryer sandwich with frozen waffle fries from the air fryer are to die for.

The real game changer for us was when we figured out how to make ground air fryer!! He then used it to make ground beef egg rolls. I mean, the popcorn chicken for air fryer was a win, but this could be used for a multitude of recipes.

Throw it in a pot of spaghetti or make our favorite chili mac recipe. For a quick meal or a fun snack, make air fryer oysters that taste like they’re fried. You can even cook frozen salmon in an air fryer that comes out perfectly. Served with frozen okra in the air fryer, it is a complete and healthy meal.

The fat is drained to make it super lean, then throw it into spaghetti or make taco meat with it. Or use it to make a batch of air fryer gained tons!

Air fryer won tonAir

Fryer Meals

You know that those fried sandwiches that you are good at can make them much healthier but you don’t know the difference. Try our Chick Fil air fryer A chicken sandwich or you can pour some leftover meat into some air fryer sandwiches and you’ll be a believer too.

Our air fryer broccolini goes with almost everything as a healthy dish full of antioxidants.

  • If it’s breakfast or we want something light for lunch, you could make potatoes for breakfast from the air fryer. You can also add some air fryer SPAM into the mix with air fryer hash browns.
    • Do you like fish? Try our air fryer squid also sometime.

For something really easy, simply add a frozen cake to the air fryer and enjoy in less than 20 minutes. Or make some frozen pierogies in the air fryer with chicken.

We’ve made an air fryer chimichanga with shredded chicken or shredded pork inside before. Boy, those good guys were. For an Asian twist, try the sesame chicken from the air fryer which is rich in bold flavors.

<img src="" alt="you must try air fryer recipes

” />You must try air fryer recipes

Let’s talk parchment paper in an

air fryer

for a minute, okay? Do you need it and, if so, when? It is safe to use correctly and only at the bottom. Read this article if you’ve been wondering this very thing.

Looking for SPICY? Try the hot wings in the air fryer with this homemade sauce. If you’re anti-bone and want to try doing something like Wings N Things or Hooters offers, try the boneless wings of the air fryer. Both come out tender and juicy for dinner or a fun snack.

Air fryer wings

or chicken marinated with an air fryer with a batch of air fryer potato segments for dinner are always a winner. You can also make 1-2 barbecued chicken breasts with your favorite sauce.

Almost everything listed here takes less than 30 minutes, unless it’s a huge chunk of thick meat. We share here how to cook whole chicken wings in the air fryer AND how to reheat chicken wings in the air fryer as well. If you have leftovers, this is really useful!

If you need instructions for the gluten-free chicken wings from the air fryer, we also make them with Panko GF. Want a flour alternative to crunch like KFC? Use our recipe for fried chicken in flourless air fryer.

Is the air fryer healthier than the oven?

I wouldn’t say there’s much more benefit between these two devices, but your finger food will become crispier this way! And with things like frozen bacon from the air fryer, the fat drains away from your food! From cheese sticks to air-frying tuna burgers and everything in between, this can do it all, I tell you.

If you’re comparing a fryer to this one, there’s a BIG guilt-free health difference!

  • The benefit is that you’ll get the same crispy fried food without the need for oil (aside from maybe a spray on top).
  • This is my favorite olive oil spray that I use for almost all of these healthy air fryer recipes. For things like air fryer sausage burgers, it’s much healthier because the fat drains as it cooks. Appetizers made like air fryer
  • crab cakes

  • that would normally be fried Much less fat and calories this way.

You can air fry any and all vegetables you want. This method makes them tender, but with a little crunchy on the edges we love air fryer-style cauliflower fillets is a game changer.

Tasty air fryer recipes

Have you already tried ribs in air fryer or chicken skewers? They are excellent combined with air fryer pumpkin cubes.

You can use sauce in this thing. It will filter to the bottom, but still bake and caramelize like our air fryer Mongolian beef recipe.

Are air fryers safe?

I don’t see it any different than any other small kitchen appliance like a slow cooker or Instant Pot really. It is much safer than a fryer without worrying about spilling or splashing. And if there are only a few of you, it’s great for cooking Christmas meals.

You could say that for certain dishes it is better because you avoid oil splashes. As if you were going to fry is dangerous. With this if you put in some ground chicken meatballs from air fryer you get the same texture but no oil is needed.

  • You can even cook frozen too!! We make frozen chicken thighs for air fryers all the time and you’d never know they were rock hard minutes before.
  • Don’t want the extra calories outside? Try one of our chicken recipes for unbreading air fryer.
  • I share how to cook chicken in an air fryer here and all kinds of meat like the rump roast from the air fryer too.

Let’s talk about vacation and what to do if you only have 2 or 3 of you at home. It is NOT necessary to cook a whole bird. Instead, try turkey wings from the air fryer or a breast. Accompany it with a salad with air fryer croutons on top and dinner is served.

Like this air fryer

turkey breast or KFC copycat air fryer chicken breasts! If you make frozen dinners like chicken orange from the air fryer, it is much better than in the oven.

turkey breast air fryer

Quick Air Fryer Recipes

For more air fryer dinner

recipes and pairings like air fryer tuna fillet and vegetables, here are a few others we love. You can make a meal from a pot like our boiled shrimp air fryer where you do NOT need side dishes. A complete meal in itself.

Try our marinated air fryer roast

  • or air fryer roast with red air fryer potatoes cooked to a dorado with dill.
    • Or with a portion of potatoes and onions from the air fryer
  • My kids love the chicken chops in the air fryer because they can be hand-held and super tender. Add some roasted garlic from the air fryer on top as a touch of flavor or just bread. Served with air fryer cookies, they are great.
  • Make more of homemade air fryer corn dogs pretty quickly too, but not packaged.
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The meat of the air fryer can be cooked to be tender, and very good. We did this with air fryer breast with a dry massage that is sweet and salty. So great for dinner with a side of pumpkin and zucchini from the air fryer.

Now you want to do something that kids have fun with? Do you know how they love Flamin chips? Then use it and make a batch of Dorito air fryer wings one night! Want to use cheesy cookies instead? Try our Cheese It chicken deals instead!

Doritos Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

Cosori Recipes This

brand is one of my favorites because of the shape of the basket. Nice and big, square and dishwasher safe too. You can place plenty of ground turkey burgers from the air fryer inside without overlapping them. If you have a large fish fillet like wanting to make air fryer salmon or something, cut it in half. No problem.

Or serve with fish from the air fryer and beetroot from the air fryer

    for a healthy meal.

  • For a really cheap and quick dinner, try the air fryer’s bucket steak with some sweet potato cubes from the air fryer.

Time for breakfast for dinner? Try the pancakes from the air fryer for some time. Regular is always good with syrup, but you can make another version, our air fryer cauliflower pancakes as a garnish too.

Now, if you want a quick snack, we like the crispy and crunchy taquitos from the air fryer! Those were ready to make and frozen. If you want to make more than one homemade version, give our air fryer tacos a twist one night.

My daughters can make them on their own and they come out much better than in the oven or microwave. They will even make eggplant parm from the sliced air fryer for some fun snacks.

<img src="" alt="frozen foods

in the air fryer” />

What meals can I make with an air


If you have ground beef, make meatballs in the air fryer with baked potatoes on the side stuffed with all things! With the leftover potatoes, take out the means and puree. Then store in the fridge and air mash potato pancakes from the fryer the next day.

  • Or keep things simple and make egg rolls from the air fryer with a variety of dipping sauces aside
  • .

  • Spring rolls are really a complete meal if you add chicken or pork inside. The
  • air fryer teriyaki chicken

  • is beyond amazing, but the air fryer potato skins
  • are best for a snack

  • AND the Cornish hens from the really rock air fryer, alongside our favorite recipes from Air Fryer Tri Tip or Ribeye in Air Freider.

There are many different steak recipes because we cook a lot of beef. You can use the same dry massage to make air fryer flank fillet and all sorts of things.

Let’s talk some chicken here. You can make chicken fries in the air fryer for a snack or a fun idea for dinner. My girls love to try different sauces, but the barbecued chicken wings from the air fryer would be their favorite.

We love air-fried chicken thighs, which aren’t really fried but taste like they were. For a low-carb option, try our breading-free air fryer chicken recipe with Brussels sprouts.

Is the air fryer useful for vegetarians?

I think everyone really needs one. We eat meat, but we cook vegetables quite often because they come out tender on the inside but crispy on the outside like the fries in the air fryer. For things that cook fast, but don’t like soft, this is a great method. Take fried cabbage from the air fryer as an example. You’ll get a crunch like no other.

Snacks like chickpeas from the air fryer come out amazing and you can add vegetables to our air fryer quiche recipe for a meal. We also love the air fryer cheese curds with marinara.

  • Try something new once with the latkes of the air fryer! You can call them potato pancakes, but these are a little different and crispy.
  • You can do all sorts of things with different taters, like our air fryer sweet potato slices
  • If you’re forgetful, you can still make a great dinner. Check out our frozen chicken loins at Air Fryer as a great example of this.

We use vegetables like the artichoke from the air fryer as a garnish usually. If I just want something light, you have been known to only eat a bowl of spicy zucchini chips for fryer.

You can serve those with air fryer turkey legs

, air fryer turkey neck or just about anything really. Our spinach fries from the air fryer or buttered versions are great choices.

crispy turkey legs

100 Air


recipes Frozen dumplings in an air fryer topped with BBQ sauce are a fun appetizer, or throw them in spaghetti for dinner. That’s right, you can cook directly from the freezer to make it tender and delicious. Even vegetables work well as we show in this post on how to cook frozen asparagus in the air fryer.

Sometimes when I want to make kids fun after school, the air fryer spam fries are. If I think everything they’ve been eating all day is garbage, I’ve gotten them to love fish. I know, strange but true. However, if you give our melted tuna air fryer a spin, you might as well fall in love.

What is the difference between an air fryer and a toaster oven?

Air fryers have a single fan and heating element at the top of the oven. Some toaster ovens may have an air fryer function, but they usually have heating elements at the top and bottom.

We have one that we tried for a while, but ended up breaking up and buying a standard machine.

It works better. Some MFPs work well, I don’t think this combo is that good. I suggest buying ONLY an air fryer versus a crunchy one as well. The biggest difference with the new tapas is that it’s a small area to “fry” so you can’t cook much and with things like frozen sausage from the air fryer you won’t get it as golden.

Some things can be cooked and crunched in a countertop oven. The directions of the frozen tilapia air fryer in both would be quite similar, except for a much messier cleaning. The frozen cod in the air fryer would be the same.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Recipes

We’re not done yet, though, and it doesn’t matter what brand is on the outside of your hot air machine. We have many more EASY instructions for all types of foods as well. Things like cooking Italian sausages fryer-style is one we often use on busy days. Accompany with some vegetables and dinner is served.

We have more to share, like how to make fried chicken steak and more. If finger food isn’t your fantasy and you really want to have a “fancy dinner,” I get it. Maybe some lamb chops for air frying are more your style.

  • Do you have children? Make a batch of hot dogs from the air fryer or fried chicken from the air fryer.
  • Mine love healthy things like apples from the air fryer or apple chips from the air fryer.
  • Then follow up with some air fryer zucchini bread and air fryer banana bread as well.
  • Air fryer peppers are great as an accompaniment, or throw onions out of the air fryer with fajitas beef.

The pizza rolls in the air fryer are my god better than any other method. When it comes to something frozen, you’ll be surprised at how good it is. Even hot dogs frozen in the air fryer are tender but crispy on the outside. Perfection I tell you.

AirFryer Meals

It took a while to realize this, but you can indeed use wet dough in your machine! There’s a catch, of course, but you should try our recipe for battered fish with air fryer beer to see. For snacks, these are delicious and fun to eat. Side with avocado fries for a winning dinner or appetizers.

If you haven’t made bacon for air frying yet, I suggest you do it. It’s much better than placing your own fat as it falls through the holes. Eat with some eggs as they are or make a fun air fryer bruschetta and turn it into little breakfast toast someday.

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I grew up eating a lot of fish. Now that I have children I cook it a lot and they love it too. When we made the teriyaki salmon air fryer, it was a huge success from the start!

  • Or spring for some air fryer pork belly with some zucchini corn fritters
  • .

  • If you want to bake or use another method other than frying, you can do so. We did this with our homemade naan recipe.
  • The breaded pork chops in the air fryer are amazing with sauce on top.

For an appetizer,

brunch or appetizer, I would give our air fryer calamari a twist. Just take some frozen rings and they are super easy to cover and cook.

how to make fried squid

How to convert baked air fryer recipes

I will say that nowadays most frozen foods will have both on the back now. If you want to convert one to another, either way, it is very similar. Use the same temperature, but the oven will take longer than the other. Therefore, the time will only have to be modified accordingly. Start with half the oven for Cosori or double upside down.

An easy lunch is to throw some frozen chicken burgers into the air fryer. They are tender on the inside but crispy on the outside. Then serve with the air fryer crush the potatoes.

  • Make a batch of coconut shrimp for dinner with Hasselback potatoes or green beans from the air fryer, and your kids will love it
  • .

  • If everything you can find is frozen when it comes to vegetables, no problem. We share how to cook them, like frozen asparagus from the air fryer and more on our site.
  • You’ll also love our chicken wings with lemon and pepper from the air fryer.

If you like all seafood, I would make our fish air fryer and chips. You can use frozen steaks, stick, tater tots or chips. Or use fresh fish nuggets for our air fryer. You can also make real fries with noodles with this pasta fried fryer recipe here.

fish and chips

Easy AirFryer Recipes

No matter what brand you have, you can make them all in any of them. Just like the chicken wings of the Instant Pot air fryer can be made in a Cosori, Foodi or airwave, it doesn’t matter. The same goes for the air fryer pike perch recipe.

Try crispy chicken feet in the air fryer with broccoli in the air fryer or sweet potatoes for victory. It’s a great way to cook poultry or really meat of any kind. Then you can get the inside very wet, but the outer skin can also become super crispy. The same goes for the turkey thighs of the air fryer.

  • When people come, I’ve made this baked air fryer brie, which is so amazing I can’t even tell you
  • .

  • Kids love the chicken fajita tacos for air frying for dinner full of peppers and onions.

A lot of times when my kids want a quick snack, it’s homemade beef, grilled cheese, or air fryer quesadillas to win.

The best air fryer recipes

You can simply add some salt and pepper, or our homemade dry massage to this salmon in

the air fryer and it comes out perfect every time.

Wash fresh kale and throw it away with some seasonings to get the best kale chips in the world.

If you haven’t tried air



  • , that’s also a winner.
  • Wrap the bacon around an air fryer fillet and WOW!
  • Even roasted pumpkin seeds are crispier in this magic basket!

And making a whole chicken in an air fryer has never been easier. Much better than the grill.

Chicken recipes

Air fryer

Then let’s move on to something like chicken parmesan from the air fryer. It’s simple and gets that crunch on the outside you love. If you use our Air Fryer Chicken Wings baking powder cooking trick, you’ll never come back.

The fried shrimp with air fryer are delicious with Old Bay seasoning which I love. If you like spicy, give the chicken firecracker from the air fryer a twist. Paired with fried ravioli without oil is great.

  • Zucchini jars can be made with cheese or meat. Either way, it’s simple to make and also very cheap.
    • Make the air fryer with hard-boiled eggs and make egg salad for lunch.
  • An easy way to make air fryer fajitas is to simply mix with seasonings and cook!

Want to make the unusual amazing? Give our chicken sweetbreads a twist for frying air. Never know what to do with those things in the bag you take out of a whole chicken? Now it does! Of course, you can also do a lot of things with breasts and thighs. We love the pesto chicken from the air fryer with this favorite sauce.

Air fryer

recipes for kids

If you want a really cheap meal, you can make air fryer omelette pizzas! Skip the dough or crust and simply use one already made directly from the bag. Crunchy and delicious.

  • This semi homemade air fryer pizza is a favorite with a quick cooking time. My kids will even make frozen crab cakes in the air fryer after school, which are delicious.
    • You can also make it as a warm pocket of the air fryer that is fun for kids to eat
  • .

  • Chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese are out of this world with roasted cauliflower.
  • I love the filet mignon from the air fryer with our dry massage

Our air fryer

pork chop recipe with air fryer pickles is amazing.

You can read our article about the recipes of the Ninja air fryer if you have that specific machine. However, many are listed here. That’s the same way as any other singular air fryer. With that you can get really crispy reddish fries, lightly coated chicken, desserts and more.

Can you make dessert in an air fryer?

yes!! This sticky air fryer cake is a great example of perfection. Or make a small batch of air fryer cookies after dinner.

  • French toast from the air fryer can be for the morning or after dinner really.

Want a small batch of air fryer cupcakes? You can make only 6 at a time or all 18 and never have to heat your oven.

The monkey bread from the air fryer could be dessert or breakfast! And during the fall you have to try our recipes for air fryer pumpkin pie or air fryer pumpkin bread that you see here.

Air Freir Pumpkin pies

Air fryer desserts

But wait, there’s more…. For one, you can make tons of different combinations with the idea of making egg rolls for dessert. Use cake filling, chocolate, a banana slice or our cheesecake filling to make a lot. We’ve even made the best crispy apple on this handy machine.

  • Stuff our 2-ingredient bagels with strawberry cream cheese for a morning treat.
  • Make semi-homemade air fryer dumplings or air fryer apple egg rolls with apple pie filling! Or use fresh fruit and make some air fryer peaches for dessert some night.
  • Air fryer

  • ginger cookies
  • are the pump

  • You can find more air fryer dessert recipes like air fryer brownies and more here
  • Homemade air fryer apple fritters are fun to make with your kids.

Air fryer doughnuts

are easy with this semi-homemade recipe, or use refrigerated cookies to make cookie doughnuts. For thin options, you can also go with churros stuffed with air fryers.

Looking for an easy and healthy snack? Try our recipe for air fryer with sweet potato chips. Or add a few frozen egg rolls from the air fryer someday.

We also love the stickers on the air fryer. You can make them homemade or frozen too. If you do the latter, I suggest wrapping it in damp paper towels for a few minutes. Then sprinkle the basket and heat to 400 until golden and crispy.

Air fryer recipes Here are the air fryer breakfast recipes Air fryer snacks are

  • useful to have on hand
  • For a healthy angle, our list of air fryer fish recipes

  • has been popular or some low carb air fryer recipes
    • are also here
  • src=”” alt=”easy air fryer recipes” /> easy air fryer recipes

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