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This easy coleslaw recipe is really the best! The creamy, tasty dressing and crunchy vegetables make it totally irresistible.

This coleslaw recipe is so good that it will top your list of “foods I love.” It’s crunchy, it’s salty, it’s creamy, and it’s spicy and sweet. When we first did it, I realized: I don’t just like coleslaw, I love coleslaw. This recipe is totally balanced in sweet and savory flavors, with the fresh crunch of cabbage and carrot. It also has a healthy twist: there’s no refined sugar and less mayonnaise than most cabbage salad recipes. We find ourselves going back to the fridge for seconds and thirds. Here’s the recipe: and bonus, we have a video showing you how to crush cabbage – the right way.

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What is the definition of coleslaw?

Cabbage salad is simply


shredded cabbage salad mixed with a dressing. It can be a vinaigrette (as in our vinegar cabbage salad) or a mayonnaise-based dressing. Here in the Midwestern United States, it seems like every family has its own cabbage salad recipe! So making the “best” or “right” coleslaw is pretty subjective.

Interestingly, my family didn’t make a ton of coleslaw when I was growing up. But he was always present at picnics and shared meals throughout my childhood. There are many versions of a coleslaw recipe: from the vinaigrette version to the super sweet type that’s so creamy it’s hard to even eat a few bites.

Why is

this the best coleslaw recipe

What about this easy coleslaw recipe that makes it “the best”? Well, Alex and my favorite type of coleslaw is a creamy coleslaw. So we came up with this best coleslaw dressing – it has tons of flavor and a healthy twist too. Here’s what makes it “the best”:

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  • has less mayonnaise than standard coleslaw. We love the nostalgia for creamy coleslaw, so we’ve used mayonnaise here. But it’s less mayonnaise than the standard recipe! It’s enough to get that tasty salty taste.
  • The sweetness is balanced. A good coleslaw recipe has a balance of salty and sweet, but it can’t be too sweet! Some coleslaw recipes are loaded with sugar. This one has just the right amount.
  • It has secret spices for victory: chili powder and dill! Using these two ingredients in a coleslaw recipe is not standard. But while they’re not part of the typical coleslaw, using them here adds a unique savory background that truly makes it the best of them all.

What else to do with cabbage? Go to our best cabbage recipes.

How to Make

Cabbage Salad

This homemade coleslaw recipe has just a few simple steps to make it! This coleslaw is great fresh, but you can also store it for 3-5 days in the fridge (cabbage will become less crispy over time). Here are the basic steps


  1. Step 1: First you will need to crush the cabbage and carrots (you can buy a previously crushed cabbage salad mixture, if desired).
  2. Step

  3. 2: Whisk the creamy coleslaw dressing, made with mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, chili powder and dill.
  4. Step 3: Mix everything together in a large bowl.

Video: How to Cut


The only challenging part of making a coleslaw recipe is how to cut cabbage! Alex and I have recently learned a trick to cutting cabbage that makes it much easier to cut. Before knowing this trick, he hacked a cabbage until he got some “tatters”. Sometimes my knife would slip and they were super uneven. This trick makes this cabbage salad or cabbage salad recipe a breeze:

  1. remove any outer layers of cabbage that look hard or not fresh, and throw them away. Using a large chef’s knife, cut the root of the cabbage.
  2. Cut the cabbage in half through the stem. Then cut it into quarters.
  3. Remove the root of the cabbage by cutting it with two diagonal slices.
  4. Finely cut the cabbage in the short direction, using a circular motion with the knife.
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Cabbage salad variations

Love coleslaw but want more than just classic? Once you’ve made this coleslaw recipe, make all these tasty variations:

  • Red cabbage salad This side dish has a short list of ingredients and comes together in an instant.
  • Easy vinegar Cabbage salad This one has no mayonnaise! This spicy vinegar dressing is a perfect pair for crispy cabbage.
  • Mexican Cabbage Salad Go Mexican style with this salad that contains lime, cilantro and cumin. (It’s perfect in tacos!)
  • Easy cabbage salad All you need are 6 ingredients, and the sour taste makes it a total treat for the crowd.
  • Broccoli salad Why not make coleslaw… with broccoli stalks? This variation is irresistibly fresh and crunchy.

Are you convinced to try our easy cabbage

salad recipe? Want to try your hand at our method of cutting cabbage? Let us know if you try it and what you think in the comments below!

This cabbage salad recipe is…

Vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free. For vegan and plant-based, use vegan mayonnaise.


Looking for side dishes?

Outside of this coleslaw recipe

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Last updated: June 2020

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