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Country style pork ribs slow cooker recipe

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Slow-cooked country-style pork ribs fall off the bone tender and juicy. Topped with a rich sauce flavored with garlic, honey, soy sauce and chili powder, Crock Pot Country Style pork ribs are perfect for weekday meals or weekend gatherings. Why head to your local BBQ when you can make delicious ribs at home?

<img src="×1024.jpg" alt="Clay pot filled with country-style pork ribs

served with a fork.”


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Are you ready for an easy and tasty country-style pork rib recipe? If so, stay with me!

Like my popular Crock Pot chicken thigh recipe, this new creation with pork ribs has proven to be a winner


Fleshy, country-style pork ribs are cooked slowly and slowly in the clay pot, causing them to fall from the tender bone. The simple sauce, made with ketchup, honey, soy sauce, with a splash of vinegar, is perfectly seasoned and infuses the ribs with an incredible flavor while cooking.

This Crock Pot style pork rib recipe gives you all the things you love about barbecue without having much trouble. No grills, no smoking and no need to turn on the oven. You get all the wonderful flavor of the BBQ ribs from the slow cooker at any time of the year.

Plate full of country-style pork ribs sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Ingredients you need to make this recipe

  • Bone-in pork ribs Country style
  • Olive oil
  • Tomato
  • sauce Soy sauce

  • Soy sauce
  • Red wine or apple cider vinegar
  • Honey
  • Garlic Onion
  • Powder

  • Chili
  • Powder

  • Powder Thyme Mustard
  • Dried Mustard
  • Fresh Parsley What
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size clay pot

is recommended?

This recipe calls for 3-4 pounds of country-style pork ribs, so you’ll need a larger clay pot. I recommend using a 7- or 8-quart slow cooker so that the ribs are not piled up in the pot.

Country style pork ribs in a cast iron pan that have been scorched for cooking.What are “country style” pork ribs


The interesting thing about

country-style pork ribs is that they are not actually ribs at all. They are a cut of pork, made from the end of the loin. Since the cut comes from the shoulder, the texture is like you’d find in shredded pork. Bone-in “ribs” look like individually cut pork ribs, but you can also find them boneless.

Do you need to seal the ribs before cooking?

For this recipe, it is really better to get a good seal on the ribs. It helps impart extra flavor. I use a cast iron skillet (so it screams hot) to brown the ribs. Work in 2 batches so that the ribs do not touch while singing the meat and fat.

How long are pork ribs cooked in the clay pot?

To make sure the ribs are super tender and loaded with flavor, I recommend simmering them for 8 hours. You can shorten the time and cook for 6-7 high.

Pot of country-style pork ribs cooked in a tasty sauce in the clay pot.

What to serve

with country-style pork ribs

This recipe really is a cat of all trades when it comes to ways to serve it. Actually, you might come up with reasons (wink, wink) to do so!

  • Classic Scalloped Potatoes Air Fried
  • Cranberry

  • Potato Segments
  • Pecan
  • Caprese Salad Pasta (Fresh and Easy)
  • Black Bean and Corn Sauce
  • Broccoli Apple Salad

  • Blue Cheese Salad
  • Cabbage
  • Salad Instant Pot Garlic Herbs Rice
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Bone in Crock Pot Country Style Ribs served with sauce just like your favorite BBQ joint.


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