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To my cookies who are not familiar with Cajun cuisine, let me introduce you to a delicacy here in Louisiana. The crab of the marshes. Nothing brings people together more than a good ole Crawfish Boil down here! Listen, these little red saplings bring a different kind of joy to our hearts! I can’t even explain the taste. But, let me try… It’s like a mini lobster with 100 times more flavor! Of course, everyone here has their own way of boiling. You know I had to find the easiest method that also tastes the most! This is how I prepare my Crawfish Boil and bless my parents!

Clean them


Your crayfish sack is going to be dirty! Don’t be alarmed. They come from the swamp. Therefore, a little dirt is expected. We pour them into a large refrigerator and place the water hose inside it. Then, open the drain hole. Let the water run for about 20 minutes or until the water in the refrigerator is clean.

You should be able to see the marsh crab clearly. You also want to remove any dead crayfish you see floating around. If their tails are straight, they have gone to glory. Throw them away! You definitely don’t want to eat a crayfish that gave up the ghost before hitting that hot water. Brute!

When filling your boiling pot with water, be sure to fill it about 2-3 inches above halfway.

Fair enough!

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You know I’m a flavor girl. I worked really hard making sure these crabs were seasoned to perfection. You want them to have the right amount of kick. If they are too spicy, it is difficult to enjoy them. You want them jusssssst right! You know, like Goldilocks that breaks and goes in behind. Anyway, I like to season well! I use a mixture of seasonings to boil Zatarain’s and Louisiana Fish Fry Products. Both are amazing tasting brands! I also add an 8-ounce bottle of boiling liquid. The garlic and onion flavor is a little less spicy than the original concentrate. Add just the right amount of kick. If you like extra and spicy crayfish, add another bottle.

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I know what you’re thinking. “Coop, what the hell?” But, listen, you know if I don’t know anything else, I know how to add flavor to some foods, okay? So, trust me in this. DO NOT skip this chicken broth! Also, don’t skip the butter. Because, well, butter makes every damn thing good!


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And don’t be shy about vegetables and citrus fruits. They get a lot more out of the boil! And a secret, it must have an ingredient: vinegar. Natural vinegar, white, distilled. One cup will do. This makes marsh crab shells easier to peel. It also calms the smell. The smell of crawfish can remain on your fingers long after washing your hands. This little splash of vinegar takes care of that! You can even eat them inside your home without worrying about stinking your walls and furniture. Thank God for the vinegar!


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Cool Off

The most important part of boiling, aside from choosing the right amount of seasoning, is the cooling/soaking process. The marsh crab boils super fast! Within 5 minutes, they will be beautifully red and floating on top of the pot. This is when you need to lower that temperature. 150°F is ideal for soaking. Adding frozen corn and sausages helps. But, you need to do more to lower the temperature fast enough. If not, the marsh crab will overcook and turn into porridge. Some like to add ice. I don’t recommend it because ice can dilute the boil and take away some of the flavor we worked so hard to build. I use the Boil Boss! It is an innovative and easy-to-use ring that connects to your water hose. It works amazingly! It lowered my boil from 220°F to 150°F in just over 3 minutes! It also blocks juice. I had the juiciest crayfish of my life using this thing! Get yours here (NOT SPONSORED):

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It is said that when the marsh crab sinks to the bottom of the pot, it has absorbed as much flavor as possible. But, I find that the longer it soaks, the more spicy they become. So, test while you soak. I soaked for about 40 minutes. As the Boil Boss lowered the temperature, I didn’t have to worry about my excess crayfish. He assigned them a lot of extra soaking time.

I was intimidated by boiling crayfish. But, there is none of that! Just follow my instructions and watch the video until you’re ready to confidently tackle your first boil. You can do it! And just look at the reward!!

Happy Boiling,

B. Coop



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