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slow cooker turkey breast is undoubtedly the easiest, safest and tastiest way to cook brine-free turkey breast. It is moist and juicy, takes 3 minutes to prepare, then let it cook in its slow cooker (clay pot). Then use the juices to make a killer sauce!

Even if it’s your first time, you can rely on this turkey breast recipe – it’s been viewed over 3 million times and has hundreds of rave reviews! ❤️

<img src="" alt="Overhead photo of slow cooker turkey breast

on a white plate with some carved slices, drizzled with sauce” /> Slow cooker turkey

breast Turkey breast

is notoriously lean Therefore, the only way to guarantee that it comes out juicy if you roast it in the oven is brine – dry or wet brine. If you don’t it, even if you use a meat thermometer, it’s extremely difficult to grill turkey breast perfectly.

I created this slow cooker turkey breast after trying a handful of turkey breast recipes and being disappointed by the soft-looking skin, jerky meat, and mediocre sauce. So I threw away everything I had read and decided to create my own version using a slow cooker. This is by far the juiciest turkey breast I’ve ever tasted, with no brine. And my friends agreed!

It’s almost magical how such a simple recipe can produce such extraordinary results. Wet turkey with an amazing taste and a sauce that is out of the ordinary!

<img src="" alt="Sauce poured over slow cooker turkey breast slices"


How to Make Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

I promised you easy, and easy it is! Here’s how it goes down:

  • spread the turkey with a simple magic massage

  • ;

  • Place in a slow cooker on a bed of onion and garlic (these season the juices coming out of the turkey and form the base of the sauce + keep the turkey elevated from the liquid while cooking slowly);

  • Cook slowly for 5 to 6 hours

  • ;

  • Grill briefly or bake to crunch the skin; then

  • use slow-cooker juices to make a killer sauce. It’s amazing because it’s essentially made with the best homemade broth: turkey juices!

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PS That’s a multifunction kitchen you see. I use the slow cooker feature for this recipe.

<img src="" alt="How to make

slow cooker turkey breast” /> Slow cooker turkey breast tips! Turkey breast type: The bone in or

  • boneless turkey breast is fine. The skin is recommended because the fat under the skin melts while the turkey is cooked and smears the turkey (helps with taste and moisture). Skin is also required to get that beautiful golden and seasoned bark you see in the photos.

  • Single or double breast? Either is fine. These photos show a single turkey breast. See here what a double turkey breast looks like (on the bone, also called turkey bufa or turkey crown)

  • What size? Turkey breast differs drastically in size: they can range from 1.5/3 pounds to more than 5 kg/10 pounds! The beauty of this recipe is that it will work for any size of turkey breast, as long as it fits in your slow cooker! Note the different cooking times in the recipe.

  • A great massage goes a long way with turkey breast! Not only does it add flavor, but it seasons the broth and gives the turkey breast great color!

  • How long to cook the turkey breast in

  • the slow cooker – A 2kg/4lb turkey breast will take around 5 to 6 hours in LOW in a slow cooker. See recipe notes for cooking times for other sizes.

  • How to tell when turkey breast is made – When the internal temperature is 165F/75C. That’s perfectly cooked optimal juiciness, allowing for a slight increase in temperature while the turkey rests.

  • Elevate the

  • turkey breast with a garlic and onion cut in half to ensure even cooking because otherwise the breast will be half submerged and poached in liquid (you will be surprised at how much liquid the breast seeps while cooking)

  • crispy skin under the grill. The extra flavor you get is worth it, and it only takes a few minutes.

  • Use

  • slow cooker juices for GRAVY – turkey juices are loaded with flavor and are the best broth to make an absolute killer sauce

  • !

  • Slow Cooking is INDULGENT! Due to the low temperature, there is much less risk of drying out the turkey from overcooking. So even if the turkey is in the slow cooker for 1 or 2 hours longer than necessary, it will still be lovely. Also, frankly speaking, that sauce can save anything. Anything!

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Prefer ROASTED turkey breast? Use this roasted turkey breast with garlic butter and herbs.

Overhead photo of slow-cooker turkey breast on a white plate, with sauce on the side What to serve with turkey Turkey breast

is often a centerpiece for the holidays in many homes around the world. So with that in mind, here are some side dish suggestions for Thanksgiving and Christmas menus!

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Traditional Thanksgiving accompaniments for turkey

Holiday accompaniment suggestions

A safe recipe, even for beginners

I know it can be stressful, trying a new recipe, especially if you’re new to cooking, and it’s a centerpiece for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

But you can be confident in this slow cooker turkey breast recipe. It’s been viewed over 3 million times since I first posted it, there are hundreds of fantastic reviews, it’s a simple recipe, and there’s a recipe video below to guide you step by step.

And in all honesty, the worst-case scenario? Your turkey goes a little over and is not as juicy as you expected. Of course, I’m doing everything in my power to help avoid this, including sending virtual positive vibes. 😂

But if it does, don’t worry! That turkey sauce is so incredibly good, it will totally make up for it! – Nagi x

See how to make

it SLOW POT: Many people have said that my slow cooker looks like a pressure cooker. They’re actually correct, it’s a slow cooker and a pressure cooker in one (but no, it’s not an instant cooker). It’s called Breville Fast-Slow Cooker (it’s an Australian product). I use the slow cooker feature for this recipe.

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Originally published November 2016. Updated for some November 2019 cleaning tasks, with no recipe changes.



This is what

a turkey coma looks like.

Dozer the golden retriever dog in a turkey food coma

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