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Cuban pork recipe slow cooker

Throw everything in the pot, then return home with the most delicious slow cooker of Cuban pork, also known as Lechón Asado. The recipe for the best marinade and beans included. Under effort, maximum satisfaction.

Cuban-style pork and black bean on top of white rice, two lemon slices.

This recipe is an attempt to recreate a delicious Cuban roast pork from our local restaurant. The tender, melted meat in the mouth with rice and black beans, served topped with fried plantains is one of our guilty pleasures.

It’s the kind of food that feels like you’ve come home. Even if you’ve never eaten it before, it’s easy to fall in love with it. It’s the best thing about comfort food!

This recipe is adapted for Three Guys from Miami’s slow cooker and their Cuban-style Roast Piglet or Pork recipe.



pork Cuban roast piglet that we came to love has an incredible taste. And don’t even make me start with the texture!

For the most part it is tender and juicy pork. But every now and then you would find yourself a little crispy from being too close to the edge of a pan to roast. Finding a few of those on your plate feels like winning a lottery!


traditionally roasted in an oven or even grilled on a covered grill, it was ready to use a slow cooker. It’s easy, convenient, and makes delicious food accessible to everyone!


wasn’t willing to compromise on crunchy chunks, so I was always glad to see the pork come out beautiful. And the texture was perfect.

One of the

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things you can do to recreate the crispy chunks is to spread your pork on a baking sheet and put it under a grill in the UK for a minute or so. Take care of your meat carefully, so it doesn’t burn!

Cuban pork slow cooker

La Marinada

Without a doubt, the most important part of this recipe is the marinade. A mixture of citrus, onions, garlic, oregano, black peppercorns and olive oil gives pork its incredible flavor and softens it.

I let marinate in my fridge overnight so that the flavor fully develops. The next morning, simply add the pork with the marinade to your slow cooker and leave the slow cooker until dinner.

Cook smoothly at your best!

Serving Tips


pork is usually served with rice and beans. I’ve also included the bean recipe below. It is a simple, very economical and absolutely delicious accompaniment to your pork.

If you can track bananas, cut and fry them and add them to your pork and


A great way to use your leftovers is to make the famous Cuban sandwich.

Top and bottom view of shredded pork with black beans and rice

Can I freeze this

Cuban pork?

This slow-cooking Cuban pork recipe produces a lot of meat and the good news is that it freezes beautifully. It will keep well in your freezer for up to 1 month.

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This recipe was originally published on 11/2015. Updated and republished on 01/2021

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