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The Instant Pot chicken makes for an incredibly tender and tasty chicken in minutes! A quick and easy chicken recipe perfect for the beginner or expert!

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incredibly tender and tasty in minutes! A quick and easy chicken recipe perfect for beginner or

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the requests I’ve been getting for some time now has been, “Do you have any pressure cooker recipes?” And while we probably all remember those old pressure cookers that echoed and growled from our grandmother’s kitchens, newer models (both stove and electric) have definitely come a long way!

I thought I’d start by sharing one of my favorite pressure cooker recipes: this pressure cooker chicken. It has to be one of the ways I use my Instant Pot the most while getting fabulous results. It is also one of the easiest pressure cooker recipes. Perfect for those who have just received a pressure cooker and are dipping their toes into its use, as well as those who have had theirs for a longer period of time and just need a reliable recipe to get through week after week to help them dine at the table. This is the one!


Pot Chicken Recipe

Pressure cooker chicken makes chicken incredibly tender and tasty in minutes! A quick and easy chicken recipe perfect for beginner or expert pressure cooker! //

I have electric pressure cookers, from two different brands, which I love. One is from Cuisinart and the other is from Instant Pot. While the Instant Pot is a pressure cooker and more, I’m just talking about the pressure cooker aspects right now. Both the Cuisinart and Instant Pot have easy-to-understand control panels and, unlike watching grandma wear hers in the ’70s, I’ve always been comfortable wearing both. I also have a pressure cooker/stove canner and I mainly use it for canning.

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I recommend reading your user manual from front to back before you start using it so you understand the settings, ventilation procedures, and so on.

So, are you ready to dig deeper into this recipe? You won’t believe how easy it is!

How to Make an

Instant Chicken Recipe

Here’s how I do it, I throw away four boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts, add water, seal them, close the vent and set the pressure to high for 10 minutes. Then, after 10 minutes, I quickly release the pressure and remove the chicken. That’s all! From frozen to tender, juicy, delicious and almost like a miracle chicken in 10 minutes!


From then on, you can use your pressure cooker chicken any way you want. From serving it with garnishes to crushing it for use in all kinds of recipes. I like to do both!

I’ve shared with you before how I like to make shredded chicken for the week to use in recipes using my slow cooker, I still do. Sometimes I use the slow cooker and sometimes the pressure cooker and sometimes just bake it. It depends on the mood I’m in. My God before the possibilities!

Here is my printable pressure chicken recipe card. I hope you like it as much as we do!


thought I’d share with you some of my favorite ways I use my shredded pressure chicken.

Chicken enchiladas are a perfect weekday meal! Seriously, the BEST chicken enchiladas recipe and one that the whole family will love!

Chicken enchiladas. Mercy are the BEST chicken enchiladas I’ve ever had. I am completely spoiled by anyone else now.

<img src="" alt="White chicken enchiladas recipe

from” /> white chicken enchiladas

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. And boy does my family love this version too. Delicious!

<img src="" alt="Chicken

salad recipe |” /> Chicken salad

. And this has to be Bart’s favorite way for me to use pressure chicken! He could eat it every day and not complain!

Chicken Nachos - Quick, easy and delicious, These chicken nachos are always favorites! Chicken nachos

. Quick, simple and absolutely delicious, these nachos are always a favorite!

Chicken casserole and rice recipe Chicken and rice casserole

. Comforting and perfect to share with company, it’s hard to beat chicken and rice!

Buffalo chicken sauce. So everyone’s favorite appetizer on game day has become even easier. Love!

And many more chicken recipes, any that call for cooked chicken, actually.

enjoy! Robyn xo

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