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Tikka masala, Thai green or crispy katsu, there’s nothing like these chicken curry recipes to help put a smile on your face.

We’ve chosen 11 easy chicken curry recipes for all tastes, so whether you like hot and spicy or soft and creamy, we have the recipe for you.

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This classic Indian chicken curry recipe from Maunika Gowardhan has a fantastic punch flavor. Spiced with fresh ginger, cardamom and garam masala, it is an absolute joy.

Fresh, comforting and super tasty, Jamie’s version of a Nepalese curry is a guaranteed winner. The chicken thighs are marinated in a mixture of spices, yogurt and lemon, ideally overnight, to allow flavors to develop. Try!

Enjoy Jamie’s version of a Balinese chicken curry with a thick, fragrant sauce and tender chicken slices. Served with purple kale rice, it is an absolute waste of color and flavor.

The godfather of all curries, there’s a reason tikka masala is the nation’s favorite; Chicken breasts are marinated in traditional spices and cooked in a sweet and creamy cashew sauce. Absolute perfection.

With creamy coconut milk and plain yogurt, Jools’ easy chicken curry is perfect for kids, toddlers, or those who don’t like a lot of spices. The addition of lentils, spinach and canned tomatoes helps to get some vegetables in them as well.

This smooth,

smooth curry is on the table in just over half an hour, a mega weekday meal that everyone will love.

This rich and aromatic balti chicken is another Anglo-Indian dish you have to try. If you can, do it in advance to give all the wonderful layers of flavor a chance to develop, it will be worth the wait.

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Recreate a takeaway classic in your own home with this simple Thai curry recipe. Mushrooms add amazing texture, while making your own curry paste is guaranteed to give it maximum flavor.

Make your meal go further by using chicken and chickpea thighs in this beautiful yellow curry. Plus, by combining spices with inexpensive ingredients, you’ll have a great value dinner without compromising on taste.

Once you’ve prepared the pasta, you can let the oven do the work on this quick and easy curry recipe. Simply stir the coconut milk at the end and serve with a crispy carrot salad, simple as that.

Try preparing one of Japan’s favorite dishes at home with an epic katsu curry. Crispy breadcrumbs and a deliciously sweet and smooth sauce, this one is great if you have any curry skeptics among you.

Super Chicken Curry Garnishes


stop there: serve some really good side dishes to complement your curry. Master the perfect fluffy rice, or change it with this fragrant lemon rice recipe. Make your own naan to clean curry sauces, or these coconut breads to add extra sweetness, ideal for balancing spicy dishes. If you want to do your best, make your own chutneys: keep the classic stuff with mango, or try cilantro and mint for something a little different.

Hungry for more? Watch Chetna Makan cook her delicious chicken tikka masala recipe:

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