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cooker vegetable soup

This slow cooker vegetable soup is thick, filling, creamy and full of vegetables. It’s the perfect meal when you’re craving vegetables and comfort.

Save this vegan and gluten-free meal when you want an easy dinner option. Start in the morning and you’ll be ready by the time you get home from work. Potatoes and vegetables in a creamy sauce.

<img src="" alt="Vegan slow cooker

Chickpeas Tikka Masala” /> Vegan slow cooker Tikka

If you can throw things in a slow cooker, then you can make this

vegan tikka masala

. If dinner had an easy button, this recipe would be her. Combine all the ingredients and add them to the base of your slow cooker, stir and set. Can you believe how easy this is? Make a pot of steamed rice and heat some naan just before serving and ta-da; You have a healthy and delicious dinner that rivals any takeaway.

This slow cook meal is SO good and perfect for healthy weekday dinners. If you like Indian food, then you will love this simple tikka masala chickpea.

<img src="" alt="

Vegan slow cooker vegetable soup” /> Slow cook vegetable

soup The kind of soup that’s perfect for snow days, sick days, and days

when you crave vegetables but aren’t in the mood for a raw vegetable

. A very vegan

slow cooker

vegetable soup

that is packed with 7 different vegetables, protein-rich beans, and a salty broth. The best part about this soup is that it’s completely customizable for whatever vegetable you like in your soup, it doesn’t need to be too perfect in quantities. Throw it away, make sure there is enough broth to cover and let it simmer for hours on end.

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<img src="" alt="Slow Cook Taco Soup

” /> Slow

Cook Taco Soup

If you like my tortilla soup and are looking for a hands-off approach, this slow cook taco soup is for you.

The real beauty

of taco

soup ? The ingredients! Similar to a tortilla soup, I think I really like taco soup because you can add as many ingredients as you want. For texture lovers, I love the contrast of hot soup with grated cheese, creamy avocado and plenty of chopped fresh cilantro. If I have it, I’ll also add chopped fresh scallions, but I know almost any ingredient works. If you like in tacos, it should work in this soup.

<img src="" alt=

“Creamy vegan slow cook tomato soup in white bowl” /> Slow cooking vegan tomato soup

Comforting, filling and tasty: This slow-cooking tomato soup is one of my favorite simple foods

. Start by placing whole canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, broth, garlic, onion and spices at the base

of a slow cooker

and then cook over high heat for about 4-5 hours. Puree until creamy and smooth, then return to the slow cooker and add cashew cream or cream of your choice. Serve with chopped fresh basil and maybe an extra drizzle of cream on top. It’s that easy, simple and delicious.

Slow Cook Potato Curry Slow Cook Potato Curry

This Indian-style

slow cooking potato curry

is the best evening vegetable curry of the week. Hearty, rich and perfectly seasoned and packed with plant-based proteins and vegetables, it’s perfect for a cozy fall or winter meal. This slow-cooking potato curry is so filling and delicious that it’s like a giant hug. All our favorites are in this one: chickpeas, cauliflower, small potatoes and a creamy Indian-style coconut curry sauce.

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<img src="" alt=

“slow cooker pumpkin squash soup” />

Slow cooker

pumpkin squash soup Looking for a simple pumpkin

soup recipe? This butternut pumpkin slow cooker soup is perfect for autumn! Pumpkin, apples, onion, carrots simmered for hours and then pureed with creamy coconut milk. A soup to sip that is perfect for a quick lunch, but made even better with grilled apple and cheese sandwiches and served for dinner.

Simmered pumpkin, apples, onions and carrots with vegetable broth made creamy with coconut milk at the end for a rich and delicious pumpkin soup. Oh man, it’s incredibly decadent and delicious.

<img src="" alt="Slow cooker sweet and spicy dumplings

” /> Slow cooker sweet and spicy dumplings Sweet and spicy dumplings

made in the clay pot! These meatballs are packaged in a sweet and spicy pepper and pineapple sauce. So delicious and perfect for weekday dinners! Throw everything in a slow cooker and dinner will be ready when you are. Any kind of meatballs work here, I usually use Jack & Annie’s or Whole Food’s 365 brand frozen vegan dumplings.

What I like most about this recipe is how incredibly easy it is to put together. This dish reminds me of recipes you’d find on the back of a church cookbook. A real dump recipe; Throw everything away, turn it on, and dinner is ready a few hours later.

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