Instant Pot Pork Stew – An Easy Pressure Cooker Recipe

Diced pork pressure cooker recipes

This easy spicy Instant Pot pork stew makes a hearty weekday dinner. Pork is paired with tomatoes, beans and corn for a Southwest-inspired pot meal. Cooking it in the pressure cooker means dinner will be ready for your family in less than 45 minutes.

Soups and stews are some of my favorite dinners, because they are easy to make without much preparation. There are also an infinite number of possible variations, as you change vegetables, meats and cooking liquids.

All flavors are mixed for a delicious meal from a pot. And a pressure cooker allows you to have stew on the dinner table in much less time than if cooked in the slow cooker or in the oven – stews are one of my favorite things to make in my Instant Pot!

This Instant Pot pork stew

is a recipe I’ve turned from my favorite slow cooker pork stew recipe. This is one of my family’s favorite stews, and I’ve been doing it for years.

Once I got an Instant Pot I started using it a lot more than my slow cooker and now I prefer to make stews in the pressure cooker instead of the slow cooker


Instant Pot Pork Stew Ingredients

This stew uses pork as the main protein. Pork is excellent for stewing because it is tasty and does not become soft or dry when cooked under high pressure. The pork is flavored with Southwestern spices like cumin and chili powder for a stew that’s a little spicy.

What really makes this pressure cooker pork stew unique is that it is thickened with cornmeal instead of flour. The cornmeal gives it a Mexican or southwestern touch and really adds to the flavor of the dish.

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How to make pressure cooker pork stew

It is always better to brown the meat before making a stew. Browning caramelizes the meat resulting in a more complex flavor and better texture in the finished stew. So the first step to making pork stew is to brown the pork in oil and then deglaze the instant pot.

Deglazing is done by pouring the cooking liquid (water in this recipe) into the instant pot and stirring to make sure there are no golden pieces stuck to the bottom


Once the meat is golden brown, simply pour in all the remaining ingredients, except tomatoes and corn, and stir well. Then pour the tomatoes on top, without stirring.

Put the instant pressure cooker and let it cook under high pressure for 25 minutes. Deglazing and not removing tomatoes should reduce the chances that you will get an Instant Pot Burn error when making this recipe.

Do I need to brown the meat?

Now, although I just said that you should brown the meat, I will confess that sometimes I skip that step when I make this recipe. I don’t think dorado makes as much difference in flavor with pork as it does with beef.

So if I’m pressed for time, I’ll just stir the pork with all the other ingredients, top it with the tomatoes, and press the stew. I turned this from a slow cooker recipe that didn’t require browning pork, and it’s still very tasty, even if you skip the browning and deglazing steps.

After the pressure

cooker has finished cooking the stew, let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes and then release the remaining pressure manually. Then it’s time to stir the corn, put the lid back on and let it sit for a few minutes so that the flavors merge.

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What kind of pork should I use for stew meat?

Almost any type of pork can be used in this stew recipe. This includes:

Pork shoulder also called pork butt

  • or Boston butt – this is the traditional pork stew meat because it is cheap and has a lot of marble fat. I tend not to use this for stewing because I prefer to use a cut with less fat. I also think it’s harder to cut into cubes.
  • Pork loin – This is leaner and its smaller size makes it easy to cut, so I use it frequently.
  • Pork Loin – This is another great option and is nice and tender when cooked in stew.
  • Pork chops – Pork chops work well in this recipe, although they tend to be more expensive.

What kind of beans should I use in this stew?

My family and I love the black beans in this pressure cooker pork stew and that’s what I almost always use. I’ve also done it with pinto beans, which are also tasty.


haven’t tried the beans, but I’m sure it would taste good too. Basically, any type of beans that go well with Mexican cuisine would be appropriate for this recipe.


is a great home-cooked dinner that can be prepared at the Instant Pot on a busy weeknight that the whole family will enjoy. Sometimes I serve this stew over rice, but if I have time I prefer to make air fryer cornbread to accompany it.


like to garnish it with some green onions and jalapeños to spice it up, and I serve it with lots and lots of cilantro

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