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Memorizing food recipes can be daunting when you’re learning to play Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together.

When my family started playing Don’t Starve Together, we made a deal that we wouldn’t do too much research on the game since we didn’t want to spoil anything.

Since my partner and I were converts from Minecraft, we quickly assumed that Don’t Starve would be so simple to survive. We were also aware of how boring games could be if you knew too much about them or invested too many hours watching Let’s Plays.

So, as

you can guess, my family struggled to survive from hunger-related problems, such as not having enough health or not knowing how to grow enough meat for Wigfrid


My partner tried playing Warly once and quickly decided that Warly was too complicated and that we needed to start looking for food recipes if we wanted to control our hunger. Sanity and health.

Although there are several recipes in Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together, some methods are more beneficial for cooking than others. Not only are some recipes more beneficial to prepare than others, but some recipes won’t be available to you unless you pick up certain resources or end up with specific spawns.

The following are the best recipes you can make at Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together and how to cook them.



img src=”’t-starve-crockpot-recipe.jpg” alt=”” /> MEATBALLS

Hunger: 62.5

Sanitationand: 5


: 3

Clay pot recipes:

1 bite / monster meat, 3 berries 1 bite / monster meat, 3

eggs 1 bite / meat of


, 3


1 Morsel/Monster meat, 3 Ice (Kingdom of the Giants)

When to use Meatballs: Dumplings

will be your main food source, as they can be made with almost any filling. The only problem with dumplings is that they don’t provide much health compared to other foods.

For characters like Wigfrid, where health problems aren’t really a thing, you won’t need any other food. However, the meatballs will have to be combined with some other foods to make sure it heals.

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I’ll cover some of the foods you can use to heal yourself today; however, I’ll delve deeper into that topic very soon.


Hunger: 75

Sanity: 5

Health: 30

Clay pot recipes

: 1 monstrous meat, 2 bites, 1 honey 1 monstrous meat, 1 meat, 2 honey 1 monstrous meat, 1 meat, 1


, 1

stuffing (reign of giants)

Uses for honey ham:

Ham with honey is one of my favorite recipes for times when I starve and I can also use a supplement for my health. Still, if you need to heal yourself, I recommend using Papyrus and Honey to make Honey Poltices as they never expire.

Would you recommend this as your main food source? Still, dumplings are going to be the best way to get your food, but if you need a little extra health or want a variety of foods to eat, this is one for you!



img src=”’t-starve-crockpot-recipe.jpg” alt=”” />


Hunger: 75

Sanity: 5

Health: 20

Clay pot recipes:

1 bite, 1 monster meat, 2 small eggs 2

monster meat, 2 small eggs



, 1 Monster Meat, 1 Large Egg, 1 Stick

2 Monster Meat, 1 Large Egg, 1 Stick

When to Use Bacon and Eggs: If you have ways to get eggs,

bacon and eggs become a relatively reliable source of food and can completely replace dumplings. If

you’re playing with friends, or feel comfortable enough to hunt the tall birds alone, they tend to be one of the best ways to grow


. Just be careful because the recipe calls for one large egg or two small eggs. Since eggs can be a little harder to grow, you need to make sure you don’t waste them.

I would recommend using Monster Meat to make this food as bites can be used in better situations. I also find it much easier to grow monster meat instead of bites and would instead use it right away.


Hunger: 75

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Sanity: 5

Health: 40

Clay pot recipe: 1 dragon fruit, 3 twigs

Usage: Dragon Pie is more of a late game type of food, as it requires you to have multiple farms and a bird cage. I would recommend surviving at least your first winter before trying to start using dragon cake as a consistent form of food.

Dragon cakes are great because they take 15 days to spoil. Fifteen days without deterioration can be extremely useful, especially when you are going to kill one of the Giants or spend a few nights in the caves.

Dragon cakes have a high HP-restoring yield, and if you have enough seeds and manure, they can be your main food source (compared to dumplings). You can also substitute dragon cakes instead of the honey poultice, which I usually recommend for health.

Also, Dragon Pies are a great late game, as they can be taken around bunnies in caves, as they are a vegetarian dish.

Note: Dragon cakes are the best food for Wurt, as it is the highest yielding vegetarian food.


Hunger: 75

Sanity: 5

Health: 20

Clay pot recipes:

2 drumsticks, 1 monster meat, 1 berry 3 drumsticks, 1

berry 2 drumsticks

, 1 monster meat

, 1

cactus (reign of giants)

3 drumsticks, 1 cactus (reign of giants)

When to use

turkey dinner: Using turkey dinner

ultimately depends on your play style and honestly, I think turkey dinners are easy to cook

. We have a

few bases around the map, and they all have a varying amount of berry bushes that are full of Gobblers. You can also get drumsticks from Buzzards in Reign of Giants, which makes drumsticks a reasonably reliable resource.

Gulps can be a bit difficult to grow; however, they become straightforward when you place a berry in the ground and attack them while they are trying to eat.



Hunger: 150

Sanity: 5

Health: 12

Crock Pot Recipes:

1 monstrous meat, 1 meat, 2 bites 1

monstrous meat, 2 meat, 1 mushroom



or 4 Use of meat

for meaty stew:

The biggest advantage of meaty stew is the amount of hunger it gives you. It wouldn’t make meaty stews their main food source because they require too much meat and bites to cook, in my opinion.

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Meaty stews are great to keep in your ice box for difficult situations, especially in winter when you need a little more warmth. Meaty Stew will raise a player’s temperature by 25 degrees, so be sure to use it to your advantage, especially if you’re about to freeze.

If you’re struggling with sanity and need to sleep through the night, have a beef stew ready for you when you wake up. Most likely, fleshy stew will completely cure your character’s health, making meaty stews an excellent meal to sleep in.


Hunger: +150


: +

5 Health: +100

Clay pot recipe: 1 mandrake, 3 sticks

Use: Mandrake is a very, very limited ingredient and should only be used in emergencies or as a strategy when it comes to killing a strong enemy.

The only real advantage of making yourself a mandrake soup is that you won’t end up knocked out by eating the mandrake. Although being knocked out by the mandrake isn’t always a problem, there’s a chance that being knocked out in an area with mobs will eventually lead to your death.

Currently, the

best use for the mandrake is to create the pan flute, which has 10 uses and puts nearby mobs to sleep.


There is no shame in spending a full winter with meatballs alone. Meatballs fill the right amount of hunger and the resources needed to cook them are available in a number of ways.

The only problem with dumplings is that you will have poor health, especially if you take a lot of damage. Have some honey poultice or honey ham available for when you’re feeling depressed, and it should be like new.

So, I’m curious, what’s your favorite food? Do you find it easier to grow one resource over another? Let me know in the comments below!

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