Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice Recipe – A Pinch of Healthy

Easy red beans and rice slow cooker recipe

You’re going to love these red beans and rice in the slow cooker because it’s so delicious and easy!

You can do this by throwing all the ingredients into the slow cooker/clay pot in the morning, and poof! Dinner practically prepares itself.

How to make red beans and rice in slow cooker

First, gather your ingredients



For tastier results, always use the best quality ingredients you have access to. To make this recipe for red beans and slow cook rice, you will need the following:

  • onion
  • celery
  • pepper

  • garlic
  • chicken sausage andouille (or

  • your favorite andouille sausage
  • ) dried red beans (or

  • red beans also work well
  • )

  • salt and
  • pepper

  • white pepper (optional – still good without it)
  • hot sauce
  • thyme – fresh or dried
  • water
  • bay leaves 10 cups cooked rice (prepared just before serving)

Assembly of this recipe

After preparing/chopping and measuring your ingredients, simply add them to the slow cooker. Except for rice! I cook that just before serving at mealtime.

Slow cooking red

beans and rice

So how long does the red bean mixture need to be cooked? It depends on the settings you use.

At the top, you will have to cook for about 6 hours. On bass, you will need at least 10 hours. Of course, the slow cooker can vary a bit, so it wouldn’t hurt to plan a buffer time. The beans will stay warm for a while if needed, no problem. And if they need extra cooking time, make sure the pot is high and cook some more.

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My slow cooker (<- Amazon affiliate link) is one of my most commonly used kitchen appliances. It’s such a valuable tool for making really delicious food that it’s easy to set and forget. Perfect for busy people! Which one, aren’t we ALL?

Side note: If you want to make this dish faster (like less than 2 hours, starting with dried beans), check out my Instant Pot red bean and rice recipe!


I mentioned, I cook the rice just before mealtime so it’s ready in time to serve. I have a rice cooker, but you can also prepare it on the stove.

Serve with some diced green onion, extra hot sauce if desired, and a side of Southern pan cornbread.

Important cooking tips and notes

: You don’t have to soak your dried beans ahead of time! Yes, you heard me right. This LA Times article explains why.


rinsed mine, but I did NOT soak them, and this turned out perfect. I also use this same method for my slow-cooking black bean soup, and it’s also a gem of a recipe.

Note: Since they are not pre-soaked, you will need to allow enough time to cook. I would suggest at least 10 hours on low, or at least 6 hours on high. This may vary a bit if your slow cooker is different from mine.

Upgrade note: Make sure your clay pot is heated enough to flush out any potential toxins, as explained here. My clay pot gets very hot, so it works well for us to cook them this way. If in doubt, go ahead and soak your beans first just to be safe. I don’t want anyone to get sick from this recipe!

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What type of sausage should I use?

You can use any type of Cajun sausage, but I’m using the Amylu chicken andouille sausage I found at Costco. I had never used this in any recipe before, and I bought it on a whim… as I do so often at Costco! (<- Anyone else? I’m also a fan of sample pushers.)

However, you can use any type of andouille or cajun sausage: vegan pork, chicken or even andouille sausages work very well.

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  • Bean Tools Used to Make This Recipe Note: These are Amazon affiliate links.

  • Slow cooker

Cutting board Bowl (to soak the beans)Strainer (to drain the beans) Optional – rice cooker

  • .

  • You can also prepare the rice on the stove, according to the instructions on the package.


this recipe

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