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Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

EZ Bean Cooker, LLC has developed a convenient, time-saving kitchen appliance for cooking dry edible beans. The EZ Bean Cooker has preset bean variety buttons for easy use and fast cooking times; Many recipes are completed in less than 60 minutes. EZ bean cooking is a great gift; from now until June 15, 2012, EZ Bean Cooker, LLC offers free shipping for Father’s Day using coupon code: DadLovesBeans.

The EZ Bean Cooker

is a small kitchen appliance that uses pressure cooking technology to cook dry beans quickly, without the need for prior soaking. Just add ingredients to the kitchen, select the preset bean variety button, press “Start” and walk away. The EZ Bean Cooker cooks most beans in 60 minutes or less. With a simple cookbook offering one-pot meals, the EZ Bean Cooker is an essential kitchen appliance for busy families, people interested in healthy meal options, and those who simply love beans.

Numerous customer reviews about EZ bean cooking echo the main benefits of the product: easy to use and fast cooking times. One client, Christine, stated, “We love this! EZ bean cooking is foolproof and saves a lot of time.” Meanwhile, another customer, Judy, said, “Wow… Best of all, I don’t have to remember to soak my beans overnight. Great investment, every household should have one. I have never seen beans cook so quickly…” Customer reviews show that people are extremely satisfied with EZ bean cooking and its simple and quick cooking method.

Dried beans are a popular food because they have high nutritional value, versatile, and inexpensive. Many studies have supported its health benefits and encouraged increased consumption of dried beans in people. Prior to the release of EZ Bean Cooker, it seems that the only drawback to dried beans was their time-consuming preparation. With traditional cooking methods, people had to plan ahead; Most dried beans require soaking in water for hours or even overnight, followed by hours of cooking on the stove or in a slow cooker. What was once time-consuming and tedious has become as easy as pressing a button and walking away. With EZ bean cooking, there’s no need to plan ahead and no pre-soaking is necessary. EZ bean cooking does not require prior cooking knowledge; Someone who has never cooked dry beans before will have the same great results as someone who has been cooking them for years.

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By offering a product that saves time, is affordable and easy to use, the EZ Bean Cooker

provides people with an easy way to be healthy and eat more nutrient-rich beans.

EZ Bean Cooker, LLC was founded in January 2011 in

Colorado and introduced EZ Bean Cooker to the U.S. market in the fall of 2011. For additional information on the contents of this release and the EZ Bean Cooker, please contact Meghan Walker or visit

Meghan Walker, National Sales and Marketing Manager EZ Bean Cooker, LLC 1-800-392-3261

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