30 Best Fall Crockpot Recipes – Insanely Good

Fall slow cooker recipes

I know you can use your reliable slow cooker year-round, but there’s something extra comforting about Crockpot’s fall recipes.

I’m talking about soups, stews, chili and even dessert. These dishes are delicious, plentiful and just what you need when you want something warm and relaxing.

Bowl of chicken noodle soup

Fall favorites almost always include apples, pumpkin, and lots of potatoes


But I’ve added a couple of classics that you might not plan to do on a Crockpot.

So don’t wait! If you’re looking for a warm and cozy meal that requires almost no effort, try these 30 fantastic fall Crockpot recipes.

1. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Do you spend the fall wishing you could eat pumpkin pie for breakfast? Now you can!

Between pumpkin puree, spice mix, cinnamon and vanilla, this is a great bowl of yum


In addition, you can easily prepare a good large batch when you have time and store it in the fridge for a week of delicious and hearty breakfasts


2. Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

Is there anything chicken noodle soup can’t fix? I used to think it was magical when I was a kid! And it’s so easy to do at home.

For this recipe, you just have to throw everything in the pot and forget about it.

Keep the chicken breasts whole, that way you can crush them once they have been cooked. I prefer that to big chunks!

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“Potato soup with bacon and cheese” />

3. Paula Deen’s Crockpot Potato Soup

You may not think about it, but potatoes and soup go hand in hand

(actually, potatoes go hand in hand with just about anything, even dessert!).

If you like your soups on the thicker side, this one is definitely for you


You need only 10 minutes of brew time and get amazing taste from chicken soup cream!

4. Slow-cooked apple pie

Oatmeal cut into steel

Like the pumpkin recipe above, this oatmeal is like eating a slice of hot cake. This recipe is vegan

and calls for almond milk, although you can use any milk you have on hand. Regular milk will give it a creamier texture at the end.

Depending on how you like it, chop your apples large or small. The smaller they are, the more they will be infused into the mixture.

But if you like a little texture, keep them pretty thick

. 5. Creamy Crockpot

Macaroni and Cheese

I’ve been making pasta at the Crockpot for years


The trick is to add extra liquid so that the pasta can cook directly into the sauce, saving you the hassle of an extra step and an extra pot to clean


This recipe is no different. You will add raw pasta directly into the pot with the milk, cheese and seasonings.

Just be sure to use a good quality cheese and grate it yourself. The pre-crushed type doesn’t always have a ton of flavor and doesn’t melt the same.

Sweet apple butter with cinnamon



cooking apple butter

Apple butter is much better than a sugary jam. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and spreads like a dream on everything from toast to cinnamon bagels.

It is different from applesauce in that it is cooked longer. You’ll notice that it’s deeper in color with a more caramel flavor and is much thicker.

7. Crockpot White Chicken Chili

We all love a nice bowl of fleshy chili stuffed with tomato. But it can be a bit boring if you make the same recipe over and over again.

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That’s why I like to swap it out with this super tasty chicken chili. You’ll get so many amazing flavors, and it’s just as filling and warm.

And you can make this spicy one easily by adding lots of jalapeños!

8. Crockpot Creamy Pumpkin Soup

In my house, I will admit that I accumulate pumpkins when they are in season. I just can’t help it, and it doesn’t take me long to fill my freezer with pumpkin puree.

But before I freeze everything, I just have to make a big batch of spicy pumpkin soup.

It’s as silky smooth and creamy, and when served with grilled cheese, it’s the perfect fall lunch!


Slow cooker

pumpkin soup

I’m often asked what the difference is between pumpkin and pumpkin, and not much really


They are similar in color, texture, and taste, and I have often used one over the other without anyone being able to tell.

This vegan soup uses coconut milk to add sweetness, along with carrots, which also light everything up.

10. Apple Crisp Easy Slow Cooking with Oatmeal

Apple crisp is the heavenly combination of baked and spiced apples and a crispy, crispy oatmeal top

. Making it in the

slow cooker will allow the apples to cook, making them super tender and full of flavor


To get that crunchy texture on top, be sure to place paper towels over the top to trap moisture, and roast for a few minutes before serving


11. Slow Cooker Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

If you’ve ever made scalloped potatoes, you’ll know that sometimes they can start burning on top before cooking completely.

Moving them to the Crockpot will fix that! The uniform heat of the slow cooker will allow the potatoes to cook evenly, without burning the top in a hot oven.

If you like it with some golden bubbly cheese on top, simply roast a few minutes before serving, or use a chef’s torch.

12. Slow Cook Sweet Potato Soup

As the name suggests, this soup has a lovely sweetness underneath all those vegetables!

To bring out that sweet taste, this recipe calls for plenty of delicious hot spices and even a little almond butter for a delicious nutty background


Of course, you can leave nut butter out if you want it allergy-free


13. Crockpot chicken and meatballs

This Southern classic was made for the Crockpot!

I always think of it as a stew, given how thick it is, but no matter what you call it, it’s homegrown comfort in a bowl


Use pre-made cookies to speed up their preparation, and be sure to mix them so they can absorb all that amazing chicken flavor


14. Crockpot Batpotatoes

How many times have you taken your sweet potatoes out of the oven to find that they are still the inside? Or too the outside?

This slow cooking method is a surefire way to get the fluffiest and most tender potatoes


Just make sure you give them a good scrub before adding them to the pot



Crockpot sweet potato casserole When you make sweet potato casserole, you usually need to pre-bake and crush your potatoes

before adding them to the baking dish with a topping.

But again, the Crockpot saves you that extra step and that extra pot to clean!

You can cook and crush your potatoes directly in the slow cooker, and finish to finish cooking without even lifting the pot.

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Unboiled slow cook

mashed potatoes

If it works for sweet potatoes, you know it will work for

regular mashed potatoes!

This smart recipe uses chicken broth to not only prevent potatoes from sticking, but also to flavor them while cooking


The combination of butter, sour cream, parsley and cream cheese is divine, but you can keep it lean with just a splash of cream if you want.

You can also make it vegan with some almond milk or dairy-free butter instead.

17. Slow Cooking Broccoli Cheddar Soup

The base of this delicious soup is made with carrots, onions, broccoli, and chicken broth, so it’s basically super healthy


Ok, maybe it isn’t, as you’ll be adding a creamy, cheese-filled roux to the mix. But it’s an amazing way to get your kids to eat your veggies!


Clay pot filling

The clay pot filling is very practical, making it the perfect complement to your Christmas table


I know the oven is already full, so why not use your slow cooker to make this fan-fave?

The trick to getting the best texture and flavor is to make it like a bread pudding. Add everything to the pot and let it sit overnight.

You can prepare everything directly in the pot and simply cover it with a sticky film while sitting in the fridge. Then you will only have to take it out and add it to the slow cooker.

19. Slow cooking tubers with

apple cider icing

I’m a big fan of roasted vegetables, but I know it can be a chore to get kids to eat them (even some adults too!).

So why not make a quick little frosting? It will improve the flavors of vegetables very well, and I am sure that there will not be a piece left!

20. Homemade Minestrone Soup

When it comes to soups and stews, the longer they are cooked, the better they will taste

. As the

ingredients sit together and mature, the taste will be much more pronounced! And it’s

especially true with this minestrone soup


As you cook slowly, the vegetables will become tender and the pasta will absorb everything so that each bite is better than the last


21. Crock Pot Cornbread

If you’ve ever tried cornbread and didn’t like it, I guess it was overcooked and a little dry


The texture is very good when done right, but it can be grainy if you overdo it.

Cooking it in the slow cooker will help maintain moisture, making sure it’s tender, moist, and full of flavor.

22. Slow Cooker Chai Tea Latte

Having spent a lot of time abroad, I have learned to love tea as much as coffee. And nothing brings me more joy than the smell of a pot of chai.

You’ll need chai tea bags, but then you’ll add cinnamon sticks, allspice, cloves, anise, honey, and milk, to make this an irresistible spiced latte.

I highly recommend trying this for your next book club or meeting. Just make a large pot and let it heat the house.

23. Clay

pot pumpkin pie recipe

Did you know that you can make this incredibly good pumpkin pie on the Crockpot with just three ingredients? It’s true! You’ll

need a cake mix, ideally seasoned, but any box of vanilla will work too. Moisture and taste will come from pumpkin puree and evaporated milk.

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It’s not the prettiest cake in the world, and you won’t stack it up for garnish, but it’s incredibly moist and perfect with a scoop of ice cream


24. Crockpot Apple Brown Betty Dessert

Usually, a brown apple Betty is quite similar to the crispy apple,

with spiced and baked apples at the bottom and a flour and sugar top


It usually has no oatmeal and is more like a cake than a crispy apple


This recipe is a little different, using leftover bread cubes as a topping. It’s a great way to make a hearty dessert and use leftover bread to boot!

If you want it a little more indulgent, try soaking your bread cubes in an egg cream and milk first.

Let everything soak and then gently pour over the apples for a creamy bread pudding finish.

25. Slow Cook Apple Cider

There is nothing better than homemade apple cider. It is sweet, sour, spicy and very easy to make your own.

I like to start with unsweetened apple juice so I can adjust the sugar to my liking.

Spices are a must in my house, but I also love the taste of the orange there.

I’ll usually use two smaller Crockpots and make one for the kids, with a little extra sugar, and one for the adults, with some whiskey to warm me up.

26. The Best

Crockpot Cranberry Sauce


This recipe is not only practical and super easy, but it’s also perfect for preparing in


So if you’re planning a big meeting, you can easily set it up a day or two in advance to have it ready when you need it.

Fresh blueberries work best for this as they will keep their shape a little better to give it a great texture.

If you use frozen, you may need to cook it a little more to account for the extra moisture


27. Slow-cooker baked


Baked apples are a fantastic, healthy and natural dessert


I like to dig a nice hole deep in mine so I can fill them with lots of spiced oats and sugar


If you cut the flat top, you’ll also get a lovely crust at the top


28. Slow cooker

Meat sauce

We all know that when you make a beef joint, it needs some time to rest after it comes out of the oven, right


Well, did you know that you can make a quick sauce, right in the cooking pot, using the juices of the meat, all while resting the joint?

Just start it when the meat comes out and it will be thick and ready to serve when the meat is!

29. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili

I usually add pumpkin

or pumpkin to my chili anyway, just to add it up and add some flavor and texture


But this recipe actually uses pumpkin puree to make it sweet and creamy and perfectly thick. Feel free to add a few chunks too!

30. Slow Cooker Crustless Brown Sugar Pumpkin Pie


have to admit that I am a great pastry lover. I think the flaky, buttery goodness improves cakes and pies and also makes them easier to handle and cut.

That said, not everyone

thinks the same, and not everyone can eat cakes


This recipe is ideal for those who hate bark and is very easy to make. Just be sure to line your pot with aluminum foil, or you’ll take it out in a (delicious) mess.

Fall Crockpot Recipes

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