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Farberware pressure cooker chili recipes

Video Farberware pressure cooker chili recipes
Make chili in the pressure cooker in

about 30 minutes with this easy pressure cooker chili recipe using canned beans, tomato sauce, and ground beef


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I’ve been working on perfecting a chili recipe for the past two years. I tried all sorts of variations and recipes before finally settling on what I love in a chili. I like it to be a thick chili with lots of meat and beans, so it has substance. There is no soupy and soupy chili here!

I also don’t love full of vegetables. This is not vegetable soup with some meat, beans and chili powder. This is abundant, thick, stick to your ribs, CHILI.

I found that the trick to getting a good thick chili is to skip any broth or tomatoes and head straight to the tomato sauce and chilies.

In addition to the chili being plentiful, I also needed it to be quick and easy. I didn’t want to have to cook beans and then let this simmer all day. This chili can be made last minute, on the go, as long as you keep everything you need to make it, which isn’t much, handy in the pantry and freezer.

30-minute recipe for chilli in pressure


If your electric pressure cooker has a stir-fry function, use it to brown ground beef. Otherwise, brown the meat on the stove. Drain the meat and put it in the pressure cooker.

The trick to getting a good thick chili pepper is to use thick and pleasant liquids. Skip the broth and diced tomatoes and use tomato sauce instead.

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I always put beans in my chili because it helps stretch the meat and adds a nice texture and flavor. I like my chili to be easy and quick to make, so I always use two different canned beans: pinto and kidney. But on a recent trip to Walmart to restock my chile supplies, I decided to try Bush’s best chiles.

Bush’s offers lots of different chile-style beans. In addition to pinto beans and beans, they also offer black beans and white beans in chile sauce. They also offer a soft chili bean and a hot chili bean so you can choose either. I went with suave because no one in my house, except me, likes the heat in their chili. Mix it up and have fun!

The beans come in a chili sauce. Because we already have tomato sauce, and we want the thick chili, drain the sauce from the top of the cans in a bowl and set it aside. You can use chili sauce to add flavor or dilute the chili when it finishes cooking. I ended up not using the extra sauce.

The chilies and salsa are full of flavor, but you’ll still want to add at least chili powder. I also add garlic powder, paprika and a touch of cumin. I’m not a big fan of cumin, but it needs at least a pinch.

Add the tomato sauce, spices, and beans to the pressure cooker with the meat. Mix it all up. Put the lid on and close it.

Put the pressure cooker in manual for 10 minutes. When you finish cooking, turn off the pressure cooker and let it release naturally for 10 minutes. It releases the rest of the steam with a quick release.

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Chili is made at this point. Try it for seasoning preferences and add more of what you like. I wanted the thickest chili, so I turned on the stir-fry function of the pot and let the liquid boil. Just be careful because the stir fry function is quite hot and will burn the chili to the bottom easily. Constantly stir or turn off the stir-fry function once the chili is boiling.

Once the chili is the way you like it, serve with your favorite side dishes like grated cheese, crackers, sour cream and chopped onions. Or you can let it cool and refrigerate or freeze for later. This is also a great chili to use in baked potatoes!

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