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Fondue recipe slow cooker

This easy

slow-cooker fondue recipe uses Swiss cheese, white wine, and spices for a creamy cheese fondue that is delicious and goes great with pretzels, sourdough or rye bread, or sausages


Once upon a time, I refused to eat fondue while in Switzerland because I was totally disgusted.

Quick Crock Pot Fondue Recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen

Yes, you read that right. When I was a kid, I was a very, very, picky eater.

Here are some of the many things I refused to eat as a child: dark meat chicken, steaks cooked in any other way than well done, ribs or any other bone-in meat, bacon or other fatty meats, any and all seafood and melted cheese.

Regular cheese was fine, but as soon as it melted I was disgusted.

Quick Crockpot Cheese Fondue Recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen

I’ve overcome all those strange childhood food fears, with two exceptions: seafood (I still won’t eat anything but old fish) and eggplant


Urgh, just thinking about eggplants disgusts me


So back to the melted cheese. And fondue. And this amazing Quick Crockpot Fondue.

The Wanderlust Kitchen Slow Cooker Cheese Fondue Recipe

Can you make fondue without a pot of fondue? Well, yes, and you’ll learn how to make fondue in a clay pot today.

Fondue is the perfect dish to take to a Christmas party or gathering, and holds nicely in a cooking pot.

Guests will scrape the bottom of the pot to get every last drop of this creamy and fragrant fondue.

Quick Crock Pot Cheese Fondue Recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen

Also, you won’t believe how easy it is to do so


It’s as easy as heating wine, garlic and spices in a pot on the stove, then pouring it over the cheese in a cooking pot. Put it hot, stir and serve.

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The recipe calls for processed Swiss cheese, which is pretty much a cream-colored version of Kraft singles.

Kraft makes a packet of Swiss cheese that works well in this recipe.

It may not be the fanciest ingredient you’ve ever seen me blog about, but it’s very delicious in this recipe.

I’ve seen processed Swiss cheese sold pre-crushed, but if you buy it in a block or pre-wrapped slices, I would recommend simply cutting it with a knife. I’m not sure how well it would work to grate it yourself. I imagine it would be soft and messy.

Important note for me to say it again: be sure to buy processed Swiss cheese instead of natural Swiss cheese for this recipe to work.

Okay, now that we’re clear, let’s move on!

Wanderlust Kitchen Slow Cooking Cheese Fondue Recipe To


garlic cloves, simply crush them with the flat side of a knife, remove the shell, and then give it a few more strokes. And then a few more, just for fun.

White pepper complements dry wine very well in this slow-cooker fondue recipe, but if you can’t find any, you can leave it out.

Don’t let it stop you from making this delight.

I served mine with some homemade pretzels, but you can use French/Italian bread cut into bite-sized pieces, or sometimes you can find rye bread sold in small breads (usually near the gourmet cheese section).

The husband also encourages you to dip flesh into it. Go ahead, live a little!

Fast cheese fondue in a crockpot recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen

Here is the recipe!

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